Orangey Naughty Bubble Lyrics

By Teletalk Desk - 5 June 2020

Orangey Naughty Bubble Lyrics is absolutely the most popular Hindi song sang by Unknown. This song from Fanta – TV Commercial TV Shows. Orangey Naughty Bubble this song type is Unknown. Which release on Unknown. The song video is directed by Unknown. Also the song producer by Unknown. This video song cast by Unknown. Bellow, you have to watch the music videos on YouTube and read this nice song text Orangey Naughty Bubble. The most beautiful Orangey Naughty Bubble Lyrics song..

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Orangey Naughty Bubble Lyrics – Fanta – TV Commercial

Orangey naughty bubble
Orangey naughty bubble
Ahe ye le mera skateboard
Fanta fake meri our
Bhau bhau karta ro bole le re
Par fenta de de
Fanta de de
Fanta de de
Mera bhopu wala wane
Tera fanta ka friend
Dekho orengi test hai
Fanta mera best hai
Jitna chaahe utana peeo
Dil hi bhare naa
Fanta fanta fanta fanta se
Bhare orengey babble
Mast mast mast fanta ke.

Director: Unknown
Composer: Unknown
Language: Hindi
Music By: Unknown
Movie/ TV Show: Fanta – TV Commercial

Orangey Naughty Bubble by Unknown Music video on YouTube

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