Narayanganj City Corporation Election Live Result 22 December 2016

By Teletalk Desk - 22 December 2016

Narayanganj City Corporation Election Live Result 22 December 2016. Narayanganj City Corporation Election will be held on 22 December between two high voltage candidates DR. Selina Hayat Ivy (Candidate of Awami League) and Shakhawat Hossain (Candidate of BNP). Who will win the Narayanganj City Poll? Both candidates are hopeful about their victory. Who will be the new Mayor of Narayanganj City Corporation? To get live update result of Mayor election of Narayanganj City Corporation, keep your eyes on this page.

BNP central leaders and the candidates Shakhawat Hossain expressed their disappointed about environment during election. The result can be changed by force. We want to Army on duty during election. For that all the voter can give their vote to BNP candidates. If the election will be free and fair then BNP candidate will be won with huge margin than Awami League candidates.

Other hands, Selina Hayat Ivy said, everything is fine. I will win Inshallah. Narayanganj City public know me very how did I work for them in the previous session as Mayor. So I hope they will vote me for the 2nd time as well.

Public Poll of Narayanganj City Corporation Election 2016. Cast your vote to Favorite Candidates

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Election Commission of Bangladesh said, we have taken well preparation about Narayanganj City Corporation Election. Administration on duty are very strictly face the unexpected circumstance. Hope the election will be free and fair.

Narayanganj City Corporation Election 2016 battle will be mainly two Mayor candidates of BNP and Awami League. BNP looks this election for upcoming National election and answer of the illegal actives of current Government. On the Other hands, Awami League central leaders including Prime Minister want to victory for Awami League Candidates. Let see the live result of Narayanganj City Corporation Election. How much vote cast and who got many votes? Selina Hayat Ivy vote amount and Shakhawat Hossain vote quantity.

Narayanganj City Corporation Election Live Result 22 December 2016

There are total 62.33 vote castes.

Narayanganj City Corporation Election Live Result 22 December 2016

Candidates Total Vote Center Result Total Center Win Center
DR. Selina Hayat Ivy 175611 174  174  –
Shakhawat Hossain 96044 174  174

DR. Selina Hayat Ivy has elected as Narayanganj City Mayor.

05:50 PM: Almost 64% vote castes by CEC

05:30 PM : Votes are counting started. Political leaders are waiting outside Narayanganj Town Hall with their countless supporters

Important Note of Narayanganj City Corporation Election 2016:

  • 27 general and nine reserved seat councillors will be elected with mayor.
  • A total 479,392 registered voters – 241,514 males and 237,878 females. The number of voters was 75,000 more than the last NCC polls.
  • There will be 174 polling centres with 1,217 polling stations.
  • A total 163 presiding officers, 1,217 assistant presiding officers and 2,434 polling officers will be on duty.
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