National ID Card Information Change, NID Address-Spelling Correction

By Tusher Ahmed - 7 August 2022

National ID Card (NID) information correction online 2021. Bangladeshi smart National ID card information change, spelling correction, Date of Birth change, NID address change are important matters. How to change the NID Information & national id card/Voter ID Card wrong information correction online? Everything has been given by ECB (Election Commission Bangladesh) on their website We will explain the details in this post.

National ID Card Information Correction

According to, Bangladesh National ID Card information correction online, if you found something wrong with your NID card. Then you must change it as soon as possible. Because, nowadays every work (Government, Semi-Government and private sector) needs that National ID card. Anyone can change & correct NID Card Information if they had a mistake before. If you want to be a New Voter or want to include or correct information, then you should read the following process.

The Bangladesh Election Commission has given some options about the National ID Card. Bellow, see those are:

  • Do you want to be a new voter?
  • Want to update the information in your NID?
  • Do you want to change your address?
  • Want to update the Date of Birth (Age correction)?
  • Your Father/Mother’s Name wrong or a spelling mistake?
  • What are the documents required for the NID info?

National ID Card Information Change, Online NID Address-Spelling Correction

NID Card Correction Fee

However, If you want to change National ID (NID) or renew, information correction and others. Then you have to pay some fee by any Government Bank (Sonali Bank, Agrani Bank, etc)

  • National ID Card renews Regular Tk. 100/= & Urgent Tk. 150/=
  • Lost or New ID Card: Regular Tk. 200/= & Urgent Tk. 300/=
  • NID Information Correction: Tk. 200/=

How to Get a New Voter Id Card Online?

By the way, you are already over 18 years old within 1st January 2021? But still not a voter or did not get a National ID card? Then, you must register for the national ID card. So, you can registry at your Upazila or sub-district with their schedule. Or, you may apply online for a new voter. To be a new voter you need some documents. Check here How to get a new NID Card?

You may contact those election commission office which is given below.

  • ID Card Correction Form (Applying for NID Wing, Election Commission, Dhaka).
  • ID Card Correction Form (Applying for Upazila/Thana Election Office).
  • Lost ID Card Duplicate Issue Form (Applying for NID Wing, Election Commission, Dhaka).
  • Lost ID Card Duplicate Issue Form (Applying for Upazila/Thana Election Office)
  • Voter Registration Form (Form – 2). (This form is for sample purposes to give users a conceptual idea. Users need to be collect/fill up/submit the form, from the corresponding Election Commission office

Apply for National ID Card Spelling Correction:

Therefore, You apply for the “Bangladeshi National ID Card” Information Correction. Anyone can change or correct Bangladesh National Identity Card Information Change, Photo Change. Bangladesh Govt. and Election Commission have allowed changing NID by Online System. Steps by steps you can change Information by apply online ways:-

  • Information Change
  • Address Change
  • Move You Voter Area
  • Photo Change
  • Re-Print National ID Card/Voter ID Card
  • National ID Card Present Process Information

NID Card Address Change Process

However, Change your National ID card address or other information then follow the steps by steps to process. Go to NID Website at and apply the below instructions:

  • Fill up All Necessary Information To Complete Registration Process
  • Login with Your Card Information and SMS Verification Code (will be received by SMS)
  • Fill Up Information Change Form Carefully and Print it.
  • Signature Your Print Application Form and Submit Online
  • All Necessary Paper Scan Copy to Prove you Change Information. Submit Online
  • Visit “” and fill up all information at the application form correctly.

Firstly, Enter Your 13 Digit national ID card Number. (Please Add Your Birth Day year if not Included. Example: Red Color ID Card No. 6075424876655 Then Write it Like 20006075424876655, if Your Birth Year 2000).

Select Your Birth Date (Check at your National ID Card For Date). Give Your Mobile Number Correctly (Please Write Correct No. it Will be Need For Verification SMS).

Secondly, Write your Present Address Division, District, and Upzilla/Thana According To National ID Card. To give Permanent Address Information

Give new password: Password Must be Between 8-13 Digit Include Capital Latter and Number.

How to Change National ID Card Photo, Date of Birth, Information?

After that, if you could properly be registered with the above instruction, then a verification code will be sent to your mobile phone and an option will find to entering the verification code and submit it for registration completion. Now you need to upload the following documents scan copy.

  • SSC or equivalent certificate
  • Birth registration certificate
  • Passport, driving license, or TIN certificate
  • Utility bill copy, house rent receipt, or holding tax receipt (as proof of address)
  • Citizenship certificate (as applicable)
  • Father, mother, husband, or wife’s NID photocopy
  • Recent Color photo with white background.


Finally, As per your requirement, make a change in that form. Now pay the fee and submit. You must print the copy. If you do not understand properly to change anything of the National ID card personally by reading this article, then we recommend, please visit your nearest Election Commission office.

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