Coronavirus Vaccine Online Registration 2023 Surokkha Gov Bd

By Sanjida Mollick

Coronavirus Vaccine Online Registration in Bangladesh 2021 has started on 27 January. Interested and eligible People can registration Covid-19 Vaccine by ‘Surokkha’ app and on this page also. The vaccine was imported from Oxford and some gifts from India. Step by step all the peoples can get the Coronavirus Vaccine. But, at the moment only senior citizens and the front-line people can online register for Covid-19 vaccine 2021.

Coronavirus Vaccine Online Registration

However, those interested people can online register through the website to complete the online registration for the Coronavirus vaccine. People must provide their names, addresses, NID card numbers, history of comorbidity diseases, Coronavirus test reports (if ready), vaccine assent, among other information.

Below the age of 18, nobody can register to take the vaccine. Ministry of Health has decided that they will not push coronavirus vaccine on people aged below 18. For that, the authorities have made 18 categories for the registration. Upon selecting a type, the citizens will need to input their NID number, date of birth, and mobile number.

Surokkha Gov Bd

Coronavirus Vaccine Online Registration in Bangladesh

Online Registration Covid-19 Vaccine

Therefore, we hope that you already read all the types who can register for Coronavirus Vaccine at this time.  If you are an eligible and interested person, then feel free to register online through the ‘Surokkha’ app or website as soon as possible. Without registration, you could not take Coronavirus Vaccine in Bangladesh.

After that it is done, an OTP (one-time-password) will send to a vaccine candidate’s mobile number by the authority to finish the process of registration.

SMS Notification

After online registration, the applicant will receive a text message on their mobile phone mentioning the date of vaccination and the name of the vaccination center. As well, other information. Keep it safe for future activities.


Your text message on the mobile phone, you have to appear in a representative or authority at the vaccination center on the appointment date with the vaccine card, national identity card, and signed consent form to receive the Coronavirus vaccine.

Coronavirus Vaccine Online Registration in Bangladesh

HelpLine Number

333 for National Call Center
16263 for Health Portal
10655 for IEDCR
09666777222 for Covid-19 Telehealth


Question: Who is eligible for Coronavirus Vaccine Registration?

Answer: Citizen Registration (55 years & above), All officers and employees of the Government Health and Family planning department. Approved private health and family planning officers-employees. All directly involved government and private health care officers. Heroic freedom fighters and heroines. Front-line law enforcement agency. Military and paramilitary defense forces. Essential Offices for the governance of the state. Front-line media workers.

Elected public representative Front-line officers and employees of City Corporation and municipality. Religious Representatives (all religions). Engaged in burial. Government officials and employees at the forefront of emergency electricity, water, gas, sewerage and fire services, government officials of railway stations, airports, and seaports, government officials involved in emergency public service in districts and Upazilas, Bank officers and employees, and unskilled migrant workers a National Team Players.

Question: I am a student, can I get Covid-19 Vaccine?

Answer: No, you will not get the vaccine at this time. You will get it later.

Question: Have any side effects of the Coronavirus vaccine?

Answer: Still, we do not know about side effects in Bangladesh. But, all of them are fine who got the vaccine at the very first time including Nurse, Doctors, Journalists, and Government employees.

Question: Does Coronavirus infected person can take a vaccine?

Answer: No, an infected person could not take the vaccine. After a negative result, you should console the Doctor.


Finally, the people will be notified about the vaccination after verification of the information given by them during the registration. They will receive an SMS containing the date and vaccination center. Step by step all the people of Bangladesh will get this Covid 19 vaccine if they have an interest. All the best for the Bangladeshi people who will take the Coronavirus vaccine.


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