Does Five Below Have Toilet Paper

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Five Below is a retail chain that specializes in appealing to tweens and teens by offering trendy items for a low price. While many small-ticket items like accessories, apparel, and snacks can be found in the store, you may be wondering if they also offer toilet paper.

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Does Five Below carry toilet paper?

Yes, Five Below does carry toilet paper. However, due to their focus on trendy and fun items for teens, the selection is limited and products may vary according to location.

What type of toilet paper can I find at Five Below?

Generally speaking, you will find basic one-, two-, or three-ply white toilet paper at Five Below with no additional bells or whistles such as scents or added softness. Some stores may also carry colored tissue as well as select novelty designs.

How much does the toilet paper cost?

All of the toilet paper at Five Below is extremely affordable and costs no more than $6 per pack regardless of size or type.

Whether you are shopping for your home or stocking up on bulk supplies for your business, Five Below has you covered when it comes to obtaining a basic supply of high-quality toilet paper at an unbeatable price.

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