How to Recover Facebook Disable / Close Account (Bangla Tutorial)

Facebook has started disable their fake account by their security team. The operation has started on 14 April and it will continue till six months. Facebook Security Team said in a post, “Facebook has taken steps to enhance the effective way to prevent fake accounts. The field will be developed to improve the Facebook community. It will be help of advertisers, Publishers and associates.”

How to Recover Facebook Disable / Close Account (Bangla Tutorial)

To prevent fake accounts, sometimes many genuine Facebook ID is going to disable or delete permanently. Which Facebook ID has no own picture, Mobile number or Email ID, those account has to chance to disable. Already many accounts have disabled. Last few days (From 14 April) many Bangladeshi Facebook users could log in their personal account even their page. During log in, showing ID lock. And giving security question.

How to Recover Facebook Disable / Close Account (Bangla Tutorial)How to Recover Facebook Disable / Close Account (Bangla Tutorial)

If you want to reopen closed or disabled Facebook then you must go to Specific verification process, said Facebook Security Teams.

How to get back your Facebook ID or How to appeal for your disabled account?

See the instruction step by step. If you are a real user then your Facebook account will get back 100%. If you could not understand English properly then see Bangla tutorial as image.

First you must go to (Please log out if other FB accounts are log in on this browser)

Now put your Email or Mobile number of disable account at “Login email address or mobile phone number”

“Your Full Name” write your Facebook Profile name on that box. If there is alternative name please mention that also.

Your ID card scan copy upload at (Your ID) box where your name and picture is clear. (National ID Card, Passport, Driving license are preferable).

If you have more information about your account then write on “Additional Info” box. In that your friends quantity, any page or admin of any group. (Although it is not mandatory but it will help recover your account soon.)

Now click “Send” button. Your appeal process has finished. The result will come within 24 to 72 hours.

There is a hoping words that Facebook does not keep block real ID. It will re cover if all the information you can fill properly. Happy Face-booking.

Writer: Tanjim Al Fahim at

17 April 2017