NRB Commercial Bank IPO Result 2021, Lottery on 3 March

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NRB Commercial Bank IPO Result 2021, Lottery date & time. NRBC Bank IPO result. NRBC Bank IPO lottery draw date is 3rd March 2021. Applications for the initial public offering (IPO) of NRB Commercial Bank Limited, which has approved to withdraw money from the capital market. IPO application has finished on 09 February 2021. The authority announced NRB Commercial Bank IPO lottery draw will be held on 3rd March 2021.

NRB Commercial Bank IPO Result 2021

After 12 long years, the IPO of NRB Commercial Bank Limited in the banking sector approved by the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC). The approval has given at the 749th meeting of the commission on November 18. NRB Commercial Bank will raise Tk 120 crore through the issuance of 12 crore ordinary shares in the capital market. In this case, the price of each share has fixed at 10 rupees.

The bank will raise money from the capital market to buy government securities, invest in the secondary market and spend on IPOs. According to the audited financial statements of the company for the financial year ended June 30, 2020, the net asset value without revaluation was Tk 13.86. And the average earnings per share (EPS) for the last 5 years has been Taka 1.55.

NRB Commercial Bank IPO Result 2021

NRBC Bank IPO Result

Asian Tiger Capital Partners Investment Limited and AFC Capital Limited are in charge of issue management of the company in the IPO. NRBC Bank Limited (NRBC) is the leading financial organization in South Asia and ranks fourth in the world. The NRBC Bank IPO results were spectacular for the investors who chose to buy shares and were rewarded handsomely with the prospect of huge returns.

It was a case of ‘two for the price of one’ as there was much money to make in the initial years of investment, but then the NRBC IPO performance dropped significantly. However, the NRBC Bank Limited Bangladesh IPO results brought back some optimism for the analysts who had predicted a sharp slowdown in the NRBC Bank IPO result 2021.

The NRBC Bank IPO results were largely dependent on the share price and the overall performance of the company. At the end of the third quarter of the year, the share price of the bank catered to a steep decline, but it recovered rapidly and ended the year strongly.

NRBC IPO  Lottery Result PDF

The low single digits year-on-year increase in the share price was mainly due to the fact that the financial results experienced by the company registered an impressive increase, while the profit margins also rose. This results in a higher gross margin, which is used to determine the value of the share price. DSEBD authority will monitor and publish the IPO lottery result of NRB Commercial Bank Ltd on 3rd March 2021. At

Resident Bangladeshi
Non-Resident Bangladeshi

Affected Small Investors
Stock Exchange/Merchant Banker’s Code

Red Crescent Jashim Trade Centre,114 Motijheel C/A., Dhaka – 1000, Bangladesh
Date: 03 March 2021, Wednesday, 11:30 AM

The NRBC Bank IPO results mark the first time that the Government started regulating stockbroking firms. The IPO results will follow closely by the announcement by the Dhaka Stock Exchange. That it will ban all financial institutions from dealing with any business that is based on financial speculation.

NRBC IPO Prospectus

On the other hand, this means that the Government decided to protect the interests of ordinary people and prevent them from affecting the increasing trend of stock trading and gambling. This move sees as an attempt to curb the increasing wealth gap between the rich and poor. The introduction of the ban has also meant a rise in the number of individuals and institutional investors who are willing to purchase shares of the bank.

The high earnings and the relatively low trading costs have also made NRBC Bank a highly attractive option for investors. The company has managed to keep the price of the stock market consistently low, despite the number of people and brokerage firms that are willing to buy shares at its price.

NRBC Bank IPO Subscription

However, there are also many small investors that have shown interest in purchasing shares of the bank, especially considering the fact that the company’s net worth is relatively large. The result of the IPO has also encouraged other companies to consider issuing their own IPO. This will only mean more investors and more liquidity in the stock market.

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The impressive net proceeds from the IPO have encouraged the company to raise more funds, which it plans to use to expand its business and secure new growth prospects. The successful completion of the IPO will also provide an additional positive for the stock market, due to the fact that the government has exerted significant influence on the outcome.

With the presence of such a large number of high-profile investors, there is a great deal of public pressure on the authorities to take further steps to support the NRBC Bank. The possibility of the bank being nationalized has also been raised, due to the large number of shares that have been offered to the public. The possibility of the bank being taken over by a foreign entity could also result in a large downward move in the share price of the bank.


Although the IPO result in a very successful day for NRBC Bank, the effects on the brokerage firms will most likely be negative. Stock markets across Bangladesh are seeing a huge spike in prices, leading many brokerage firms to raise rates and offer discounts to investors.

If this happens with NRBC Bank, there may be a significant backlash against these firms from the government, resulting in further problems for the struggling bank. The results of the IPO will very positive for NRBC Bank, but the impact of the equity release will depend largely on the brokerage firms.

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