Which Preposition to Use after Nouns in English Grammar

Last Updated: 1 January 2018

Which Preposition to Use after Nouns in English Grammar? You know Preposition is very important in English writing and speaking. So you need to know the appropriate Proposition after Noun. Bellow we update some example and Noun words. You may be helped by this word. It is very easily technique to use the Preposition in Sentence. Let’s check it and practice frequently.

Which Preposition to Use after Nouns in English Grammar?

১. নিচের Noun গুলির পর Preposition “For” বসে:  Affection, ambition, anxiety, apology, appetite, aptitude, blame, candidate, capacity, compassion, compensation, contempt, craving, desire, esteem, fitness, fondness, guarantee, leisure, liking, match, motive, need, opportunity, partiality, passion, pity, prediction, pretext,  relish, remorse, reputation, surety.

Example: She has great fondness for classical music.

২. নিচের Noun গুলির পর Preposition “With” বসে: Acquaintance, alliance, bargain, comparison, conformity, enmity,
intercourse, intimacy, relations.

৩. নিচের Noun গুলির পর Preposition “of” বসে: Abhorrence, assurance, charge, distrust, doubt, experience, failure,
observance, proof, result, want.

Example: An honest man has on distrust of anyone.

৪. নিচের Noun গুলির পর Preposition “to” বসে: Access, accession, allegiance, alternative, antidote, antipathy, approach,assent, attachment, attention, concession, disgrace, dislike,encouragement, enmity, exception, incentive, indifference, invitation, key, leniency, likeness, limit, menace, obedience, objection, obstruction, opposition, postscript, preface, reference, repugnance, resemblance, sequel, submission, succession, supplement, temptation, traitor.

৫. নিচের Noun গুলির পর Preposition “From” বসে: Destination, cession, deliverance, descent, digression, scope,
exemption, inference, respite.

৬.নিচের Noun গুলির পর Preposition “to” বসে: Abhorrent, acceptable, accessible, accustomed, addicted, adequate,
adjacent, affectionate, agreeable, akin, alien, alive, amenable, analogous, applicable, appropriate, beneficial, callous, common, comparable, condemned, conducive, conformation, congenial, fatal, consecrated, contrary, creditable, deaf, derogatory, detrimental, devoted, disastrous, due, entitled, equal, essential, exposed, faithful, foreign, hostile, indispensable, indulgent, inimical, insensible, inured, irrelevant, favorable, hurtful,immaterial, impervious, indigenous, lost, loyal, material, natural, necessary, obedient, obliged, offensive, opposite, painful, partial, peculiar, pertinent, pledged, preferable, prejudicial, prior, profitable, prone, reduced, related, relevant, repugnant, responsible, restricted sacred, sensitive, serviceable, subject, suitable, suited, supplementary, tantamount.


  • He is accessible to all.
  • His house is adjacent to mine.
  • You not amenable to reason.
  • Milk is preferable to coffee.
  • Prior to the discovery of fire, our ancestors used to eat uncooked food.
  • Prior to the discovery of insulin, it was not possible to treat diabetes.
  • Will this office be adequate to your needs?

This is the very short list of Noun word vocabulary. You must read those word and remember so far. It will help you to fill up right Preposition in the writing or exam.

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