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By Special Correspondent - 26 February 2022

Hanif Paribahan Counter, Contact number, Online booking office 2022. Hanif Enterprise is the largest Bus service in Bangladesh. Enter a city and over the Bangladesh Bus service Hanif Enterprise which is popular as Hanif Paribahan. Here you have to see the Hanif Paribahan ticket counter location, address, and Contact Number (Mobile Number). Also, you can give an online booking or online ticket buy from www shohoz com.

Hanif Paribahan Counter

However, Hanif Paribahan Dhaka office location and address, Hanif Paribahan Chittagong counter office address and location. Like Khulna Office, Sylhet Office, Barisal office, Dinajpur, and Rajshahi Office address and Mobile Number.

Those who are looking for a comfortable and safe way to travel around the country can opt for the Hanif Paribahan Bangladesh Counter. This bus ticket will ensure that you get to enjoy the city whether you are on your way to or from somewhere.

By the way, the Paribahan bus station has several bus stops around the bus terminal, and it is also possible to get off there to enjoy the sights. This will allow you to take in all the sights as you go, which makes this one of the best places for a quick look at sights before or after taking a bus ticket.

Contact number

Incidentally, All the route information Hanif Paribahan ltd. Where is the Hanif Enterprise ticket counter in Dhaka, Khulna, Chittagong, and most of the vital city offices? Also, the Hanif Paribahan trip schedule when and where to leave. There are also some really beautiful and vibrant places to get to in Bangladesh and some of these are the ones you won’t be able to see anywhere else in the country.

So, some include the capital city of Dhaka, which is only about an hour and forty-five minutes by air from the Paribahan bus station. This is a great distance to get from where you are. You will also be able to travel to the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka, which is also only an hour and forty-five minutes away by air. This is the main point that makes this destination so popular with both local and international tourists.

Dhaka Office Hanif Paribahan Counter

  • Gabtoli Counter, Dhaka. Phone-8011759
  • Technical Counter, Dhaka. Phone-9008475
  • Kallyanpur Counter, Dhaka. Phone-9008498
  • College Gate Counter, Shaymoli, Dhaka-, Phone-8123439
  • Kalabagan Counter, Dhaka. Phone-8119901
  • Malibagh Counter, Dhaka. Phone-8354748
  • Fakirapool Counter, Dhaka. Phone-01713-049557
  • Arambagh Counter, Dhaka. Phone-7102007
  • Shaydabad Counter, Dhaka. Phone-01713-049559
  • Janopath Counter, Dhaka. Phone-7554318
  • Uttara Counter, Dhaka. Phone-01711-974073
  • Nordda Office, Dhaka. Phone-01712-894932

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Chittagong Office Hanif Paribahan Counter

  • Chittagong Office -1: 9/2, BRTC Market, Chittagong. Phone: 638322, 01191706725, 01713107143
  • Chittagong Office -2 :  Bahaddarhat,Chittagong, Phone: 656088,0171310747
  • Chittagong Office -3 : Cinema Palace,Chittagong, Phone: 603430,01713107146
  • Dampara Office : Phone: 01191706726

Hanif Paribahan

Cox’s Bazar Hanif Enterprise Booking Counters

  • Zhautala: 01713-402668
  • Kolatala: 01713-402669

Some more Hanif Enterprise Booking Counters
Rajshahi: 01713-201700

Natore: 01713-201703

Khulna: 01713-049562

Jessore: 01713-049560

Rangpur: 01713-402650

Bogra: 01713-049554

Syleht Office Hanif Paribahan Counter

  • Madina Market, Sylhet. Phone-01711-922415
  • Dargagate Counter, Sylhet. Phone-01711-922419
  • Sobahani Counter, Sylhet. Phone-01711-922421
  • Kadomtoli Bus Stand Counter, Sylhet. Phone-01711-922413
  • Moulavibazar Counter, Moulavibazar. Phone-0861-53141, Mobile-01711-922417
  • Shreemongol Counter, Shreemongol. Phone-01711-922418

Hanif Paribahan Vital Routes :

  • Dhaka-Khulna,
  • Dhaka -Sylhet

Online booking office

Hanif Enterprise (Hanif Paribahan) Route departure location / Stands

Dhaka Syedabad


The whole day every Thirty Minutes upto midnight

Non AC Chair Coach



Please Contact for more details with Phone







The whole day every one hour upto midnight




















One coach afternoon and three coaches at night

Non AC Chair coach



Two coaches in the morning and two coaches at night

Non AC Chair coach

It is possible to travel to other cities in Bangladesh aside from Paribahan like Dhaka, Chittagong, Barisal, Khulna, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Rangpur. You will also be able to take a bus to Chittagong, which is only about twenty-five miles from the bus station of Paribahan.

From there, you will be able to reach the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka. The road and bus network connecting these cities is good and reliable and there are regular trains to and from there as well. With cheap tickets to Hanif Paribahan, you will be able to visit all of them and soak in the beauty and culture of these places.


If any counter changes their office then please let us know by the comment box below. We will update. Also if there is any new counter add then right the address also with mobile number. You can buy ticket online from Hanif Paribahan.

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