How will be SSC and HSC Exam 2023? Update News

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SSC and HSC exams 2021 will not be evaluated without exams just like the previous year of the HSC exam. This year’s SSC and HSC examinations will be held in the classroom on the depend on a short syllabus. The Education ministry has published a short syllabus already. As like, next year’s SSC and HSC examinations 2022 will also according to the short syllabus.

SSC and HSC Exam 2021 Update News

On the other hand, it has decided that this year’s Junior School Certificate (JSC) examination, if there is a good situation to take the examination in the classroom then it will be assessed through the examination. Otherwise, the JSC result will evaluate on the basis of the assignment.

Education Minister Dipu Moni said today (26 May 2021) at an online press conference on Wednesday on the ongoing holidays and reopening of educational institutions due to coronavirus. She said that there are very few chances of passing the SSC and HSC exams without exams. It should not be given.

How will be SSC and HSC Exam 2021?

The education minister said, according to the short syllabus 60 days of classes for SSC and 84 days of classes will be held for HSC this year. Next year’s SSC and HSC examinations 2022 will also be based on the short syllabus. For this, a short syllabus has been prepared for 150 days for the SSC examination and 180 days for the HSC examination. Apart from this, assignments will be given twice a week for these students from next June.

In response to a question about the JSC examination, the education minister said, “If there is a situation to take the examination, it will take.” Or will evaluation on the basis of assignment. It remains to see whether the assessment can do on the basis of assignments.

How will be SSC and HSC Exam 2021? Update News

It has informed at the press conference that due to the coronavirus infection situation, it has decided to extend the leave of the educational institutions from primary to higher secondary till June 12 and open it from June 13 the next day. If the situation is favorable, the educational institution will open till 13th June. However, the opening of the university depends on the vaccination of students and teachers in the residential halls of the universities.


Will SSC exams be conducted in 2021?
Answer: SSC exam will be held this year according to the short syllabus. For that more then 60 days class will be held.

Are SSC exams Cancelled 2021?
Answer: No, the SSC exam 2021 will not cancel this year. It will take with the short syllabus.

Will Madrasa board exam 2021 be postponed?
Answer: No, the Madrasa Board exam will not cancel this year. It will take with the short syllabus

Are HSC exams Cancelled 2021?
No, the HSC exam 2021 will not cancel this year. It will take with the short syllabus.

University Opning News

The education minister said the school college may reopen earlier. But the opening of the university may a bit dependent on the vaccination. Information on vaccinating students has sought from the University Grants Commission (UGC).

However, it can assume that since the students are below 40 years of age, most of them may not have vaccinated. However, a quick decision will take in consultation with the UGC and the universities on what can be done as an alternative to the university with the vaccine. However, universities will able to take the exam online.

According to the latest announcement, the educational institution was closed till May 29. Now it has increased. The country’s educational institutions have been closed for 14 months due to coronavirus. Due to this, about four crore students from primary to higher education are facing serious problems. Many students are going to the upper class with the deficit as the class examination is closed. How much is learned, is not going to be verified?


A few days ago, a private study found that 19 percent of primary and 25 percent of secondary school students were at risk of learning disabilities due to coronavirus. In such a situation, the educationists are urging a long-term plan to compensate for this loss of education. Many of them have also recommended opening educational institutions in areas where there is little or no infection.

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