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By Mridul Islam

Your credit score, also known as your FICO score, represents your creditworthiness to lenders. The higher your score is, the better chance you have in getting approved for a loan and other financial products. A 604 credit score falls on the lower end of the “fair” range, so it's important to understand what this means for you and how you can take steps to improve it.

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What is considered a good credit score?

Generally speaking, a good credit score is considered anything between 670-739. Credit scores of 740 or higher are typically viewed as excellent by lenders.

How can I improve my 604 credit score?

There are many steps you can take to improve your 604 credit score. Some simple tips include always paying bills on time, managing your debt carefully, and regularly monitoring your credit report for errors or discrepancies. It's also important to maintain low balances on any existing accounts and avoid applying for too much new credit at once.

How long does it take to improve my 604 credit score?

The time needed to improve your 604 credit score will depend on individual factors such as how consistent you are at improving payment practices and eliminating bad debt. It generally takes several months of consistently using positive financial habits before you start seeing improvements in your overall rating.

Is a 604 credit score considered fair?

Yes, a 604 credit score is considered fair but not great when compared to the wider population of consumers with various different ratings. Your best bet would be to work diligently towards improving it over time as this will open up more opportunities for accessing better financial products later down the line.

Improving bad or low scores may seem difficult but there are plenty of strategies available that can help boost those numbers over time if used correctly and consistently executed. Understanding how important it is to have good financial habits makes making these changes easier as they become second nature over time!

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