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Coronavirus Update in Bangladesh. Every hourly we will update live Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Bangladesh and the Global update on Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). What is happening in Bangladesh and World Wide. We are trying to update information about this disease from various websites and the World Health Organization WHO official website.

Bangladesh Coronavirus Death, total cases Map

As you know, There were three-person infected in Bangladesh with Coronovirus who returned from Itali. Now they are got round well and back to the home. After that, the Bangladesh Government has many steps to prevent the attack of this virus.

You may know more information from the World Health Organization WHO official website There is a lot of advising and info. How to sanitize ownself with soap and handwash? You may get step-by-step instructions.

Bangladesh Covid 19 Live data tracker

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17 March 2020

Two more people have infected with coronavirus in the country. The number of people suffering from coronavirus in this country has increased to 10.

16 March 2020

No decision has been made to shut down factories in the country, said Labor Secretary K. M Ali Azam

Due to Corona, all sports will be closed at present: Minister of Sports

Due to coronavirus, all the Cinema halls are closed from March 18 to April 2.

The Coronavirus has so far killed 6740 people worldwide. The virus has been confirmed 164837 people to have infected around 147 countries in the World: World Health Organization

Russia has closed its border with Belarus. Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on Monday said such a decision to prevent coronavirus infection: CNN

One dies of coronavirus death in Bahrain. Bahrain’s health ministry said on Twitter that it was the first death toll from coronavirus in the Gulf countries.

Coronavirus Update Live in Bangladesh

Iran’s influential religious leader Ayatollah Hashem Baghdadi Golpegaini (78) killed in Corona: AFP

Aircraft Bangladesh Airlines suspended all flights to Oman

All examinations under National University are suspended till March 31. The revised date and time for postponed tests will be reported later.

The coaching center must also be closed: Education Minister

Three more victims of Coronavirus in the country: IEDCR

The third phase of the Bangladesh Cricket Team’s visit to Pakistan has been postponed for fear of coronavirus infection.

The government has announced to shut down all educational institutions in the country till March 31 due to the worsening situation with coronavirus. Deputy Minister of Education Muhibul Hasan Chowdhury said this on Monday.

Due to the Corona situation, the Dhaka University class examination was suspended from March 18 to March 28.

15 March 2020

12:50: There are 2,900 home quarantines across the country: IEDCR

11:50: World Health Organization data: A total of 142649 people are affected by a coronavirus in 135 countries of the world. 5393 people have died.

11.30: Restaurants, cinema halls, cafes and most shops in France have been closed.

11.20: In Spain, people are banned from leaving their homes without the purchase of urgent items and medicines.

Coronavirus Update 2021

10.40: Another 152 Bangladeshis from Italy have come to Dhaka. They were kept at the Haj camp at Ashkona directly from Shahjalal Airport.

Coronavirus Update infomation

10.25: 44 Person Itali returned are quarantine in Gazipur

09.50: In the UK, the number of death of people infected with coronavirus doubles in 24 hours

9.00: Spain’s Prime Minister’s wife suffers from coronavirus, says the country’s prime minister’s office

7.20: Coronavirus has been found in the body of a newborn in London. The youngest child is still suffering from coronavirus.

07:00: Coronavirus was not found in the body of US President Donald Trump. The White House doctor confirmed the information on Saturday.

14 March 2020

** The United States has imposed a travel ban on the United Kingdom and Ireland. Previously, it was banned in other European countries but not in the UK. President Trump made the announcement on Saturday. The White House said the ban would take effect from midnight on Monday.

** In the UK, the number of deaths from coronavirus has doubled in the last 24 hours. Ten more died in Corona in 24 hours. The virus has so far killed 21 people in the country. So far in the UK, 1140 people with coronavirus have been identified.

**  French Prime Minister Edward Philip announces closure of all public places in France Under the ban, there are unnecessary business establishments except restaurants, cafes, movie halls, and disco centers. The French Prime Minister said the ban will take effect from 12 pm on Saturday.

** Spain imposes a 15-day restriction across the country. This directive will be effective from Monday. The government has instructed ordinary people of Spain not to go out without the urgent need for these days. Residents can only get out to buy food and go to work. So far 191 people have been killed in the country. There were 6046 people infected with the coronavirus. Spain is the worst in Europe after Italy.

**  Pakistani Prime Minister Coronavirus will address the situation very soon for the nation. In a tweet, ‘Caution is needed now, not panic.’

**  Corona was the first to die in Denmark. The deceased is 81 years of age. The number of coronas in the country is 827

**  Greece suspends all flights with Italy So far three people have died in Corona in the country

**  The United Kingdom and Ireland will join the European countries in the list of travel bans in the United States

**  US President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are coming to check on everyone’s body temperature: White House

**  US President Donald Trump’s health check-up on Corona suspects Reports will be available within two days

**  Corona in the United States killed 50 people, President Trump said at the briefing

**  On Arrival visa in Bangladesh closed. Flights to Europe from countries other than the UK are closed until March 31.

**  In New York, Corona was the first to die. The victim is an 82-year-old woman. In this state, the number of coronary infections has increased by more than five hundred

**  Two more coronas infected in Bangladesh: IEDCR

**  A woman was first attacked in Corona in Islamabad. He is recently from the United States. His condition is alarming. The number of people affected by coronas in Pakistan is 30.

**  41 new victims of coronas in Malaysia The total number of victims is 238.

**  10 more deaths in the UK The death toll stands at 21. The total number of victims is 1140.

**  SAARC leaders will join Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a video conference on Sunday afternoon to determine the appropriate strategy for South Asia against Corona.

**  The Indian government has declared Corona a ‘disaster’

**  In the Netherlands, the number of Corona attacks has risen to 959. So far there have been two deaths.

**  India has suspended all domestic football matches this month. At the same time, BCCI suspended domestic cricket until further instructions

**  The number of Corona victims in Afghanistan is 11. The traditional Nauroz celebration (Persian New Year celebration) is canceled. All types of games are canceled and school closed indefinitely

**  Spain has had 1500 new attacks in Corona. The total number of people affected by this is 5700.

**  Spain has canceled Star Sunday. April 12 on Star Sunday

**  Apple will close all its retail outlets outside China until March 27: Apple CEO

**  In Indonesia, 27 people have been infected with new coronas. The total number of people affected by this is 96. The number of dead 5. All schools in the capital Jakarta are closed for two weeks

**  Coronavirus kills 97 in Iran The death toll in the country stood at 611 – BBC

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