Dheela Kurta Peeli Topi Lyrics

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Dheela Kurta Peeli Topi Lyrics is absolutely the most popular Hindi song sang by Unknown. This song from Vodafone – TV Commercial TV Shows. Dheela Kurta Peeli Topi this song type is Unknown. Which release on Unknown. The song video is directed by Unknown. Also the song producer by Unknown. This video song cast by Unknown. Bellow, you have to watch the music videos on YouTube and read this nice song text Dheela Kurta Peeli Topi. The most beautiful Dheela Kurta Peeli Topi Lyrics song.

Dheela Kurta Peeli Topi Lyrics, Dheela Kurta Peeli Topi, TV Shows.

Dheela Kurta Peeli Topi Lyrics – Vodafone – TV Commercial

Dheela kurta peeli topi
Pair bahut thatharaye
Dekh jalebi jee lalchaya
Rakha muhm mein gap se
Naram naram si garam garam thi
Jeebh jal gayi jhat se
Bandar mama rote rote
Bhaag ke ghar ko aaye
Bhaag ke ghar ko aaye…..

Director: Unknown
Composer: Unknown
Language: Hindi
Music By: Unknown
Movie/ TV Show: Vodafone – TV Commercial

Dheela Kurta Peeli Topi by Unknown Music video on YouTube

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