Dhaka University Admit Card, Seat Plan, Result 2017-18 | www du ac bd

Dhaka University Honours admission Admit Card, Seat Plan and Result Download 2017-18. DU official site www.admission.eis.du.ac.bd. Dhaka University Admission Seat plan, Result 2017-18. DU ka unit, Kha unit, Ga unit, Gha Unit Seat plan download. DU result 2017. DU Honors Online apply session 2017-18. Dhaka University Online apply. How to apply Dhaka university all unit 2017? DU A unit, DU B unit, DU C unit, DU D unit online apply and prospectus download.

Here you have to see DU A unit admission notice, B Unit, C unit, D unit notice. As well as Online application system of Dhaka University all unit. We will also update unit wise admit card and seat plan download of Dhaka University admission test 2017-18.

**** KA Unit Result has been published. Log in or Send a SMS To get Result **** Gha Unit Seat Plan also Published

KHA and CHA unit seat plan has been published. Please login to check your seat location or send SMS following the instruction given in your admit card.

Dhaka University admission notice 2017-18 circular not yet publish. Also they do not fix the admission test date and time. We will update here all the information when DU authority will update about it. So stay with us.
Important Date and time:
Online Application Start: 07 August 2017 at 02:00 PM
Deadline of Application: 29 August 2017 at 10:00 PM

Admit Card Download : Ga and Cha unit start from 30 August 2017 and others 12 September 2017
Admission Test Result:

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Dhaka University DU Admission Notice, online apply, Seat plan, Result 2017-18 admission.eis.du.ac.bd

Dhaka University Admission notice 2017-2018. DU Admission notice 2017. DU Ka Unit Online Apply. DU kha Unit Online Apply. DU Ga Unit Online Apply. DU Gha Unit Online Apply. DU Cha Unit Online Apply. DU A B C D E unit online apply admission.eis.du.ac.bd.

Admission Test Date:

Ka Unit: 13 October 2017 (Science)
Kha Unit: 23 September 2017 (Humanities)
Ga Unit: 15 September 2017 (Business Studies  )
Gha Unit: 20 October 2017 (For All)
Cha Unit: 16 September 2017 (General Knowledge) and 22 September 2017 (Fine Arts)

General Notice of Dhaka University admission session 2017-18 undergraduate Honours 1st year of all faculty. Online Application will start at August 2017 and dead line  2017. Admission result will publish after every exam withing one week.

Dhaka University admission test start on 7th August 2017 at 3:00 PM and online application deadline 29 August 05:00 PM. Online application through at www admission.eis.du.ac.bd.

Ka Unit under: Science, Biology, Pharmacy, Earth and Environment Science and Engineering and Technology, Related Institute Science and Agricultural Science.

KA Unit Minimum GPA: Candidates must have GPA 8.00 (Must have GPA 3.50 separately SSC or HSC)

Kha Unit minimum GPA: Unit Minimum GPA: Candidates must have GPA 7.00 (Must have GPA 3.00 separately SSC or HSC)

Ga Unit Minimum GPA: Candidates must have GPA 7.50 (Must have GPA 3.50 separately SSC or HSC).

Gha Unit Minimum GPA: Candidates must have GPA 7.00 (Must have GPA 3.00 separately SSC or HSC). But Science and Business students must follow their departmental GPA.

Cha Unit Minimum GPA: Candidates must have GPA 6.50 (Must have GPA 3.00 separately SSC or HSC).

Dhaka University Admission Notice Circular 2017-18 | www du ac bd
Dhaka University Admission Notice Circular 2017-18 | www du ac bd

Dhaka University Admission Test Seat plan Download admission.eis.du.ac.bd official site at www.du.ac.bd. DU Ka unit seat plan 2017. DU Kha unit seat plan 2017. DU Ga unit seat plan 2017. DU Gha unit seat plan 2017 download admission.eis.du.ac.bd.

Dhaka University Admission Test Result 2017. DU Ka unit result 2017. DU Kha unit result 2017. DU Ga unit result 2017. DU Gha unit result 2017 admission.eis.du.ac.bd.

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Updated: September 15, 2017 — 11:25 AM


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  1. ssc=113601
    D unite of DU

  2. Hsc 101693.
    Ssc 106638
    board Rajshahi

  3. roll no: 723915 du ka unit

  4. can i get my seat plan from here?????

  5. Plz give me set plan.
    SSC 119186
    HSc 113514

  6. Roll:H.S.C-122906>Raj
    Please give me my seat plan

  7. du ka unit
    hsc roll:146106

    dinajpur board

  8. plz snd my seat plan

  9. SSC.ROLL.161479
    Roll No.724969
    Dhaka university
    plz..send my seat plan

  10. dhaka university er ka uniter seat plan kibhabe download korbo

  11. Atika Rahman Samira

    Please send me my A unit seat plan

  12. plz send my seat plan.





    1. Kha Unit seat plan not yet publish.

      1. Please send me my seat plan

    2. পরীক্ষা কেন্দ্র Department of Islamic History and Culture, Arts Building (2nd Floor) Class Room
      রুম নম্বর 3057
      কেন্দ্র ঠিকানা Dhaka University
      ভর্তি পরীক্ষার রোল 803371
      পরীক্ষা ক্রম 528403

  13. SSC.ROLL.139391
    Dhaka university
    plz..send my seat plan

    1. Kha Unit seat plan not yet publish.

  14. SSC.Roll.357942
    Unit.B. DU.
    Please, send my seat plan.

    1. পরীক্ষা কেন্দ্র Department of Statistics (Kazi Motahar Hossain Bhaban)
      রুম নম্বর 402
      কেন্দ্র ঠিকানা Dhaka University
      ভর্তি পরীক্ষার রোল 819047
      পরীক্ষা ক্রম 507978

  15. ka unit er seat plan ki publish hoyeche???

  16. vaia amer
    hsc roll 144264
    ssc roll 123763
    dhaka board
    amer sit kothai porse jana ben please

    1. পরীক্ষা কেন্দ্র Dept. of Mathematics (AFMRM Bhaban)
      রুম নম্বর 405
      কেন্দ্র ঠিকানা A.F. Mujibur Rahman Bhaban, University of Dhaka
      ভর্তি পরীক্ষার রোল 706347
      পরীক্ষা ক্রম 420668

  17. HSC ROLL : 303676

    SSC ROLL : 310318

    KHA unit er seat plan ta ektu janaben plz

  18. SSC 200307
    HSC 524647
    plz kindly tell me where is my seat?

    1. roll:ssc-186968

    2. Azimpur Govt Girls Shcool. Room 3011
      Besides Eaden Mohila College

    3. পরীক্ষা কেন্দ্র Azimpur Govt. Girls School & College
      রুম নম্বর Room No. 311 (2nd Floor)
      কেন্দ্র ঠিকানা Azimpur Govt. Girls School & College, Dhaka
      ভর্তি পরীক্ষার রোল 948464
      পরীক্ষা ক্রম 615811

  19. Amer seat plan aktu janaben pls.
    ssc roll:201765
    hsc roll:603386
    board: jossor
    pls aktu dakun.

    1. Bro Kha unit seat plan not yet publish

    2. amI amr seat plan jante chai.
      hsc: 190192
      board : madrasah

  20. amr roll du..ga 91485 please sit plan den

    1. Need SSC Roll, HSC roll and Board for check seat plan.

  21. Cha unit seat plan jante chai plz help me….. Ssc:174820 Hsc:821707 board:Dinajpur

  22. amer seat plan ki hobe???

    H.s.c= 571658
    S.s.c= 573364

    board =Dhaka

    1. পরীক্ষা কেন্দ্র Science Library, DU
      রুম নম্বর Room No. 3
      কেন্দ্র ঠিকানা Science Library, DU
      ভর্তি পরীক্ষার রোল 928134
      পরীক্ষা ক্রম 629343

  23. How will we apply
    Rabindro University ,Sirajgonj

  24. I want to know my seat plan. When I will get my seat plan.

  25. du admission test 2017 admit card kobe collect kora jabe ?????????

  26. how many seat in cse department???

  27. du ka-4th subject mathematics er poriborte jodi english ans kori tobe kon sub.gula pabo?

  28. DU admission test er admit card ki apply er dui din por dey?

    1. No. DU Authority will announce about admit card download.

    2. apni ki admit card ki paicen ?????

  29. hsc ta jodi english a ‘C’ grade pai tahola ki du ta abedon korta parboo

    1. Hmmm… Parben

  30. plz help,,,,,home economics clg er seat plan er jonno sms korse but kono reply ashce na…….tomorrow exam but ki korbo bujhtese nah……plz help plz plz plz plz plz

  31. Need seat plan for Home economics admission exam of tomorrow.

  32. home economic seat plan er link ta dan

  33. Ame du er garhostu unit er seat plan khoje pacce Na… plz help me.. I am very much worried about it…plz help me… ssc roll: 120356, hsc roll:131909 , board : Dhaka, roll: 907085

    1. You Just login. There is technical problem. You should call the help line. Or send SMS for Seat plan from your mobile. See the SMS instruction on the article

      1. amio pacchi na apni ki peyesen?

  34. Dhaka university r home economics unit er exam er admit card ki online e chara hoyeche?????

    1. admit card kivabe download korbo

  35. ami DU KA unit e chance paici. Amar Admission Roll 627453. Ami gotokal amar Admit card harie feleci. Plz ami kivabe eta abar download korbo ?/????? plz its very important for me

    1. Log in again and download the admit card. If you fail to download then go to the University office as soon as possible

  36. home economics college er admit kbe asbe??

  37. D unit er results janbo ki kore

  38. vai Gha unit er result kokhon publish hobe?

  39. SSC 142218
    HSC 215778
    please give me my seat plan

  40. vaia amar du ar D uniter seat khuje
    pacchi na .plz ektu bolben

    HSC 145011
    SSC 183423
    D unit roll 120581
    Board Dinajpur

  41. hsc 160820
    ssc 166438

    Board Comilla

  42. Please let me know my seat , please help me i very worried,

  43. 160820, board comilla

  44. amr du er d unit er sit plan pacchi na
    hlp me plz

    1. Roll, Education Board please

  45. HSC:551940
    Bord hsc:dhaka
    passing year:2016
    plz quickly know me where is?

    1. Gha unit

    2. Center : Institute of Education & Research (IER)
      Room No: 001
      Center Address : Dhaka University Campus
      Admission Roll: 118752
      Exam Serial : 784478

  46. i want to know where is my seat….?

  47. H.S.C 116499
    S.S.C 126973

  48. plzz amr seat plan ta bolen ektu..
    msg dileo ashtese na..
    plz amr seat plan ta janan?

  49. asa amar seat plan amar mobile take dakta parbo?

  50. ssc 172996
    hsc 167319
    board dhaka

  51. ssc 179086
    hsc 142565

    1. Institute of Education & Research (IER)
      Room No. 107
      Address: Dhaka University Campus
      Admission Roll : 118948
      Exam Serial : 759419

  52. ssc 156205
    hsc 131486
    board Dinajpur

  53. ssc roll 119567
    Hsc roll 119564
    Rajshahi Board plz Deken to.

  54. Amar roll hsc 107689 syl ssc 109601

  55. Kindy amar seat plan ta janan
    Plz amar seat plan ta bolen

  56. admit card a dewa nmbr a msg pataisi.bt kono reply ashtese na.bt why?

    1. Wait or try to log in to see the seat plan

      1. HSC 624636
        SSC 586894
        Commilla Board

        1. Gha Unit Seat plan.. (You should write right Roll of HSC and SSC)
          পরীক্ষা কেন্দ্র Willes Little Flower School and College
          রুম নম্বর 207 (1st Floor)
          কেন্দ্র ঠিকানা 85, Kakrail
          ভর্তি পরীক্ষার রোল 191531
          পরীক্ষা ক্রম 712217

          1. hsc153501
            ssc 433311

      2. Hsc 120556 ssc 133671 Board: rajshahi

  57. Why i can’t see my seat plan in DUs website?

  58. d unit er seat plan ta to pelam na

  59. vai pai nato

  60. gha unit er seat plan ki deya hoyeche ?

  61. du ka unit er roll no. ta admit card chara r kono vabe jana jabe,,cz ami admit card ta hariue felechi r result dekhte partedina

  62. result to dekhte parchina plz help………..

  63. Dear sir, I am not being able to see my admission result. Why is that?

  64. amar ta ki dekte parven…

  65. ahani ke kha uniter result paoya jabe.

  66. vai, hsc ssc er roll bade versityr dewa roll diya ki seat & oi seat er student er details ber kora jabe?
    ajke 1jon e vule dami kisu fele gese xm hall e. parle ektu bolen pls……

    1. vai ans koi pabo…ka unit xm er

  67. SMS format a rool ta admit card er rool naki hsc er rool…. Please help..

  68. Published Seat Plan?

  69. log in korle admit card ase bro….sit koi porce seta to astece na….eto voganti keno??

    1. Send SMS by instruction of Admit Card

      1. Hi vaiya amr akta friend ar seat plan astece na du ar website a o log in korci but tobuo ase nai,akhon ki korbo.?

    2. vai ami B.M skha ta thka GHA unit theka from tolci but seat plan astaca na

  70. vai ami sms korci bt akno amr set plan pailam na.

  71. ata kamon voganti SMS to onekbar dilam exam center kothai naki 10000000 bar SMS kora lagbe

    1. Log in korun. New page open hole refresh korun. Aber log in korun Seat plan paya jaben

  72. Hi vaiya amr seat plan sms a asce na ami ki korbo bolen please …

  73. I want to know where is my seat

  74. ka unit er xm hall er jonno msg disi but astese na..ki korbo vai

  75. Amar seat plan ta ki jante pari????
    Ssc roll -111274
    Hsc roll-414247

      1. ka unit seat plan seat plan seat plan chai .

  76. ka unit r seat plan sms kore asce na r kono way ase ki janar ???

  77. how to check seatplan by sending sms….?

  78. seat kothai pothce ta to paitechi na!

  79. ami ka unit ar seat plan to pacci na dekta….
    sms dila invlaid leka astaca..ki korbo

    1. Log in form a HSC, SSC roll number dia submit korun. Tarpor new page open hole refresh korun. Seat plan payia jaben

  80. How know seat plan?

  81. Sit plan kivabe janbo

  82. vaii hoy na kn??
    seat plan dekte partase na

  83. kA unit er result kivabe janbo

  84. problem loading page……………..

  85. sms er maddome kivabe jante parbo?

  86. ka unit r seat plan dekhte partesi na knoo

    1. Log in koren.. The new page open hole Refresh koren

  87. ka unit er seat plan dischey

  88. ka unit seat plan kobe dive.plz comment any one

    1. 18 oct… theke dea dese to..

  89. ka unit o gha unit er seat plan ki published hoice???hoile kivbe pabo/ kivbe download korbo?????plssss give me information…

    1. DUUNIT NAMEROLL NO and send to 16321…that’s enough

  90. vai seat plan kobe dibe?

  91. Koto tarikh pojonnoto admit card uthano jabe??

  92. ka Unit er edmit card kondin publish hobe?

  93. why not published seat plan Ga unit? if published give me information how to download seat plan

  94. Gha unit er seat plan kokhon dibe?

  95. ami ki 21 October porjontho admit card download dite parbo?

    1. Yes, u can 🙂

    2. ka unit er seat plan ki dewa hoyche. plz janben amy.

        1. via ami sms dici but amr ta to akhono pailam na

    3. hae 9.00 am porjnto

  96. I want to know wher is my seat…?

    1. I want to also know my seat plan,where it is?

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