Today Iftar Time in Dhaka | Today Sehri last time 2021

By Siwam Hossain - 14 April 2021

Today Iftar Time in Dhaka. According to that, Today Sehri last time in Dhaka 2021. Bellow, you have to see the everyday iftar time and sehri last time updates. Dhaka Ramadan 2021 Sher-o-Iftar Daily Calendar. The 2021 Ramadan Dhaka calendar is fully dedicated to the time of Ramadan Dhaka, Today is Wednesday, April 14, 2021, the first month of Ramadan 1442 on the Islamic calendar.

Today Iftar Time in Dhaka

However, there are several variations of this name. This is called Ramadan in Arabic, and other pronunciations are also common in different parts of the world such as Ramzan, Ramadan, Ramadan, and Ramadan. The Islamic calendar is usually ten to twelve days shorter than the Georgian one, and iftar time in Dhaka changes every year. This is the reason why a large number of people use the Dhaka Ramadan 2021 calendar to check the time of Rosa or Iftar time of Dhaka and Sehri last time today.

The Muslim population living in Dhaka can stay up to date with the 2021 Ramadan calendar of Dhaka and analyze the number of fasting hours. In addition to the current time of Sehri and Iftar in Dhaka, you can also view prayer times, instructions, and other information about Dhaka on other pages.

Today Iftar Time in Dhaka

Iftar time in Dhaka today Islamic foundation

Roza No. Date Sehri Last Time Iftar Time
1 14-Apr-21 4:15 AM 6:23 PM
2 15-Apr-21 4:14 AM 6:24 PM
3 16-Apr-21 4:13 AM 6:24 PM
4 17-Apr-21 4:12 AM 6:24 PM
5 18-Apr-21 4:11 AM 6:25 PM
6 19-Apr-21 4:10 AM 6:25 PM
7 20-Apr-21 4:09 AM 6:26 PM
8 21-Apr-21 4:08 AM 6:26 PM
9 22-Apr-21 4:07 AM 6:27 PM
10 23-Apr-21 4:06 AM 6:27 PM
11 24-Apr-21 4:05 AM 6:28 PM
12 25-Apr-21 4:05 AM 6:28 PM
13 26-Apr-21 4:04 AM 6:29 PM
14 27-Apr-21 4:03 AM 6:29 PM
15 28-Apr-21 4:02 AM 6:29 PM
16 29-Apr-21 4:01 AM 6:30 PM
17 30-Apr-21 4:00 AM 6:30 PM
18 1-May-21 3:59 AM 6:31 PM
19 2-May-21 3:58 AM 6:31 PM
20 3-May-21 3:57 AM 6:32 PM
21 4-May-21 3:55 AM 6:32 PM
22 5-May-21 3:54 AM 6:33 PM
23 6-May-21 3:53 AM 6:33 PM
24 7-May-21 3:52 AM 6:34 PM
25 8-May-21 3:51 AM 6:34 PM
26 9-May-21 3:50 AM 6:35 PM
27 10-May-21 3:50 AM 6:35 PM
28 11-May-21 3:49 AM 6:36 PM
29 12-May-21 3:49 AM 6:36 PM
30 13-May-21 3:48 AM 6:36 PM

Iftar Time today

On the other hand, Iftar time in Dhaka differs slightly in different areas, especially in those with a long distance between them. The good thing about this Ramadan 2021 Dhaka timeline is that it applies to the various Upazils or Thanas of Dhaka including North Dhaka, South Dhaka, Dhamray Upazila, Dohar Upazila, Keraniganj Upazila, Nawabganj Upazila, Savar Upazila, and Demra Upazila. We have collected the information from the Islamic Foundation of Bangladesh.

It is generally recommended to stop eating a minute or two before the last Sehri time in Dhaka. With this 1442 Ramadan calendar, you can fast in your city according to the Ramadan Dhaka 2021 schedule. In addition to viewing the updated 2021 Ramadan timetable in Dhaka, you can also get information on sunrise times in Dhaka.

Today Sehri last time 2021

The estimated date for Ramadan 2021 is Wednesday, April 14, 2021. Ramadan is a month of blessings for the Muslims of Dhaka. You can get reliable information about the exact time of the Ramadan calendar 2021, today’s iftar time in Dhaka, and Sehri last time today. So that you can celebrate this month to the fullest, this schedule is for the Sehri time of Ramadan 2021 period and today Dhaka Iftar time.

Sehri time in Dhaka today

However, Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is considered the most sacred of all 12 months. This year, Ramadan 2021 will end on May 13, 2021, just a day before Eid al-Fitr. A large number of people use the Dhaka Ramadan 2021 calendar to find out the time of Dhaka Sehri. Today Sehri time expected today.

After that, The difference between the 2021 Ramadan time in Dhaka Sehri and the Rose or Iftar time is the total length of each fasting day. You can quickly open it by checking the Dhaka Iftar time today. Iftar today is in Dhaka.

Sehri dua in Bengali

نويت ان اصوم غدا من شهر رمضان المبارك فرضا لك ياالله فتقبل منى انك انت السميع العليم

(নাওয়াইতু আন আছুমা গদাম মিং শাহরি রমাদ্বানাল মুবারকি ফারদ্বল্লাকা ইয়া আল্লাহু ফাতাক্বব্বাল মিন্নী ইন্নাকা আংতাস সামীউল আলীম)

রোজার বাংলা নিয়তঃ
হে আল্লাহ পাক! আপনার সন্তুষ্টির জন্য আগামীকালের রমাদ্বান শরীফ-এর ফরয রোযা রাখার নিয়ত করছি। আমার তরফ থেকে আপনি তা কবুল করুন। নিশ্চয়ই আপনি সর্বশ্রোতা , সর্বজ্ঞাত।

Iftar dua in Bengali

ইফতারের দোয়া:

(আল্লাহুম্মা লাকা ছুমতু ওয়া তাওয়াক্কালতু আ’লা রিজক্বিকা ওয়া আফতারতু বি রাহমাতিকা ইয়া আর্ হামার রা-হিমীন।)

অর্থ: হে আল্লাহ! আমি তোমারই সন্তুষ্টির জন্য রোজা রেখেছি এবং তোমারই দেয়া রিযিক্ব দ্বারা ইফতার করছি।


The Islamic calendar is usually ten to twelve days shorter than the Georgian calendar, and the date of Eid al-Adha in Bangladesh changes every year. The date of the Eid al-Fitr holiday of 2021 is May 13 or 14, 2021, depending on the observations of the moon.

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