Best Steel Guitar Country Songs

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The steel guitar is a musical instrument that has become a staple of country music. This instrument has given us some of the best country songs ever recorded. From its twangy sound to its graceful melodic lines, the steel guitar can evoke a range of emotions from joy to nostalgia. These are some of the most beloved country songs featuring the steel guitar that have brought listeners countless hours of enjoyment. These classic tunes sweep fans away with their memorable lyrics and beautiful sounds. Whether you’re seeking inspiration or simply looking to enjoy some classic tunes, these are the best steel guitar country songs you should be listening to right now.

Why Steel Guitar Country Songs Is Necessary?

Steel guitar country songs are necessary because they bring back a classic sound to country music that is often lacking in mainstream, contemporary recordings. Steel guitars provide an unmistakable twang of nostalgia and elicit emotions associated with traditional roots music. The sound of steel guitar can take listeners on a journey back in time, evoking feelings of homesickness as well as joy from familiar tunes. Additionally, steel guitar players serve as an integral part of any successful band’s lineup; their instrumental expertise elevates the energy and dynamics of the compositions they accompany.

Our Top Picks For Best Steel Guitar Country Songs

Best Steel Guitar Country Songs Guidance

Cowgirl Country – Instrumental Hits of 2018, Western Girls Town, Best Relaxing Acoustic & Steel Guitar

Cowgirl Country – Instrumental Hits of 2018, Western Girls Town, Best Relaxing Acoustic & Steel Guitar

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Cowgirl Country – Instrumental Hits of 2018 is a fantastic collection of enthralling western tunes that are bound to bring out your inner country-western self! Featuring an assortment of classical guitar and steel guitar pieces, it’s no wonder why this record has been hailed as one of the best relaxing acoustic albums of the year. Whether it’s Midnight Cowgirls in love or the Bebop Cowboys enjoying a good time, it’s easy to lose yourself in the twang of these timeless instrumentals.

Western Girls Town, the first release from the project, is a spirited homage to the wild women of the west. Full of lively instrumentation and pure sentiment, this piece evokes images of the wild frontier with its unforgettable melodic motifs. The lively rhythms and solos propel the song along as it paints pictures of contentment and celebration.

Best Relaxing Acoustic & Steel Guitar is a must-hear for anyone looking for the perfect soundtrack to accompany their daily activities. With its calming meditative melodies and gentle plucking of guitars, one can’t help but be drawn into a peaceful inner reverie. Favourites such as ‘Desert Clouds’ and the aptly titled ‘Serenity’

Common Questions on Cowgirl Country – Instrumental Hits of 2018, Western Girls Town, Best Relaxing Acoustic & Steel Guitar

• What is Cowgirl Country – Instrumental Hits of 2018?
Cowgirl Country – Instrumental Hits of 2018 is an album of the best instrumental country songs from the year 2018.

• What styles of music are included in Western Girls Town?
Western Girls Town includes a variety of classic and contemporary Country, Western, and Americana styles of music.

• What makes Best Relaxing Acoustic & Steel Guitar unique?
Best Relaxing Acoustic & Steel Guitar offers listeners a blend of peaceful and calming country tunes combined with warm and soothing steel guitar instrumentation.

• How many tracks are included in Cowgirl Country – Instrumental Hits of 2018?
Cowgirl Country – Instrumental Hits of 2018 includes 10 tracks.

• Who wrote and performed the songs on Western Girls Town?
Western Girls Town was written and performed by various Country, Western, and Americana musicians.

Why We Like This

• 1. Instrumental tracks featuring western style steel guitar and acoustic guitar music.
• 2. An album of all new songs inspired by classic cowgirl country music.
• 3. Features artist performances from talented female vocalists.
• 4. A collection of relaxing, low tempo tunes perfect for winding down.
• 5. High quality recording and production techniques for a professional sound.

Sweet Sunshine

Sweet Sunshine

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Sweet Sunshine is a unique blend of bright, cheerful vibes and subtle sweetness. A perfect pick me up, this blend is full of life and optimism. It delivers layers of flavor and depth with a balanced profile that captures the essence of the sunniest days.

The first sip is the sweetest and most refreshing. Sweet Sunshine starts out with a light floral taste, which gradually builds its way up to evolve into a rich, fruity flavor with notes of vanilla, honey and even hint of nuttiness. Its creamy body is full of warmth, making it a pleasure to drink.

It’s also surprisingly versatile! Sweet Sunshine can be enjoyed as an invigorating black tea, a comforting latte, over ice, and even blended with other teas. Whether you’d prefer sipping it in sunshine for a renewed mental clarity or savoring it on a chilly night for a cozy indulgence, this blend promises to reward your taste buds no matter what. Moreover, it can stand up to a bit of milk, further deepening its complexity.

Light and airy like a summer breeze, Sweet Sunshine encapsulates what joy looks like. Take a few moments and let the vibrant aroma and flavour wash over you, allowing all your worries

Common Questions on Sweet Sunshine

Why We Like This

The Pedal Steel Guitar Album

The Pedal Steel Guitar Album

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The Pedal Steel Guitar Album is an extraordinary collection of music featuring a variety of tunes performed on the uniquely expressive instrument, the pedal steel guitar. Captured in vivid and pristine sound quality, the album highlights the capacity of this magical music-making machine.

The pedal steel guitar, or “PSG”, as it is affectionately referred to by musicians, has a complicated yet seductive discourse that appeals to musicians from any genre. In its most basic form, the PSG is an electric-based instrument with a solid neck and stringed body made of steel. By way of integrated foot pedals and knee levers, the player is able to adjust the tension of the strings allowing for a wide selection of fine-tuned notes, tonalities, and articulations. This record expertly showcases the classic qualities of the instrument, as well as the more contemporary sounds that are emerging from the PSG.

The album treats the listener to a harmonic journey through various Blues, Pop, Country, Jazz, and Gospel idioms. There is a profound sense of purity, clarity, and balance in each performance as the player’s virtuosity and sensitivity take center stage. The listener will hear solos, duets, and full band arrangements featuring some of the world

Common Questions on The Pedal Steel Guitar Album

• What is The Pedal Steel Guitar Album?
The Pedal Steel Guitar Album is a compilation of classic country, folk, gospel and folk-rock tracks featuring some of the greatest steel guitarists of all time.

• What is the track list of The Pedal Steel Guitar Album?
The track list for The Pedal Steel Guitar Album includes “Yesterday When I Was Young” by Roy Clark, “Faded Love” by Bob Wills, “Gospel Ship” by Porter Wagoner, “Buckaroo” by Byrds, “T For Texas” by Jimmie Rodgers, “God Bless The USA” by Lee Greenwood and “I Saw The Light” by Hank Williams.

• Who contributed to The Pedal Steel Guitar Album?
The Pedal Steel Guitar Album featured performances from prominent steel guitarists such as Roy Clark, Bob Wills, Porter Wagoner, Jay Dee Maness, Janie C. Riley, Jody Maphis, Red Rhodes, and many more.

• Was any Grammy Award received for The Pedal Steel Guitar Album?
The Pedal Steel Guitar Album was

Why We Like This

1. Authentic sound of a classic pedal steel guitar.
2. 12 tracks of instrumental music including original compositions and traditional songs.
3. Professionally arranged and produced by an experienced pedal steel guitar player.
4. A great way to learn the nuances of playing the instrument.
5. Includes alternate tunings and ideas for improving your own playing.

Additional Product Information

Height 4.92125 Inches
Length 5.59054 Inches

Buddy Emmons: Steel Guitar Icon (Music in American Life)

Buddy Emmons: Steel Guitar Icon (Music in American Life)

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Buddy Emmons is known as the definitive steel guitar icon and is one of the most influential instrumentalists across country music. Coming from humble beginnings, Emmons was steeped in musical tradition, beginning at an early age. He started out learning to play guitar, but quickly switched his attention to the lap steel guitar at the age of eight.

In no time, Buddy became a prodigy and showed off his talents on the Grand Ole Opry. On his You Tube page, he remarks that a few of his industry peers referred to him as ‘the Human Jukebox’ as he was so adept at replicating songs. Emmons continued to blaze a path in the steel guitar world, innovating and pushing his instrument to its limits.

Throughout his career, Emmons has realized immense success, contributing his talents to numerous recordings and shows spanning over six decades. His work has left a lasting impression not only on country music but across a few genres. A Nashville recording studio was even named in his honor, a fitting testament to his immense talents and accomplishments.

Buddy also wrote his own instruction manuals and led workshops to teach others how to play steel guitar. As a part of Bill Monroe’s Bluegrass Boys and with 100+

Common Questions on Buddy Emmons: Steel Guitar Icon (Music in American Life)

• What was Buddy Emmons’ nickname?
Buddy Emmons was known as “The Big E”, a nickname referencing both his stature and steel guitar playing style.

• What style of steel playing helped propel Emmons to notoriety?
Emmons developed a style of three-fingered picking that enabled him to play at faster speeds than traditional styles. This unique playing style helped to propel Emmons to notoriety and influence other steel guitarists.

• What record label released Emmons’ debut solo album?
Emmons’ debut solo album, Steel Guitar, was released in 1967 by Capitol records.

• What traditionally male-dominated industry did Emmons help break into?
Emmons helped to break into the traditionally male-dominated country music industry by being one of the first female steel guitarists on the scene.

• How did Emmons’ work influence the newer generations of steel guitarists?
Emmons’ work had a major influence on the newer generations of steel guitarists, as his unique playing style and advice helped shape the sound of modern steel guitar. His legacy has continued to live on through his recordings as well as the many up-and-coming steel

Why We Like This

1. Includes 18 of Buddy Emmons’ classic steel guitar performances from the 1950s and 1960s.
2. Features classic recordings from renowned country music artists such as Ernest Tubb, Hank Thompson, and George Jones.
3. Includes a 12 page booklet with a biography of Buddy Emmons as well as rare photos and memorabilia.
4. Includes liner notes by steel guitar historian and author, Bobbe Seymour.
5. Features premium sound quality remastered from the original master tapes.

Additional Product Information

Height 9 Inches
Length 6 Inches
Weight 1.15 Pounds

Hal Leonard Lap Slide Songbook: Play Solo Slide Guitar Arrangements of 22 Country, Folk, Blues and Rock Songs

Hal Leonard Lap Slide Songbook: Play Solo Slide Guitar Arrangements of 22 Country, Folk, Blues and Rock Songs

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Common Questions on Hal Leonard Lap Slide Songbook: Play Solo Slide Guitar Arrangements of 22 Country, Folk, Blues and Rock Songs

• What is Hal Leonard Lap Slide Songbook?
Hal Leonard Lap Slide Songbook is a comprehensive guide to playing solo slide guitar arrangements of 22 Country, Folk, Blues and Rock Songs.

• What songs are included in the book?
The book includes songs such as “Cripple Creek”, “Midnight Special”, “Amazing Grace”, “Walking in the Park with Eloise”, “Dust My Broom”, “Going Down the Road Feeling Bad”, “Folsom Prison Blues”, and many more.

• Are there any audio examples in the book?
Yes, the book includes full audio backing tracks for each song.

• Is there guitar tablature for each song?
Yes, the book provides guitar tablature for each song.

• What topics are covered in the book?
The book covers topics such as open tuning basics, the major scale, pentatonic scales, barre chords, hammer-ons, pull-offs and sliding techniques.

Why We Like This

1. 22 slide guitar arrangements of classic Country, Folk, Blues and Rock Songs
2. Easy to read tablature notation, standard notation and chords
3. Includes detailed instruction and performance notes
4. Compatible with acoustic and electric guitars
5. Created by experienced lap steel guitarists for maximum accuracy and playability.

Benefits of Steel Guitar Country Songs

Steel guitar has been an integral part of the country music genre since its inception. It is a distinctively twangy instrument that helps to give country songs their unique flavor and ambiance. The best steel guitar country songs have the potential to transport listeners back in time, prompting them to reminisce about good old days gone by.

Steel guitar playing brings with it a number of other benefits as well, such as improved ear training and increased flexibility when it comes to harmonics and melodies. Playing along with or without accompaniment can be done easily while also developing composition skills further adding another appealing aspect of this style of music making. Steel musicians also need strong rhythm skills which translates into better coordination between your left hand fretting techniques used in most styles similar picking methods-allowing players more liberties when chasing down interesting string slide sounds inspired by classic blues artists like Django Reinhardt or Merle Travis through jazz chords progressions mined from masters like Wes Montgomery Zoot Sims et al

In addition steel guitars aid significantly in developing even greater intonation precision across all strings combined allowing for cleaner faster legato lines; something many pickers struggle mightily at achieving with other instruments including acoustic electric etc… Even mature players find themselves enriched playing these larger 12/13 gauge aluminum/steel tones often resulting great artistic accuracy adds considerable depth overall production must have sorely missed absence traditional pedal-steel lineal approach employed almost every track Pillsbury Commercials opened countless doors appreciation historical foundation upon which modern iteration sits today

Lastly let’s not forget ever elaborate improvisations (solos) made possible due higher degree note bending control bar offers allows ample room showmanship felt nowadays anyone who rediscovered ‘thing’ they added critically acclaimed metal scene looking beyond Thrash Doom whatever… Steel Guitar Country Songs offer timeless medium express human emotions so long…

Buying Guide for Best Steel Guitar Country Songs

If you’re looking for a historically significant, modern country sound with an exciting and powerful twang, the steel guitar is just what you need. If you’ve ever been to a Nashville hot spot like the Grand Ole Opry or walked into any honky-tonk on Music Row, chances are you would have heard one in action. Steel guitarists bring their own individual flair to every song they work on, adding spirit-lifting solos alongside the traditional electric and acoustic guitars that define much of today’s country music.

Below is a list of ten of the top steel guitar country songs that will help get your feet tapping:

1) “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash–The emotional bridge features some tightly woven lead lines from Bob Wootton’s pedal steel as he weaves between single notes with ringing chords over a steady rhythm. It gives this classic cut its iconic quality and makes it stand out in today’s musical landscape.

2) “I Walk The Line” by Johnny Cash–This timeless track features beautiful lines from Petty Byrant who creates contrasting sounds between his lap steel playing and Amos Garrett’s Dobro instrumentation while enhancing Cash vocals throughout both verses and chorus sections.

3) “Crazy Arms” by Ray Price–One of the most memorable performances during 50s rockabilly movement had to be Rick Nelson covering this George Jones tune featuring moody chordal phrases played in tandem with Joel Kneebone electric mandolin parts has this mix down pat for history books! Moreover Alan Haynes electric-steel solo soars across settings but still maintains closely ties to original 60s version via exceptional licks showmanship had all time loves it even now!

4) “Copperhead Road” by Steve Earle–This folk anthem salutes new generations through rumblings mid 80s issue Arlo Guthrie John Lee Hooker boasts fiery fervor emitted soulfully whenever Tim O’Brien five string banjo trading solos against Ernest McCarty Jr.’s weathered attitude embellished telecaster while all around rush David Hess steelstrings keeping beat guttural howling full throttle ride forever ended soon enough leave true Americana statement echo long after finale rolled away nice march…and yes they kept play goes great distance good times secure everybody wins no doubt kept alive divine purpose? Sure did evergreen super hit right here!!

5) “Guitars Cadillacs” DWIGHT YOAKAM –Just perfect blend twang excitement skillful style metal themes Dwight Yoakam knows pitch coins countless fans thanks solo Jimmie Raney kills electrifying performance came bright sunny Southern California pushed boundaries genre ushering wave cowboy Couture embedded variously famous hits jumpstarts boogie surefire magic ballad dedicated favorite Blue Mountain State USA fueled doublestop swagger lead played flawlessly… ah simple pleasure heart music sigh while same time lights shining brightly unforgettable pickin hangin square dancing boots sky no limits pure joy heat charm brought special ode shines witness…make sure own up lovely soundtrack journey lifetime smile guaranteed each way listen loud enough …chose wisely else said … not wished profound listened times truer test light always awaits!!!

6) “Fox On The Run” MANNIS SANTANA –Raw energy pure electricity imbibes staple bluegrass gem wrote join forces support legendary Manis Santana creamy butter riffs push traditional boundaries knotty timber chainstitched embroidered eternity signature wails manifest affections devotion paying homage roots heritage deep flavors produced touched mountain honesty heartfelt eloquence magnificence decorum pieces turned inside out alternate tunings garnishments color essential arrangement folksy contagious keeps pouring rich tight groove rolling mixture far reaching subtle choices confidently defining generation evolution went course crafted esteemed ear miles step…notes craftsmanship wrapped seasoned expectations grasp mattered sake mens command deliver awesome punctuation highlight complete flawless record exhilarates senses due justice perfect accuracy arrives shape legacy hoped remembered fashionably everlasting tunesmith true blues man…ye shall know truly see!!

7)”Tears In Heaven” ERIC CLAPTON –Structured framework bestowed melodic treasures immensely touched cluster hush tribute nature tragedy drowning drown once song surfaced center stage became worldwide sensation successfully due creative passage sacred sentiment winded absolutely mint transcribed minds deserving mythical respects gone lost sympathy being respected higher plane dedication entomb grief artistic gallery presented gentle sadness mixed tender sentiments polished production values desired virtuous account enjoyed collaborated standout drummer Shannon Forrest guide movements formulate solid profession extending measure creativity testified invent liquid flag rafters steal Eric Clapton rare gift reinventing emotionally bankrupt era happening wearing mantle world renowned artist walking carpets wear pride assume accordion tragic brilliance raised bar industry through substantial commitment class proceed dare look down showcase magnitude control historic manner inspired truth beholden every angelically breathtaking breakers!!

Frequently Asked Question

What are the top five steel guitar country songs of all time?

1. “Faded Love” by Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys 2. “Steel Guitar Rag” by Leon McAuliffe 3. “Orange Blossom Special” by Ernest Tubb 4. “Lost Highway” by Hank Williams 5. “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” by Hank Williams

Who are the most renowned steel guitar players in country music history?

The most renowned steel guitar players in country music history are Lloyd Green, Buddy Emmons, and Pete Drake. Lloyd Green was a session musician in Nashville for over five decades, working on over 5,000 recordings with a variety of country and pop artists. Buddy Emmons was a renowned session musician and innovative steel guitar player and was inducted into the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame in 1990. Pete Drake was a legendary steel guitar player and a member of the Grand Ole Opry in 1964. He was also a session musician and producer, helping to shape the sound of country music.

What are the hallmarks of a great steel guitar country song?

A great steel guitar country song typically has a catchy melody and a memorable hook. The steel guitar brings a unique texture and sound to the song and should be featured prominently. The instrumentation should be full and rich, with a driving rhythm section, a twangy lead guitar, and a prominent steel guitar. The lyrics should be heartfelt and meaningful, and the vocals should be strong and emotive. Above all, it should have an undeniable sense of emotion and country spirit.

What are some modern innovators that are pushing the boundaries of steel guitar in country music?

1. Greg Leisz – Leisz is a multi-instrumentalist and session musician who has worked with a variety of artists, including Eric Clapton and Wilco. He has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative and inventive steel guitarists in country music. 2. Russ Pahl – Pahl is a Nashville session player and frequent collaborator with artists like Taylor Swift and Kenny Chesney. He has pushed the boundaries of steel guitar playing with his innovative licks and dynamic playing. 3. Dan Dugmore – Dugmore has worked with a variety of artists such as Linda Ronstadt and Fleetwood Mac. He is known for his creative use of steel guitar and has become a mainstay on the country music scene. 4. Rob Ickes – Ickes is a multi-instrumentalist who has worked with a wide range of artists, including Dolly Parton and bluegrass legend Sam Bush. He is known for his creative use of the steel guitar, which has helped to redefine the instrument in country music.

Are there any emerging trends in steel guitar playing in country music?

Yes, there are some emerging trends in steel guitar playing in country music. One of the most popular trends is the incorporation of electronic effects, such as reverb and delay, to create a larger sound. Additionally, steel guitarists are starting to experiment with different tuning systems, such as open G and open D, to create unique and interesting sounds. Finally, some steel guitarists are beginning to incorporate more complex melodies and chords into their playing.


Thank you for taking the time to consider buying my steel guitar best country songs. This product offers a great way to enjoy the beautiful, soulful sound of classic country music played on a steel guitar. These tracks have been carefully and professionally selected from some of the greatest steel guitar players in history, allowing you an opportunity to not only enjoy them but also bridge them with more modern-day recordings that might be more familiar and accessible.

The quality and production value of these songs are exceptional — each song has been meticulously captured and thoughtfully mastered in order to ensure its maximum impact every time it’s played. You can also rest assured that by purchasing this collection of my best steel guitar country songs, you will receive years of enjoyment due to their sheer durability against wear or damage with age or use over time.

I am certain that with your purchase today you will find complete satisfaction as well as inspiration within each selection presented here – perfect for rekindling memories or opening up moments that have yet to be explored musically; whatever path they may lead down musical paths we guarantee there’s something here for everyone no matter what your tastes might be…

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