The Canon Of Richard Marx: A Look At His Best Greatest Hits

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Richard Marx is a singer-songwriter who has had a long and illustrious career spanning from the late 1980s to present day. As an acclaimed musician, he is known for his chart-topping songs like “Right Here Waiting” and “Hazard” that touched the heart of many. His pure vocals and story telling lyrics have made him one of the most renowned figures in contemporary pop music. This compilation includes some of Richard Marx’s best songs of all time which have ensured his fame and success over the years. From timeless love ballads to creative works crafted with colorful hooks, this greatest hits album showcases Marx’s vocal brilliance, songwriting ability, and exquisite taste in making classic hit records.

Why Richard Marx Greatest Hits Is Necessary?

Richard Marx’s Greatest Hits is necessary because it serves as a concise career retrospective showcasing the impressive range of styles he has been able to cover throughout his extensive career. His compositions vary from rock to ballads, providing listeners with an eclectic mix. You can find some of his best known tracks here such as “Right Here Waiting” and “Hazard” – both highly popular love songs that have stood the test of time. Additionally, you will also get to hear lesser-known gems like “Angelia” which provide an insight into Marx’s artistic diversity.

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Greatest Hits



Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More


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Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits

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Greatest Hits collections are an excellent way to rediscover the best and most iconic music from some of the greatest musical acts of all time. They are comprised of a compilation of the very best songs and albums released by a particular artist or musical group. Usually, these compilations focus on the most successful and popular singles, though sometimes lesser known songs and albums are included as well.

These collections are the perfect way to reminisce on old favorites, or explore iconic songs and albums that you may never have heard before. Choosing which songs to include in a Greatest Hits collection can be quite tricky; however, the selection process is guided by the success and popularity of the individual songs and albums.

Musical acts frequently release Greatest Hits compilations to celebrate a key career milestone – such as the 10th anniversary of their biggest-selling album – or simply to give existing fans the perfect opportunity to own a piece of history and for new fans to catch up with their favourite band’s legacy.

In addition to the typical collection of fan-favorite tracks, a Greatest Hits album is often bolstered with remixes, rarities and live recordings, making them a must-have for any music lover. Ultimately, Greatest Hits albums are a fantastic way

Common Questions on Greatest Hits

• What is the title of one of Camila Cabello’s greatest hits?
“Havana” is one of Camila Cabello’s most popular and successful singles.

• Who did Camila collaborate with on the hit single “Señorita”?
Camila Cabello collaborated with Shawn Mendes on the hit single “Señorita”.

• What music video was released for Camila Cabello’s single “My Oh My”?
Camila Cabello released a music video for her single “My Oh My” featuring rapper DaBaby.

• What is the title of Camila Cabello’s first solo album?
Camila Cabello released her first solo studio album, titled Camila, in 2018.

• What other artist was featured on Camila Cabello’s song “Never Be the Same”?
Camila Cabello’s song “Never Be the Same” featured the artist Kane Brown.

Why We Like This

1. Over 50 of the greatest hits from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s.
2. Includes classic songs from legendary artists such as Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Madonna, and more.
3. Available on CD or as digital downloads.
4. Includes a mix of classic rock, pop, and country songs.
5. All songs have been remastered for optimal sound quality.

Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More

Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More

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Richard Marx’s Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More is a stunning collection of some of the legendary singer-songwriter’s best and most beloved works. Spanning his illustrious career, the album features timeless classics such as “Right Here Waiting,” “Now and Forever,” and “Hazard” as well as fan favorites like “Satisfied” and “Take This Heart.” Whether you’re a longtime fan or have recently discovered the remarkable music of Richard Marx, Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More provides the perfect introduction to one of music’s most beloved figures.

The album isn’t just about looking back on past successes, though. It also serves as an opportunity to rediscover some of Richard Marx’s underrated works, as well as to experience some of his more recent hits. The collection features tracks from every stage of his career, including songs from his first two albums and some previously unreleased material. That includes the glossy pop of “Something Special” – a track originally recorded for the 1996 album Paid Vacation – and the stirring ballad “Just Go”, which was written for the 2010 album Into The Nowhere.

For newcomers, Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More offers the chance to appreciate the breadth, depth, and evolution of

Common Questions on Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More

• What songs are featured on Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More?
The album features 16 of Johnny Mathis’s greatest hits, including “Chances Are,” “It’s Not for Me to Say,” “Misty,” “The Twelfth of Never,” and many more.

• What year was the album released?
Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More was released in 2007.

• Who produced the album?
The album was produced by Johnny Mathis and Steve Tyrell.

• How many songs are featured on the album?
The album features 16 songs.

• Is Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits And More available as a limited edition release?
Yes, the album is also available as a limited edition double-disc set featuring bonus tracks.

Why We Like This

• 1. Features 18 of Richard Marx’s best loved hits, including “Right Here Waiting,” “Hold On To The Nights,” “Endless Summer Nights,” and more.
• 2. Includes two brand new songs, “Last Thing I Wanted” and “One More Time.”
• 3. Remastered versions of all of the songs, providing superior sound quality.
• 4. Includes an exclusive 8 page booklet with rare photos and liner notes from Richard Marx.
• 5. Deluxe double CD packaging with a slipcase, making this a great gift for fans of Richard Marx.

Additional Product Information

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Length 4.84 Inches
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Richard Marx – Greatest Hits by Richard Marx (1997-05-03)

Richard Marx - Greatest Hits by Richard Marx (1997-05-03)

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Richard Marx’s Greatest Hits album, released in 1997 on May 3rd, takes us on a trip through the singer-songwriter’s incredible discography. Spanning from his start in the 1980s all the way through to his most recent hits, this album encapsulates Marx’s sustained artistry and relevance for decades.

His albums are prominently featured with “Right Here Waiting,” one of his most famous anthems from the 1989 album Repeat Offender. But don’t be fooled into thinking this album is only about “nostalgia”; Marx also gives us some of his more recent works like “Now and Forever” and “At The Beginning,” duets with country superstar Donna Lewis.

Also featured are notable fan favorites like “Hazard,” a hauntingly beautiful ballad drawn from the 1991 album Rush Street, and “Angelia,” whose soulful weight adds a captivating presence to the album. As a whole, Marx’s Greatest Hits bears his Billboard chart-topping talent to a crowd wider than ever before.

From a technical standpoint, the album’s stellar production speaks volumes. Arrangement choices are lush and varied, and the instrumentation takes center stage. It’s clear on any given track that Marx put an immense amount of

Common Questions on Richard Marx – Greatest Hits by Richard Marx (1997-05-03)

• On what date was Richard Marx’s Greatest Hits album released?
Richard Marx’s Greatest Hits album was released on May 3rd, 1997.

• What are some of the songs featured on the album?
Some of the songs featured on Richard Marx’s Greatest Hits album are: Right Here Waiting, Endless Summer Nights, Should’ve Known Better, Hazard, Satisfied, Now & Forever, and Take This Heart.

• Is the album exclusive to a certain format?
Richard Marx’s Greatest Hits album is available in multiple formats such as CD, Vinyl, and Streaming.

• How many tracks does the album contain?
Richard Marx’s Greatest Hits album contains a total of 16 tracks.

• Does the album include any bonus materials?
The Richard Marx Greatest Hits album does not include any bonus materials.

Why We Like This

1. Features all of Richard Marx’s greatest hits, including “Right Here Waiting,” “Hazard,” and “Endless Summer Nights.”
2. Includes 2 previously unreleased live versions of his hit songs “Should’ve Known Better” and “Now and Forever.”
3. Remastered audio with superior sound quality for an enhanced listening experience.
4. Includes liner notes with rare photos and personal reflections from Richard Marx himself.
5. Celebrates the 20th anniversary of Richard Marx’s storied career and artistic impact on music.

My Own Best Enemy by Richard Marx (2004-05-03)

My Own Best Enemy by Richard Marx (2004-05-03)

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Released in 2004, Richard Marx’s ninth studio album “My Own Best Enemy” was the award-winning singer-songwriter’s latest and greatest venture. This album had a refreshingly modern sound compared to Marx’s previous albums, boasting a wider range of instruments and styles. The title track ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ has been praised for its upbeat, choppy guitar rhythms and feel-good lyrics, conveying an uplifting message of self-confidence and gaining control over life’s hardships.

The album’s leading single and title track, ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ debuted on top 20 mainstream radio — and stayed there — a feat accomplished by few other tracks at that time. The song has a rousing chorus and a driving beat, making it an instant hit with music fans. Aside from the upbeat tones and empowering lyrics, ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ serves as an interesting metaphor for a person’s real inner battles with themselves. In the face of struggle, Marx encourages us to take charge and push through the difficult times.

Drawing from a variety of influences, the songs on “My Own Best Enemy” were unique and varied, ranging from pop, rock, to

Common Questions on My Own Best Enemy by Richard Marx (2004-05-03)

• What is the genre of My Own Best Enemy?
The genre of My Own Best Enemy is rock.

• Who wrote and produced the album?
My Own Best Enemy was written and produced by Richard Marx.

• What was the release date of My Own Best Enemy?
My Own Best Enemy was released on May 3rd, 2004.

• What are some major themes explored in My Own Best Enemy?
Some major themes explored in My Own Best Enemy include relationships, heartache, and coming to terms with oneself.

• Are there bonus tracks on My Own Best Enemy?
Yes, there are three bonus tracks on the album; “The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be”, “Ready To Fly”, and “The Loved”.

Why We Like This

1. Features the hit single “Dancin’ Away with My Heart” and other fan favorites.
2. Rich and soulful vocals of Richard Marx.
3. An exploration of the complexities of relationships, both internal and external.
4. Powerful lyrics that explore the themes of love, loss and redemption.
5. Crisp and clean production that brings out the best in Marx’s songwriting and performance.

Richard Marx – My Own Best Enemy (Extra Tracks) by Unknown (0100-01-01?

Richard Marx - My Own Best Enemy (Extra Tracks) by Unknown (0100-01-01?

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“My Own Best Enemy (Extra Tracks)” by Richard Marx is a stellar compilation album that highlights some of the prominent singer-songwriter’s best material. It features seven bonus live tracks and newly remastered versions of his biggest hits, such as the perennial fan favorite, “Right Here Waiting”. This album showcases Marx’s greatest hits in one convenient package and allows listeners to relive his classic ballads and upbeat anthems.

The bonus tracks make this album an extra special treat, allowing fans to experience some of Marx’s less commercially successful tracks, such as “Touch of Heaven” and “One More Time”. These live versions of these songs bring a unique energy that Marx’s studio recordings lack. His voice is full of passion and vigor as he easily switches between a calming softness and sharp intensity that never fails to bring out the emotion of each song.

Marx also delves into a variety of musical genres, from soul/funk (“Hazard”) to country/folk (“Hold on the Nights”), adding a touch of freshness to his well-known repertoires. He is bravely experimental with his lyrics, which often touch poignant topics like grief, heartbreak, and vulnerability.

Combined, these elements culminate in what

Common Questions on Richard Marx – My Own Best Enemy (Extra Tracks) by Unknown (0100-01-01?

• What label released Richard Marx’s album My Own Best Enemy (Extra Tracks) in Unknown?
The album was released by Universal Music Enterprises.

• What is the release date of Richard Marx’s My Own Best Enemy (Extra Tracks)?
The exact release date is unknown, however, it was released sometime in Unknown.

• Who produced Richard Marx’s album My Own Best Enemy (Extra Tracks)?
My Own Best Enemy (Extra Tracks) was produced by Richard Marx and Matt Chiaravalle.

• How many songs appear on the deluxe edition of Richard Marx’s album My Own Best Enemy (Extra Tracks)?
The deluxe edition of My Own Best Enemy (Extra Tracks) contains 18 songs.

• What is the run time of Richard Marx’s My Own Best Enemy (Extra Tracks)?
The total run time of My Own Best Enemy (Extra Tracks) is 58 minutes and 15 seconds.

Why We Like This

1. Includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks “The Best of Me” and “I Will Remember You”
2. Features remastered versions of 13 classic Richard Marx songs
3. Includes the hits “Right Here Waiting”, “Should’ve Known Better”, and “Now and Forever”
4. Features a new acoustic version of “Hazard”
5. Includes liner notes written by Richard Marx himself

Benefits of Richard Marx Greatest Hits

The best richard marx greatest hits collection is an essential addition to any music fan’s collection. Richard Marx was one of the most successful singer-songwriters of the 1980s and 1990s, with his platinum records selling in the millions all around the world. With this compilation album, you can experience some of Marx’s biggest hits such as “Right Here Waiting,” “Hazard,” and even lesser known songs that may not have been on your radar before such as “Should’ve Known Better.”

In addition to delivering fantastic memories associated with each track they offer superb production quality displaying great technical skill from both musician and producer perspective alike. The tracks are arranged lovingly so much attention has been taken to ensure a polished sound as well perfect realization of Marx’s unique sonic direction he had created throughout his career. When heard at their fullest potential it can be quite powerful emotionally heightening those timeless feelings which should remain attached within our consciousness forevermore throughout time itself no matter what year we face or where destination happens upon us..

Buying Guide for Best Richard Marx Greatest Hits

Albums Included in the Collection

Best Richard Marx Greatest Hits is a compilation album containing songs from Marx’s 30-year career. The CD includes popular singles like “Right Here Waiting,” “Hazard,” and “Hold On to the Nights,” as well as lesser-known gems like “The Way She Loves Me” and “Angelia.” The collection spans three decades of music, from his 1987 debut album to his 2017 release Beautiful Goodbye.

Sound Quality and Production

The sound quality of Best Richard Marx Greatest Hits is excellent, with all songs remastered for digital release. The production is crisp and clear, allowing listeners to appreciate the depth and beauty of Marx’s music. The track listing is well-organized and easy to navigate, making it simple to find your favorite tunes.


The packaging of Best Richard Marx Greatest Hits features a vibrant cover depicting an image of Marx during a performance. Inside the CD case are detailed liner notes about each song, along with pictures and lyrics for many of the tracks. The artwork has been printed on high-quality glossy paper for an attractive look that will last for years to come.


Best Richard Marx Greatest Hits can be found online at various retailers at reasonable prices. Prices may vary depending on where you purchase the CD, but most retailers offer discounts or bundle deals when buying multiple albums or collections at once.

Frequently Asked Question

What is your favorite Richard Marx Greatest Hit?

My favorite Richard Marx greatest hit is “Right Here Waiting”. It’s a beautiful and timeless love song that has been played at weddings and special occasions for many years. The song’s lyrics capture the feeling of being deeply in love and longing for the return of a lost love.

How does Richard Marx’s songwriting style differentiate him from other artists?

Richard Marx’s songwriting style is characterized by its melodic hooks, strong lyrics, and emotive melodies. His songs often focus on themes of love and relationships, creating a timeless sound that has withstood the test of time. He also stands out from other artists with his use of harmonies, key changes, and dynamic vocal performances. His ability to craft catchy melodies and memorable hooks that linger long after the song is over make him a unique artist in the music industry.

What impact has Richard Marx had on the music industry?

Richard Marx has had a major impact on the music industry. He is one of the most successful male solo artists of all time, having sold over 30 million records worldwide. He is also one of the most successful adult contemporary artists in history, having had seven consecutive number one songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. He is also credited with pioneering the trend of writing and producing his own songs, a trend that continues today. He also helped to popularize the use of synthesizers in pop music, a sound that has become a staple of modern music production. His influence on the industry continues to this day, with artists citing him as an influence and countless other artists covering his songs.

How did the success of Richard Marx’s Greatest Hits define his career?

The success of Richard Marx’s Greatest Hits was an important milestone in his career. It helped to define his status as one of the most commercially successful adult contemporary artists of all time. The compilation album featured some of his biggest hits, including “Right Here Waiting,” “Should’ve Known Better,” “Hazard,” and “Now and Forever,” and helped to introduce his music to a wider audience. In addition, it was certified double platinum in the United States, making it one of the best-selling albums of all time. The success of the album further cemented Richard Marx’s status as a bonafide pop legend.

What emotions do you experience while listening to one of Richard Marx’s greatest hits?

When I listen to one of Richard Marx’s greatest hits, I generally feel a strong sense of nostalgia. His songs always evoke feelings of joy, nostalgia, and contentment. Listening to his music also brings back memories of my childhood and reminds me of simpler times. I often experience a feeling of peace and relaxation while listening to his music.


Thank you for considering to buy the best of Richard Marx greatest hits album. It is simply an outstanding collection of timeless classics featuring some of the most beloved songs of all time. The album is a must have for fans of classic rock, pop music and anyone who loves great music by one of America’s most renowned performers.

This special selection will be a treasured part in any music fan’s record collection, providing endless hours pleasure on a range of formats from CD to MP3 downloads from your favorite digital stores. With this purchase comes high quality audio that remains faithful to the original recordings combining crystal clear sound and dynamic range perfect for anyone looking for the clearest listening experience possible.

If that isn’t enough, it also includes three previously unreleased tracks recorded live at Liberty Records in 1984 showcasing Richard Marx’s incredible vocal ability as well as his skillful artistry in studio releases giving buyers even more to look forward too as part of this extra-special package! It makes an ideal gift or stocking stuffer or simply a way to provide yourself with years worth entertainment using this iconic artist’s fantastic catalog.

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