Top Ten Bangla Natok by Apurbo 2022 | Best Romantic Natok

By Mridul Islam - 2 March 2022

Ziaul Faruq Apurbo is a Bengali tv actor. He was born on 27 July 1985. He is the son of the artist, Firoza Ahmed. He achieved the title of Mr. Bangladesh in 2002. He started his career with drama Boibahik in 2006. He is not only an actor but also a model. He did a lot of great work in a small time. Today we want to introduce ourselves to the best 10 Natok of your favorite actor Apurbo in 2022.

Top Ten Bangla Natok by Apurbo

Here you have to see the top 10 list of Apurbo Natok 2022 and all time. Top Ten Bangla Natok by Apurbo. Best Romantic Natok of Apurbo. Ziaul Faruq Apurbo best natok 2022. Best romantic natok all time by Apurbo. Bangla Natok by Apurbo in YouTube.

Best Romantic Natok by Apurbo

1. Jodi Mone Pore Jai: Jodi Mone Pore jai drama was directed by Mehedi Hasan Jony. This is one of the favorite dramas for Apurba’s fans. Here two famous drama actors and actresses, Apurbo & Momo starred together. The drama was telecasting on NTV as an Eid special drama.

2. Prem Tomake Ovhinondon: Prem tomake Ovhinondon is one of the best dramas in Apurbo. Especially on youtube almost six lacks people viewed it. The lead actors of this drama were Apurbo & Tanjin Tisha. The drama was telecasting on Channel i. The drama, directed by Shakhawat Manik.

3. Feelings: Feelings were directed by Mahmudur Rahman Hime. The star casts of this drama were Ziaul Faruq Apurbo, Zakia Bari Mamo. Above five lacks audience viewed it in online. This drama was telecasted on NTV.

4. Raja Ranir Khela: Raja Ranir Khela was telecasting on channel 9. We are starring Vhabna and Apurbo in a pair in this drama. The drama, directed by Kaushik Sankar Das. The drama received a great review from viewers.

5. Tom and Jerry: Tom and Jerry is another best drama between Apurbo and Momo. This was a romantic drama. The audience loved this drama so much and the drama got a great review. Almost five lacks viewers watched it online.

6. In Love: In love is a romantic drama. The star casts of the drama were Apurbo, Priyanka, Ishika. Almost four lacks viewers saw it on youtube. It received a good review from the audience.

7. Kothopokothon: Kothopokothon was been telecast at the Eid festival on GTV. Here we were seeing Apurbo, Mithila, Tahsan, Mousumi Hamid as the lead roles. This was a romantic drama. The drama was Written & directed By Mizanur Rahman Aryan.

Top Ten Bangla Natok by Apurbo | Best Romantic Natok

8. X-Factor Game Over: The drama was directed by Nuzhat Alvi Ahmed. The drama telecasted on MASRANGA. The stars of the drama were Apurbo, Momo, Mithila, Eresh Jaker, Mili. Almost 551,817 people watched it online.

9. The Break-Up: The cast of this drama was Ziaul Faruq Apurbo, Marzia Kabir Sonica, Anika Kabir Shokh. The drama was directed by Md Mehedi Hasan Jony. This drama achieved a lot of love from the audience.

10. Gaanwala: In Gaanwala we saw Apurbo & Urmila in a pair. The drama was directed by Shihab Shahin. This is one of the best dramas of Apurbo.


These are the best drama done by Apurbo in 2022. Hopefully, you like it. So we think you will find the best romantic Natok 2022 by Apurbo. If you have any suggestions let us know. We will update it in the list instantly.

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