Chalo Apni Chaal Lyrics

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Chalo Apni Chaal Lyrics is absolutely the most popular Hindi song sang by Unknown. This song from Sprite – TV Commercial TV Shows. Chalo Apni Chaal this song type is Unknown. Which release on 2nd March, 2012. The song video is directed by Unknown. Also the song producer by Unknown. This video song cast by Unknown. Bellow, you have to watch the music videos on YouTube and read this nice song text Chalo Apni Chaal. The most beautiful Chalo Apni Chaal Lyrics song.. Chalo Apni Chaal Lyrics,Chalo Apni Chaal,Unknown,Unknown,TV Shows

Chalo Apni Chaal Lyrics

Ghuldaste si dikhati thi woh
Lagti thi gardan…..good morning
Raaste mein kaante the
Jhon jaani aur koi janardhan…..lets go
Jhon ne apna teer nishane pe pakda
Jaani ne apne shikanje mein jakda
Janardhan ka waar thaa sab se tagda
Wow…..aur tum
Aap log fantastic the
Ab agale hafte milenge lekin tum…..
Roj mere saath do ghante bitaoge humm…..
Sprite chalo apni chaal.

Director: Unknown
Composer: Unknown
Language: Hindi
Music By: Unknown
Movie/ TV Show: Sprite – TV Commercial

Chalo Apni Chaal by Unknown Music video on YouTube

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