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Are you planning to install a new epoxy flake floor but don’t know how much material you need? With our easy-to-use Epoxy Flake Calculator, you can quickly and accurately determine the amount of product needed for your next project.

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What kind of calculator is this?

This calculator is specifically designed to calculate the amount of epoxy flakes necessary for any size flooring installation.

How is it different than other flooring calculators?

Unlike other calculators, this one is specifically designed to calculate the exact amount of epoxy flakes required for a successful installation. It factors in different variables like area size, number of coats, desired epoxy thickness, etc.

Does this calculator only work for floors?

No! The Epoxy Flake Calculator works just as effectively for countertops and any other surfaces that require epoxy flakes.

Are there any additional costs or fees associated with using the calculator?

Absolutely not! This calculator is 100% free and there are no hidden fees associated with it.

Can I save my calculations and if so, how?

Yes! There is an option to save all your calculations so you can look back at them whenever you need to. You can either save them as a CSV file or print them out for reference purposes.

The Epoxy Flake Calculator simplifies the process of calculating the right amount of product needed for your projects with its user-friendly interface and helpful features. Get accurate estimates on saving time and money today by finding out what products you'll need!

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