National Pay Scale 2015, Govt Job Salary Grade in Bangladesh

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National Pay Scale of 2015. Govt job salary grade in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh National Pay Scale 2022 (8th pay scale). A BCS Cadre will now get a basic pay of Tk 22,000. Primary Asst Teacher salary grade update. How much salary get a Govt employee as per Bangladesh national pay scale 2015? A minimum scale of Tk 8,200 and the highest of Tk 80,000. Consequently, we will explain the pay scale grade of Bangladesh’s new update in 2022.

National Pay Scale of 2015

However, the eighth national pay scale for officers and other employees will be paid from July 1, 2016. That is to say, the Cabinet Secretary said new pay scales had been recommended for the armed forces also.  Moreover, the new structure had dropped the class categories, selection grade, and time scale. Also, the annual increment will be a percentage of the basic pay, he added.

All the government employees will get Bangla New Year two festival bonuses as well as 20 percent of the basics. According to the “new pay scale of Bangladesh”, the highest basic pay is Tk 78,000, Grade 1 salary range.  Likewise, the cabinet secretary and the principal secretary to the prime minister will get a basic of Tk 86,000, while senior secretaries will get Tk 82,000 as per the 8th pay scale.

National Pay Scale 2015, Govt Job Salary Grade in Bangladesh 2021

Therefore, the new National pay scale current pension rate, which is 80 percent of the basic, has been increased to 90 percent as well. In addition, government employees posted in cities have been getting 20 percent of their base salary in the form of an expense allowance. This amount will be withdrawn once the new pay scale takes effect. You will get login details as well for Salary Grade.

The Pay Commission has decided that a 16-grade structure upgrade to a 20-grade structure which was finally approved by the Cabinet meeting. Bellow, you have to see the details of Salary grade as per the 8th National pay scale vs the 7th pay scale as per the course.

Govt Job Salary Grade in Bangladesh

Grade list 7th National Pay Scale 8th National Pay Scale
Grade 1 40,000 78,000
Grade 2 33,500 66,000
Grade 3 29,000 56,000
Grade 4 25,750 50,000
Grade 5 22,250 43,000
Grade 6 18,500 35,500
Grade 7 15,000 29,000
Grade 8 12,000 23,000
Grade 9 11,000 22,000
Grade 10 8,000 16,000
Grade 11 6,400 12,000
Grade 12 5,900 11,300
Grade 13 5,500 11,000
Grade 14 5,200 10,200
Grade 15 4,900 9,700
Grade 16 4,700 9,300
Grade 17 4,500 9,000
Grade 18 4,400 8,800
Grade 19 4,250 8,500
Grade 20 4,100 8,250

Bangladesh Cadre and non-cadre officer basic salary in 2021. In other words, Grades 20 to 6 will get an increment at the rate of 5 percent. For Grade 5, the rate will be 4.5 percent while for Grades 3 and 4 it will be 4 percent, and for Grade 2 it will be 3.75 percent of the basic. Also, 15th-grade salary, 16th-grade salary, 17th-grade salary, 18th-grade salary, 19th-grade salary, and 20th-grade salary 2021.

Grade Allowance

Here we add that “The various allowances have been clearly spelled out in the new pay scale. Some might get more and some fewer allowances than before,” the cabinet secretary said. The employee will get a housing allowance that would be determined according to the place of residence as before.

The new announcement is, Primary assistant teachers will get a salary as 13th Grade. After their long day’s demand, Govt has approved the 13th grade for this economical year.

Military Chief Salary

For instance,  a uniform pay scale for the chiefs of the three services and introduced a new National pay scale for the armed forces. The army chief’s pay has been defined all along but the air force and navy chief used to get the scale of a Lieutenant General.  However, the ranks of the air and the naval chief will now get a basic salary of Tk 86,000. In other words, their salary will match that of the Cabinet secretary and the prime minister’s principal secretary.

The basic pay scale of those of the rank of Lieutenant General gets Tk 82,000, which is the same as that of senior secretaries.  As we as, Major Generals will have a basic of Tk 78,000.

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    University teachers’ Pay Scale

    Likewise, in the 7th Pay Scale, secretaries among the civil servants, Major Generals among the military officers, and selection-grade professors of public universities were in the highest grade, Grade 1. Senior professors were in Grade 2 and professors in Grade 3.

    However, the teachers would get their salaries according to the new pay scale. “They will get paid as per the new scale of the grades they are currently on. Their current facilities won’t be downgraded. University teachers will not be afflicted in any way of the National Pay Scale 2021.”

    A new scale for MPO teachers

    In the same vein, the MPO teachers of private schools will get paid according to a new pay scale. 10th-grade salary pay scale of 2021. 11th-grade salary. 12th-grade salary, 13th-grade salary, 14th-grade salary 2021. You can check the National pay scale of Bangladesh 2015. 8th pay scale update.

    In Conclusion

    Above all, we update everything about the 8th National pay scale 2015 which is to continue by the year 2021. Before applying for any job circular you may check the pay scale grade and their basic salary as well. Thank you for reading this article. If you have any questions then feel free to ask by comment.

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