Top Ten Chanchal Chowdhury Bangla Natok Right Now

By Teletalk Desk - 25 December 2016

Top Ten Chanchal Chowdhury Natok Right Now. Chanchal Chowdhury is Bangladeshi actor and model. He was started his career in 1996. He was born on 1 June 1974. He is a great actor. He has performed in theater, film, and television. His movie Monpura and Aynabaji are the best movies. In 2016 he gifted his fan lots of great works.

Top 10 natok of Chanchal Chowdhury 2016. Here we will update best Chanchal Chowdhury Bangla natok ever. So it will help you to watch best natok of Chanchal Chowdhury. Bangla natok bright star Chanchal Chowdhury has given lost funny and commedy natok so far. Here we made a list of his best natok 2016.

1. Challur mamar pallu vange: Challur mamar pallu vange was telecasted on Boisakhi Tv in Eid festival.The drama was directed by Fazlur Rahman. The casts of this drama were Chanchal Chowdhury, Shahnaz Khushi, Azizul Hakim, Mehrin Islam. The drama watched in youtube almost more than 11 lacks time in youtube.

2. Kajer Bua: Kajer Bua was telecasted on Boisakhi tv. The drama directed by Ashraful Alam Ripon. Mosharrof Karim, Chanchal Chowdhury, Ahsanul Haque Minu, Lara Lotus starring under a roof in this drama.

3. Markamara: Markamara drama was directed by Niaj Mahbub. The star casts of this drama were Chanchal Chowdhury, Farhana Mili, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Shahnaz Khushi, Masud Rana Mithu, Tarik Shopon, Sahela Akhter. The drama telecasted on GTV.

4. DAI: Dai has been telecasted on NTV. The star casts of this drama were Chatrolakha Guh, Fozlul Rohman babu, Chanchol Chowdhury, Shahnaz Khushi, Nuri Alom Noyan, Rashad Mamun Apu, Zumur, Ani Khan.

5. Iti Mir Jafar : Iti Mir Jafar telecasted on Asian.The star casts of this drama were Chanchal Chowdhury , Salauddin lavlu, Mousumi Hamid, AKM Hasan. The drama was directed by Salauddin Lavlu.

6. Premer Mora: It was telecasted on Eid festival.The main roles played by Chanchal Chowdhury & Shanaz Khushi. The drama directed by Taifur Jahan.
Top Ten Chanchal Chowdhury Natok Right Now

7. Prem Kobi: Prem Kobi is a comedy drama.It was telecasted on RTV.Chanchal and Shahnaz khosi played the lead role in this drama.

8. Mofiz BSC: Mofiz BSC was telecasted on ETV. Chanchal Chowdhury, Shahnaz Khusi, and Brindabon das played lead roles in this drama.

9. Lal Kham Bonam Nil Kham: Lal Kham Bonam Nil Kham was telecasted on Ntv. The main roles played by Chanchal Chowdhury, Agnila.The drama directed by Mohammad Mostafa Kamal. Viewers love this drama so much.

10. Wow Fantasy: Wow Fantasy directed by Masud Sezan. The star casts of this drama were Chanchal Chowdhury, Bhabna, Mishu Sabbir. The drama telecasted on Bangla Vision.The drama achieved good review from viewers.
These are the top dramas of your favorite star Chanchal. Hopefully you like it.

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