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A good credit score is essential for securing a mortgage, loan or other financial products. First Key Homes offers an array of loan and mortgage products that can be tailored to the specific needs of each customer. To ensure their customers understand the terms and conditions of the product they are applying for, First Key Homes has set minimum credit score requirements which must be met before any product can be approved.

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What credit scores does First Key Homes require?

First Key Homes requires a credit score of 550 or higher to qualify for a loan or mortgage product with them.

Is there anything that could improve my chances of being approved?

If your current credit score falls below 550, then taking steps to raise it may put you in a better position when applying for one of First Key Home’s products. This could include paying off existing debt, making timely payments on all bills and setting up steady income sources.

Does my existing mortgage history matter?

Yes, your existing mortgage history will also factor into whether you qualify for a loan or mortgages with First Key Homes. They look at how many mortgages you have taken out recently and how promptly you paid them back in the past.

Are there any costs associated with applying for a loan through First Key Homes?

Yes, some fees are associated with applying for a loan or mortgage through First Key Homes such as origination fees and closing costs.

Meeting the minimum credit score requirement set by First Key Homes is an important step in securing their financial products such as loans and mortgages. It's also important to have an understanding of your existing credit history, including any payment defaults or abnormalities, and take steps to improve it if required before submitting an application.

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