Top Ten Writer in Bangladesh | Best Author All Time

By Hafsa Molla

Top Ten Writer in Bangladesh. We are proud as Bengali because we have many special persons who spread their light in the whole world. From all, those names the poets are a very important part of us. They fulfill our culture. They live in our hearts through their writing. Here you have to see all the writers’ birthday, Deathdays, their famous book lists, and a short biography.

Top Ten Writer in Bangladesh

Bengali literature has a lot of famous writers. Here we made the best top 10 lists according to who have Bangladeshi Nationality only. Besides this list, we have a lot of famous and popular authors in Bangladesh. As per the top ten lists, we tried to make the best writer list as well. See the list below.

Best Author in BD

1. Kazi Nazrul Islam (1989-1976): As we know Kazi Nazrul Islam is our national poet. He is not only a poet, but he is also a musical. He was born in Churulia. His famous works are Agniveena, Sanchita, Sanchayan, Morubhaskar, Rikter Bedan, Byathar Dan, Bandhan Hara, Kuhelika . Not only those he has much more work.

2. Begum Rokeya (1880 –1932): Begum Rokeya is one of the best Bengali writers. She wrote science fiction, novels, poems, essays, short stories, satires, and treatises. She is not only a poet, but she is also a fighter for women’s education.

3. Jasim Uddin (1903-1976): He is known as our Palli Kabi. He was born on 1 January 1903. His most famous works are Suchayani, Nakshi Kanthar Maath, Sojan Badiyar Ghat, Baluchor, Matir Kanna, Novel Boba Kahini, etc.

4. Mir Mosharraf Hossain (1847-1912): Mir Mosharraf Hossain was written several great novels, poetry, Dramas. It was 1847. Among his lots of works important are Ratnawati, Bishad Shindhu, Jamidar Darpan, Bosontokumari Natok, Gorai Bridge or Gouri Setu, Gazi Miar Bostani, etc.

Top Ten Writer in Bangladesh | Best Author All Time

5. Humayun Ahmed (1948-2012): He is the most talented writer in Bangladesh. Himself alive after 100 years in the people’s hearts of Bangladesh through his creation. His most popular works are Nondito Noroke, Shonkhonil Karagar, Srabon Megher Din, Aguner Poroshmoni, Badol Diner Prothom Kodom Phool, Aj Dupure Tomar Nimontran, Himu, Misir Ali, etc.

6. Shamsur Rahman (1929-2006): He is a journalist, poet, and columnist. He was born in Dhaka. His significant works are Khub Beshi Valo Thakte Nei, Roudro Korotite, Matal Hrittik, Na Bastob Na Dushshopno, Shopnera Dukray Othay Barbar, Asho Kokil Asho Shornochapa, Ruper Probale Dogdho Shondha etc.

7. Humayun Azad (1947-2004): He is a Bangladeshi author, writer, scholar. He was born on 28 April 1987. His most popular works are poetry Aloukik Ishtimar, Shob Kichu Noshtoder Odhikare Jabe, Peronor Kichhu Nei, Fiction, Shob Kichu Bhenge Pore, Manush Hishbe Amar Oporadhshomuho, Uponnashshonggroho-Dui, etc.

8. Anisul Hoque (born March 4, 1965): He is a Bangladeshi famous writer.His most popular Poetry, Ami Achhi Amar Anale, Jalrang Padya, Asale Ayur Cheye Baro Shaadh Tar Akash Dekhar, Tomake Na Paoar Kabita. Novels Dhukhpari Shukhpari, Amar Ekta Dukhkho Achhe, Nandini.

9. Muhammed Zafar Iqbal (23 December 1952): He is a multi-talented writer of Bangladesh. His books are Mohakashe Mohatras, Eron, Anish Deb, Ashapurna Devi, etc.

10. Al Mahmud (1936): He is a story writer, novelist, poet. He was born in Morail Village, Brahmanbaria District.His significant works Ekti Pakhi Lej Jhola, Bokhtiyarer Ghora, Prem Prokritir Droho Ar Prarthonar Kobita, Dinjapon, Na Kono Shunnota Mani Na.


Except for them, we have also many more famous writers in our country as Michael Madhusudan Dutt,  Nurul Momen, Farrukh Ahmed, Rashid Karim, Nilima Ibrahim, Taslima Nasrin, Tahmima Anam, Zahir Rayhan, Sufia Kamal, Nirmalendu Goon.

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