Rishton Ki Garmahat Lyrics

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Rishton Ki Garmahat Lyrics is absolutely the most popular Hindi song sang by Keerthi Sagathia. This song from Wagh Bakri Tea – TV Commercial TV Shows. Rishton Ki Garmahat this song type is Unknown. Which release on 24th January, 2015. The song video is directed by Keerthi Sagathia. Also the song producer by Unknown. This video song cast by Unknown. Bellow, you have to watch the music videos on YouTube and read this nice song text Rishton Ki Garmahat. The most beautiful Rishton Ki Garmahat Lyrics song.. Rishton Ki Garmahat Lyrics,Rishton Ki Garmahat,Keerthi Sagathia,Unknown,TV Shows

Rishton Ki Garmahat Lyrics

Waqt ki barf mein jame pade
Ye rishton ko piglao
Dheemi aanch ki dhoop mein seko
Jappi ki gharmahat bhar ke
Khyalo se nehlao
Jappi ki gharmahat se tum
Rishto ko nehlao
Yaado ke baagano se chun chun ke tum todo
Murjaye rishto ki patti paani dalke khubh jinjhodo
Saaye se sailaab ko tum chamach daal ghumedo
Jame huye lamho ki mishri chur chur kar gholo
Holle holle rishton ko bas chutki bhar ubalo
Beete kal ki bhachatk ke rishton ko nehlao
Jappi ki gharmahat bhar ke
Khyalo se nehlao
Jappi ki gharmahat se tum
Rishto ko nehlao
Ek cup aur ho jaaye !
Mere haath ki bani…..

Director: Unknown
Composer: Unknown
Language: Hindi
Music By: WaghBakri
Movie/ TV Show: Wagh Bakri Tea – TV Commercial

Rishton Ki Garmahat by Keerthi Sagathia Music video on YouTube

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