Top Ten Beautiful Places in Bangladesh

Last Updated: 10 August 2017

Top ten beautiful places in Bangladesh. As you know Bangladesh is the most beautiful country of this world. It has more popularity for its natural scenic. Many tourists come every year to see the beauty of Bangladesh. We call our country as the beauty queen of the world. Now I want to discuss about the top ten beautiful places of Bangladesh. Top ten Beautiful places in Bangladesh. Best natural tourist location in Bangladesh. Where to tour in Bangladesh. Best neutral place in BD. Top 10 tourist place in Bangla.

Top Ten Beautiful Places in Bangladesh

1. Sundarban Mangrove Forest: Sundarban is the longest mangrove forest in Bangladesh. It is situated between the two countries. These are Bangladesh and India. This place is full of animals, trees and a lot of natural gifts are here.

2. Chittagong Hill Track: Chittagong is famous for hill track. It is best in adventure travel. Many students of botany can visit for their sample. Sangu is the most popular river is besides this city. This is the most beautiful city of Bangladesh.

3. Srimangol: It is situated in Sylhet District. You will find lush green tea garden anywhere you go in Sylhet. There are sell a lot color of tea. For every visitor, it is really interesting. You can visit this heavenly place.

4. Rangamati: This place is really heavenly place. Hill track area main reason to see this place. Kaptai lake is the most popular place. You can see their handicraft market, which is really beautiful.

5. Paharpur: It is situated in Rajsahi District. It holds the most important archeological site in Bangladesh. It is called Sampur Bihar. Pal raja dharmapal made it.

6. St. Martin’s Island: This is a beautiful coral island. You can see the sea beach from your resort. You can stay in any resort with an arrival beach. It gives much pleasure for every couple and other tourists.

7. Gaur: It is located in India-Bangladesh border. It was a ruined city at many years ago. Some of the beautiful mosques are still here. Every year a lot of visitors visit this historical place.

8. Sylhet: It is very close the Meghalaya state of India. It is a stone collecting area, Jaflong, Green water canal, Lalkhal, Tea garden is the most popular place of Sylhet. Jaflong is really a wonderful place. If you do not go, there I suggest you, please visit this place.

9. Barishal Kuakata : Barisal is a fully separate district. Their life is fully based on the river. Floating river markets is a culture of Barisal. Everyone can enjoy this place. Barishal Kuakata sea beach is the only beach in the world where you can see sun set and rise at the same place.

10.Puthia: It is situated in Rajsahi district of Bangladesh. Puthia is a small village.there are a lot of Hindu Tamples in there. Old Hindu ornamented is famous in this place. These are the most popular beautiful places of Bangladesh. you can enjoy to visit these places.

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