Ena Paribahan Bus Counter Phone number, Booking Office

By Mridul Islam - 7 August 2022

Ena Paribahan all Bus counter phone number and contact office address with the location. Here we will update 2022 Ena Paribahan on all route information and Bus schedule (Time table). Ena Paribahan ticket price and online buy from www shohoz com. One needs to buy tickets from their corners, online selling tickets through or their own has not been started. Tickets are sold only one day ago for AC and Non AC Chair coaches. Bellow, you have to see the Ena Paribahan all counters mobile Number and location.

Ena Paribahan Bus Counter

Head Office of Ena Transport Pvt Ltd:
Mohakhali Inter-District Bus Terminal, Dhaka
Mobile: 01869-802737, 01869-802740 (Chittagong)

Ena Paribahan Dhaka to Chittagong to Dhaka

Mohakhali: Mohakhali Bus Stand
Mobile: 01869-802725

Kachukhet Bus Point
Mobile: 01869-802732

Airport: Hotel Monolova
Mobile: 01869-802726

Saydabad: Janapath Mor
Mobile: 01869-802738

Uttara: BGB Market
Mobile: 01869-802728

Gazipur-1: Shib Bari, Gazipur
Mobile: 01941-714714

Gazaipur -2: Gazipur Chourasta, Gazipur
Mobile: 01869-802734

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Mirpur- 11: Mirpur 11/5 (Sahre 11)
Mobile: 01869-802731

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Ena Paribahan Phone number

Mirpur 10: Mirpur 10 no. circle
Mobile: 01878-059201

Kuril Bishw Road: Kuril Bus Point
Mobile: 01869-802733

Middle Badda: Middle Badda Bus Point
Mobile: 01869-802735

Fakirapul: Fakirapul Bus Stand
Mobile: 01869-802736

TT Para: Maniknagar Bishow Road
Mobile: 01869-802737

Narayangonj: Chittagong Road
Mobile: 01869-802739

Chittagong Head Office: BRTC Bus Terminal, Chittagong
Mobile: 01869-802744

Ena Paribahan Bus Counter Phone number and Booking office Address

Chittagong- Alongkar: Opposite of Alongkar Shopping Complex
Mobile: 01869-802741 (Hotel Zaman), 01869-802742 (Opposite of Alongkar Shopping), 01711-346177 (A K Khan More)

Chittagong- Navy Gait: Navy Gait, South Halishahar, Chittagong
Mobile: 01869-802743

Chittagong- Boropul: Boropul Mor Chittagong
Mobile: 01869-802730

Chittagong- Freeport: CEPZ Mor, Bandartila, Chittagong
Mobile: 01869-802749

Chittagong- Dampara: Dampara Bus Stand, Chittagong
Mobile: 01971-900500

Ena Paribahan Booking Office

Chittagong Vatiari: Vatiarai, Sitakunda, Ctg
Mobile: 01869-802745

Sitakunda: Sitakunda Bus Stand
Mobile: 01869-802746

Mirshorai: Mirshorai Bus Stand
Mobile: 01869-802747

Baraiyar Hat: Baraiyar Hat Bus Stand,
Mobile: 01869-802748

Feni: Mohopal Bus Stand, Feni
Mobile: 01195-137981 (Feni – Ctg), 01984-999673 (Feni- Dhaka)

Ena Paribahan Bus Schedule and Departure Time Table

Ena Paribahan Bus Counter Phone number and Booking office Address

Dhaka to Sylhet to Dhaka / Dhaka to Biani Bazar to Dhaka

Mohakhali: Mohakhali Bus Stand
Mobile: 01760-737650 (Non-AC), 01619-737650 (AC)

Kachukhet: Kachukhet Bus Point
Mobile: 01869-802732

Airport: Hotel Monolova
Mobile: 01869-802726

Tongi: Station Road
Mobile: 01760-737653

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Uttara: BGB Market
Mobile: 01760-737651

Gazipur-1: Shib Bari, Gazipur
Mobile: 01941-714714

Gazipur -2: Gazipur Chourasta, Gazipur
Mobile: 01776-191421

Mirpur- 11: Mirpur 11/5 (Sahre 11)
Mobile: 01869-802731

Mirpur 10: Mirpur 10 no. circle
Mobile: 01878-059201

Ena Paribahan Sylhet Office

Sylhet Bus Terminal
Mobile: 01760-079986, 01619-737656 (AC)

Sylhet Mazar: Mazar Gait, Sylhet
Mobile: 01764-543432

Sobani Ghat: Sobani Ghat Bus Point
Mobile: 01680-292430

Goalabazar: Goalabazar Bus Point
Mobile: 01715-465433

Sherpur (Sylhet): Sherpur Bus Stand
Mobile: 01737-151184

Narsingdi: Velanagar, Narshingdi
Mobile: 01916-278526

Biani Bazar: Biani Bazar Bus Point
Mobile: 01199-670666

Borolekha: Borolekha Bus Stand
Mobile: 01815-257132

Juri: Juri Bus Point
Mobile: 01730-858848

Kulaura: 01837-083500

Moulvibazar: 01768-321464

Shreemangal: 01756-915198

Aush Kandi: 01722-215850

SunamGonj: 01776-191418

Shayestagonj: 01747-926743, 01855-919482

Madhapur: Hotel Highway Inn
Mobile: 01961-995013

Counter Address

Ena Paribahan Bus Counter is located at the Ena Paribahan International Airport and is one of the finest counters in Bangladesh, which offers a complete transportation network from one point to another. It has all the facilities that the passengers demand such as AC, power sockets, toiletries, luggage tags, seat belts, and a lot more. The service scheduled is on an advanced timetable so that the passengers can enjoy their journey at the most convenient time.

The bus service from Ena Paribahan to all destinations in Bangladesh is highly efficient and comfortable so that the passengers have lots of pleasant moments while traveling through this route. The destination can choose from so many different cities including the capital cities of all countries such as Dhaka, Pampore, Gazipur, Sylhet, Hobigonj, Moulobibazar, and many more.

Mobile Number

The destinations are also selected based on the climatic conditions and the transport services can also be booked for any time of the day such as off-season or peak season.

The Ena Paribahan Bus counter also offers passengers the services of vehicle rental. Most of the bus stops are located at destinations that are visited by tourists. The vehicles are available at highly competitive rates. The passengers can select any vehicle according to their requirements. They can also avail the services of the driver of the bus.


That is all Ena Paribahan counter and routes information. You can collect your respective Bus counter mobile number and can book the seats. Ena Paribahan Dhaka to Sylhet, Ena Paribahan Dhaka to Feni, Ena Paribahan Dhaka to Chittagong, Ena Paribahan Dhaka to other districts.

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