TV Review: Tom Selleck Gives A Commanding Performance In ‘Jesse Stone: Thin Ice’

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Jesse Stone: Thin Ice is a 2009 American made-for-TV mystery movie. It was written by Tom Selleck and Mike Robe, directed by Robert Harmon and stars Tom Selleck as the police chief of Paradise, Massachusetts, Jesse Stone. The story follows Jesse’s progress in investigating the death of a young woman and resolving to uncover the truth about her murder. Along the way, he faces obstacles from all directions, as well as trying to battle his personal demons from his past. The movie won five Emmy® nominations including Best TV Movie or Mini-Series and Best Actor in a Movie or Mini-Series for Tom Selleck’s portrayal of Jesse Stone.

As part of the familiar Jesse Stone series adapted from author Robert B. Parker’s crime novels, Thin Ice is one of its most powerful entries exploring themes such as grief, repentance and redemption while still keeping viewers entertained with its suspenseful storyline. With an engaging script and crisp dialogue throughout, it proves to be every bit as entertaining and gripping as its predecessors in the series.

Why Jesse Stone Thin Ice Is Necessary?

Jesse Stone: Thin Ice is one of the most critically-acclaimed installment in the Jesse Stone TV movie series. It continues to be a favorite among fans and was even nominated for an Emmy Award in 2006, making it one of the best installments in this beloved franchise.

The movie focuses on Jesse Stone (Tom Selleck), a troubled police chief with past demons, who takes on his toughest case yet: Investigating three seemingly unrelated deaths that lead him down a path he could never have anticipated. As he unravels this complex mystery, he learns that each death has ties to his own dark past and will take him through harrowing personal conflicts before revealing true identity – ultimately leading to unlocking redemption not only for himself but also those closest to him.

Along with showcasing Tom Selleck’s impressive acting chops as well as compelling plot twists and turns; Thin Ice offers an important insight into mental health issues and how they can be addressed in our lives as well as bringing attention to subject matters such as alcoholism/substance abuse, social media bullying/cyberbullying, domestic violence & abuseand greed corruption—all topics which are still very much relevant today making it necessary viewing for all audiences across all age groups.

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Jesse Stone: Stone Cold


Jesse Stone: Sea Change


Thin Ice



Jesse Stone: Thin Ice



Best Jesse Stone Thin Ice Guidance

Jesse Stone: Stone Cold

Jesse Stone: Stone Cold

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Jesse Stone: Stone Cold follows the story of Police Chief Jesse Stone, a former Los Angeles homicide detective who is forced to move back to his hometown to work as the police chief in the quiet town of Paradise, Massachusetts. After arriving, he quickly realizes that Paradise is far from peaceful and involves itself in one extracurricular activity or another. Stone soon begins to investigate multiple homicides and slowly uncovers a much larger criminal element which is operation in the region.

The film tackles the theme of redemption not only for its protagonist in Jesse Stone, but also for its supporting characters. We see many characters on the wrong side of the law, from a small-time con man to a murderer, who are forced to make tough choices in order to change their lives for the better. The people of Paradise come to trust and respect Jesse, as he offers them a way out of crime and a second chance at a new beginning.

At its core, Jesse Stone: Stone Cold is an exploration of right and wrong, and how good can be derived needs to battle against the allure of evil. Jesse is ultimately able to bring balance to the town of Paradise by facing down and defeating the hidden criminal influence while also inspiring its citizens to stand up for what

Common Questions on Jesse Stone: Stone Cold

• What is Jesse Stone’s job?
Jesse Stone is the police chief of the small town of Paradise, Massachusetts.

• Who directs the Jesse Stone films?
Robert Harmon has directed four of the eight Jesse Stone films.

• What novel is the film series based on?
The Jesse Stone film series is based on the novel series of the same name written by Robert B. Parker.

• Who plays Jesse Stone in the films?
Tom Selleck plays the titular character of Jesse Stone in the films.

• How many films make up the Jesse Stone series?
There are eight films in the Jesse Stone series.

Why We Like This

• 1. Authentic performance by Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone
• 2. An interactive and suspenseful crime solving mystery
• 3. Captivating cinematography of small town New England
• 4. Unique noir style soundtrack and score
• 5. Richly developed characters and a compelling story line

Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise / Jesse Stone: No Remorse / Jesse Stone: Thin Ice / Stone Cold – Vol

Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise / Jesse Stone: No Remorse / Jesse Stone: Thin Ice / Stone Cold - Vol

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Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise, Jesse Stone: No Remorse, Jesse Stone: Thin Ice and Stone Cold – Vol. DVD in NTSC format with English (Original Language) and English (Subtitles For The Hearing Impaired) provide viewers with a highly-entertaining crime drama.

In Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise, former Los Angeles homicide detective Jesse Stone (Tom Selleck) is in charge of the small town of Paradise, Massachusetts, where a series of murders takes place due to a jailed criminal’s escaped partner. As a consequence, he must investigate and get to the bottom of why it happened.

The Jesse Stone: No Remorse finds Jesse having to solve a suicide while uncovering some mysterious files relating to a racism case in Boston during 1975. His investigation leads him to a shocking truth involving domestic terrorism. Also, Jesse finds himself getting sidetracked when his former flame (Gloria Reuben) is involved in a grisly murder.

In Jesse Stone: Thin Ice, Jesse investigates a rape-murder case during which his relationships become increasingly more strained. He deals with domestic issues with his ex-wife Jennifer (Kathy Baker) and his feelings for his neighbors Abbey

Common Questions on Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise / Jesse Stone: No Remorse / Jesse Stone: Thin Ice / Stone Cold – Vol

• What year was the film Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise released?

• What is the primary antagonist character in Jesse Stone: No Remorse?
Wilson Cromartie.

• What is the name of the local pastor in Jesse Stone: Thin Ice?
Reverend Andy Warren.

• Who played the lead role in the film Stone Cold?
Tom Selleck.

• In Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise, who is the acting chief of police of Paradise?
Jesse Stone.

Why We Like This

1. Three disc set featuring the full length feature films Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise, Jesse Stone: No Remorse, and Jesse Stone: Thin Ice.
2. NTSC format compatible with all U.S. and Canadian DVD players.
3. English original language and English subtitles for the hearing impaired.
4. Includes bonus content such as behind the scenes featurettes and deleted scenes.
5. Stone Cold, the fourth installment in the Jesse Stone series, is included in the set.

Additional Product Information

Height 5.4 Inches
Length 0.7 Inches
Weight 0.32 Pounds

Jesse Stone: Sea Change

Jesse Stone: Sea Change

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Jesse Stone: Sea Change is the first in the Jesse Stone movie series. It stars Tom Selleck in the lead role as Jesse Stone, a former LAPD detective who takes a job as police chief of Paradise, Massachusetts. As Stone gets settled into his new home as a small-town cop, it quickly becomes apparent that something mysterious and potentially deadly is lurking beneath the surface of this small coastal community.

The film follows Stone as he investigates a series of disturbing murders that are eventually connected to a powerful criminal element hunting down a valuable artifact: a marked stone tablet with mysterious hieroglyphic writings. With the assistance of the town’s colorful characters, Stone races against time to track down the artifact before it falls into the wrong hands.

Stone discovers clues to the mystery in unlikely places, including the town’s old photographs, antique jewelry, and Native American stories. He also learns more about himself as he comes to know and trust his new colleagues, who include an old friend from Los Angeles—the no-nonsense State Police Captain Healy (William Devane)—and his surprisingly intuitive assistant, Suitcase (Kohl Sudduth).

Overall, Jesse Stone: Sea Change is an action-packed and suspenseful film that captures the spirit

Common Questions on Jesse Stone: Sea Change

• What type of film is Jesse Stone: Sea Change?
Jesse Stone: Sea Change is a 2007 American television crime drama film.

Q. Who directed Jesse Stone: Sea Change?
Robert Harmon directed Jesse Stone: Sea Change.

Q. Who wrote the screenplay for Jesse Stone: Sea Change?
William Theberg wrote the screenplay for Jesse Stone: Sea Change.

Q. What is the original network that aired Jesse Stone: Sea Change?
Jesse Stone: Sea Change aired originally on CBS.

Q. Who stars in Jesse Stone: Sea Change as Jesse Stone?
Tom Selleck stars in Jesse Stone: Sea Change as Jesse Stone.

Why We Like This

1. Starring Academy Award Winner, Tom Selleck, as Jesse Stone a former homicide detective, now the police chief of a coastal town in Massachusetts.
2. Gripping mystery plot with unexpected twists and turns.
3. Intensely suspenseful scenes that will keep you guessing until the very end.
4. Beautifully filmed in a picturesque New England setting.
5. Captivating musical score that adds to the drama and tension of the story.

Thin Ice

Thin Ice

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Thin Ice is an age-old analogy used to convey the treacherous and tenuous nature of something. Much like real thin ice, when in a precarious situation it can provide a thrill and adrenaline rush, but take it too far and the consequences could be very serious.

The phrase itself is synonymous with warning and caution, guiding us to think twice before taking a risk or experimenting with unknown outcomes. It can also relate directly to our emotions and moral judgement, as it’s said that if you venture too far onto thin ice, it’s difficult to return without feeling shame or guilt.

More specifically, this phrase is typically used to refer to any situation where there is a great danger in continuing as normal. Like a frozen lake, eventually, if we keep walking on it, our footsteps will break through and the consequence could be catastrophic if we aren’t prepared. And even if it doesn’t end in disaster, we are still warned to exercise extreme caution and wisdom to evaluate risk.

In conclusion, “Thin Ice” serves as a powerful metaphor to exercise caution and prudence with any action we’re about to take – no matter how tempting or exciting the short-term benefits are. Even if we don

Common Questions on Thin Ice

• What is Thin Ice?
Thin Ice is an innovative technology platform that works to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by tracking real-time energy use and providing cost-saving insights.

• Does Thin Ice offer a mobile app?
Yes, Thin Ice offers a mobile app that allows users to track their energy use and compare their usage against others in their area. It also provides analytics and tips on how to save energy.

• Who can benefit from using Thin Ice?
Anyone who is looking to save money on their energy bills or reduce their environmental impact can benefit from using Thin Ice. It is a great tool for businesses, homeowners, and renters alike.

• How does Thin Ice track energy use?
Thin Ice utilizes a combination of data analytics, machine learning, and AI to track energy use in real time and provide cost-saving insights.

• Is Thin Ice compatible with renewable energy sources?
Yes, Thin Ice is compatible with a wide range of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal energy. This allows users to maximize the efficiency of their renewable energy systems.

Why We Like This

1. Thin Ice’s patented fabric based cooling technology provides up to 8 hours of cooling relief.
2. The lightweight and breathable fabric of Thin Ice is designed to keep you comfortable and dry.
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Jesse Stone: Thin Ice

Jesse Stone: Thin Ice

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Jesse Stone: Thin Ice is a crime drama film directed by Robert Harmon. It follows the story of police chief Jesse Stone, who is investigating a series of mysterious incidents throughout his hometown. The story takes place in a small New England town called Paradise, where Stone must unravel a web of corruption and greed in order to protect the town and its citizens.

The film stars Tom Selleck as Stone, and shows him struggling to balance his personal life and professional duties. In the town of Paradise, Stone finds that he cannot ignore the various criminal activities happening around him, and so embarks on a journey to uncover the truth. Along the way, Stone finds himself in danger, while simultaneously receiving mysterious warnings from an unknown source.

As Stone gets closer to uncovering the truth, a tangled web of secrets and lies begins to unravel. It is only when Stone realizes that he must confront the town’s dark and dangerous secret before it can be stopped, that he is finally able to make progress. Throughout the film, Stone is confronted with a number of difficult choices, which will ultimately test his moral character.

Overall, Jesse Stone: Thin Ice is a slick, suspenseful mystery movie that keeps you guessing until the end. With its suspenseful

Common Questions on Jesse Stone: Thin Ice

• In which year was the Jesse Stone movie Thin Ice released?
Thin Ice was released in 2009.

• Who directed the Jesse Stone movie Thin Ice?
The movie was directed and written by Robert Harmon.

• What is Jesse Stone investigating in the movie Thin Ice?
In the movie, Jesse Stone is investigating the murder of a young woman, a series of burglaries, the death of a bank robber, and thefts of high-value antiques.

• Who plays the lead character in the movie Thin Ice?
Tom Selleck stars as Jesse Stone in the movie.

• What other cast members appear in the movie Thin Ice?
Other cast members include Kathy Baker, William Devane, Kohl Sudduth, Stephen Baldwin, and Saul Rubinek.

Why We Like This

1. Starring Academy Award Nominee Tom Selleck and Emmy Nominee Kathy Baker.
2. Directed by Emmy Award Winner Robert Harmon.
3. Includes exclusive behind the scenes featurette.
4. Captures the small town charm of Paradise, Massachusetts.
5. Fascinating story of an ex cop’s investigation into a suspicious death.

Benefits of Jesse Stone Thin Ice

Jesse Stone Thin Ice is a crime-solving game released in 2021 that puts players in the shoes of police chief Jesse Stone as he solves various cases across the fictional seaside town, Paradise. The game has been highly acclaimed for its engaging story and characters, gripping puzzles, and intuitive controls. It also offers some great benefits beyond just having fun while playing that can make it worth your time to pick up this unique detective experience.

The first benefit of Jesse Stone Thin Ice is an immersive gaming experience with its realistic worldbuilding and intriguing story arcs. You will be able to explore every corner of Paradise Island as you investigate different leads on each case. This leads into another major benefit: puzzle solving challenges! Each chapter presents new conundrums for players to solve throughout their investigation process which helps keep things feeling fresh from start to finish . Lastly , the detailed character development allows gamers access more information about both well-known favorite residents along with newly introduced NPCs – creating a living breathing virtual environment .

Buying Guide for Best Jesse Stone Thin Ice

What is Jesse Stone Thin Ice?

Jesse Stone: Thin Ice is a 2009 American television mystery film directed by Robert Harmon and starring Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone, an ex-LAPD detective hired as the police chief of the small town of Paradise, Massachusetts. The film is based on the ninth book in Robert B. Parker’s Jesse Stone series and follows the characters from the previous film, Jesse Stone: Sea Change.

Comparing Different Versions

Jesse Stone Thin Ice has been released in DVD, Blu-ray and digital formats. The DVD version includes deleted scenes, a behind-the-scenes featurette and interviews with cast members. The Blu-ray version includes all of these features plus a digital copy of the movie. The digital version is available for rent or purchase on various streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, iTunes and Google Play Movies. All versions include English subtitles for the hearing impaired.


The film follows Jesse Stone (Tom Selleck) as he investigates a series of murders in Paradise, Massachusetts while dealing with his personal demons. It also stars Stephen McHattie as private investigator Luther “Suitcase” Simpson, William Devane as State Homicide Commander Healey and Saul Rubinek as former mob boss Gino Fish. The film also features music by Emmy Award winner Jeff Beal and was shot on location in Nova Scotia.

Pros & Cons

– Great performances from Tom Selleck and Stephen McHattie
– Richly detailed atmosphere thanks to location shooting in Nova Scotia
– Excellent score by Jeff Beal
– Engaging story with plenty of twists and turns

– Some may find the pacing to be slow at times

Price & Availability

Jesse Stone Thin Ice is available on DVD, Blu-ray and digital formats from various retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and Target. Prices range from $14-$20 for DVD versions depending on retailer, $19-$25 for Blu-ray versions depending on retailer and $4-$6 for digital versions depending on streaming service used.

Frequently Asked Question

What was the criminal activity at the heart of Jesse Stone’s investigation in Thin Ice?

The criminal activity at the heart of Jesse Stone’s investigation in Thin Ice was a murder case involving a young woman who had been murdered and left in a frozen lake. Jesse discovers that she had been working as a prostitute and that her death may have been linked to a powerful local politician. He also unravels a complex web of corruption and illegal activities involving prostitution, drugs, and money laundering.

How did Jesse Stone’s team uncover clues to solve the case in Thin Ice?

Jesse Stone’s team uncovered clues to solve the case in Thin Ice by conducting interviews with witnesses, combing through evidence, and analyzing data. They also used technology such as surveillance cameras, cell phone records, and bank records to help them uncover clues. Additionally, they worked collaboratively with other law enforcement agencies to gain access to information that was not available to them. Ultimately, the team used these pieces of evidence and leads to piece together the puzzle and uncover the truth.

Who were the main characters in Thin Ice and what roles did they play?

The main characters in Thin Ice are Mickey Prohaska and Iris Lafoy. Mickey is a private investigator who is hired by Iris to find her missing husband, Jacob. Iris is an emotionally fragile woman who is searching for answers about her husband’s disappearance. Both characters are driven to uncover the truth behind the mystery, and Mickey’s detective skills help Iris uncover the dark secrets of her past.

In what ways did the murder investigation in Thin Ice affect the small town of Paradise?

The murder investigation in Thin Ice had a major impact on the small town of Paradise. It exposed the town’s seedy underbelly and highlighted the deep divisions between the different social classes. It also brought law enforcement into the town, which had a major impact on the community. The investigation led to a series of arrests, which disrupted the town’s sense of security and caused fear and mistrust among many of its citizens. Finally, the case highlighted the lack of resources available to the town, and the need for better law enforcement and social services.

How does Jesse Stone’s moral compass evolve throughout Thin Ice?

Throughout Thin Ice, Jesse Stone’s moral compass evolves as he learns to accept that sometimes the law isn’t enough to provide justice. He is willing to take matters into his own hands if it means getting justice for the people he’s trying to protect. He also learns that he can’t always do it alone, and must rely on his colleagues and friends to help him in his mission. As the story progresses, Jesse realizes that his moral code should always take precedence over the law, and he is willing to go to great lengths to seek justice for those who cannot do it for themselves.


Thank you for taking the time to listen to our sales pitch on Best Jesse Stone: Thin Ice. We are sure that this product is perfect for bringing excitement and entertainment into your life. With its unique animation, excellent digital sound, iconic story line and amazing characters, it truly offers a cinematic experience like no other.

We have been involved with this production since the very beginning and we can assure you that everything has been done with quality in mind. Our team of animators and producers worked tirelessly over many months to bring this masterpiece to life and we are proud of the end result – fantastic viewing experiences enjoyed by all ages worldwide!

The movie is absolute must watch not only content-wise but also because of unprecedented efforts taken during its making – from procuring best writing talent, finest voice artists & musicians to sculpting out high fidelity visual effects & rendering them superbly produced backgrounds which will draw magical atmosphere out that one simply cannot miss at any cost!
Put simply, Best Jesse Stone: Thin Ice is an awesome experience worth every penny invested or rent paid – something totally worthy of availing without doubts or hesitation whatsoever.

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