12 Well Plate Surface Area

By Tusher Ahmed

The 12 well plate is a laboratory workhorse, providing a convenient, easy to use surface area for conducting experiments in biology and biochemistry. With twelve individual wells laid out in an array, the 12 well plate offers an attractive and efficient way to store and process samples. Read on to learn more about this flexible tool!

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8. Greiner CELLSTAR multiwell culture plates 12 wells (TC treated with ...
Greiner CELLSTAR multiwell culture plates 12 wells (TC treated with ...Surface treated for optimal cell attachment and maximum cell ... 12 wells (TC treated with lid), flat bottom, pack of 100 ea sterile, individually wrapped.

What makes the 12 well plate useful?

The 12 well plate is ideal for performing multiple experiments simultaneously while saving space in the lab. Its uniform layout makes it easy to quickly organize samples and analyze results.

What are some common uses for the 12 well plate?

The 12 well plate can be used for a variety of tasks related to cell culture, electrophoresis, chromatography, tissue culture, immunology assays and many more.

How is a 12 well plate constructed?

Most 12 well plates are made from polystyrene or polypropylene and feature an array of twelve separate wells which are used to store or process small samples. They also typically have flat baseplates allowing them to be securely held in place during experimentation.

Are there any alternatives available?

Yes, other types of multi-well plates exist including 24 and 48-well plates. Depending on your experiment requirements these alternative options may provide greater surface area or higher accuracy sample analysis.

How should I store my 12 Well Plate?

To ensure that your 12 Well Plate remains in good condition we recommend that you store it away from direct sunlight exposure with its lid securely closed when not in use.

The 12 well plate provides scientists with a reliable multi-use platform perfect for conducting laboratory experiments efficiently and accurately. By taking steps such as proper storage techniques you can help ensure that these versatile tools remain effective as part of your experimental setup.

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