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Dhaka Train Schedule Bangladesh Railway 2020. New update Dhaka to other districts Train schedule. There are more Mail Express and Intercity Train departure from Dhaka and arrival from other city daily. Bangladesh Railway central station established at Kamlapur in Dhaka. So here you will get all the Dhaka Railway time table with departure time and arrival time. Bellow see the list of Dhaka to other city Train schedule and Train Name.

Dhaka Intercity Train Schedule, Departure time and Arrival Time | Bangladesh Railway

Bangladesh Train departure from Dhaka to Chittagong. Dhaka to Dinajpur. Dhaka to Dewangonj Bazar. Dhaka to Sylhet. Dhaka to Noakhali. Dhaka to Khulna. Dhaka to Tarakandi. Dhaka to Kishorganj. Dhaka to Banga Bondhu setu (East). Dhaka to Lalmonirhat. Dhaka to Rajshahi. Dhaka to Dinajpur. Dhaka to Rangpur. Dhaka to Ishurdi. Dhaka to Mohangonj.

Intercity Train Name which is departure from Dhaka: Subarna Express. Mahanagar Provati. Ekota Express. Tista Express. Parabat Express. Upakul Express. Joyntika Express. Mahanagar Express. Sundarban Express. Agnibina. Egarosindhur Provati. Upaban Express. Turna. Brahmaputra Express. Jamuna Express. Egarosindhur Godhuli. Lalmoni Express. Silkcity Express. Drutajan Express. Padma Express. Chitra Express. Dhumketu Express. Rangpur Express. Kalani Express. Sirajgonj Express. Haore Express. Kishorgonj Express. Sonar Bangla Express. Mohangonj Express. As per Bangladesh new train schedule New update schedule bellow.

Bangladesh Railway Schedule,

Intercity Train schedule Dhaka to other cities over Bangladesh.

Train NoNameOff DayFromDepartureToArrival
702Subarna ExpressFridayDhaka15:00Chittagong20:30
704Mahanagar ProvatiNoDhaka7:45Chittagong15:55
705Ekota ExpressTuesdayDhaka10:00Dinajpur19:45
707Tista ExpressMondayDhaka7:30Dewangonj Bazar12:45
709Parabat ExpressTuesdayDhaka6:35Sylhet13:40
712Upakul ExpressTuesdayDhaka15:20Noakhali21:40
717Joyntika ExpressNoDhaka12:00Sylhet19:45
722Mahanagar ExpressSundayDhaka21:00Chittagong5:00
726Sundarban ExpressWednesdayDhaka6:20Khulna16:20
737Egarosindhur ProvatiWednesdayDhaka7:15Kishorganj11:15
739Upaban ExpressWednesdayDhaka21:50Sylhet5:30
743Bhrammaputra ExpressNoDhaka18:00Dewangonj Bazar0:20
745Jamuna ExpressNoDhaka16:40Banga Bondhu setu (East)0:20
749Egarosindhur GodhuliN0Dhaka18:30Kishorganj22:45
751Lalmoni ExpressFridayDhaka22:10Lalmonirhat8:20
753Silkcity ExpressSundayDhaka14:40Rajshahi21:05
757Drutajan ExpressWednesdayDhaka19:40Dinajpur5:30
759Padma ExpressTuesdayDhaka23:10Rajshahi4:50
764Chitra ExpressMondayDhaka19:00Khulna5:10
769Dhumketu ExpressSaturdayDhaka6:00Rajshahi11:50
771Rangpur ExpressSundayDhaka9:00Rangpur19:00
773Kalani ExpressFridayDhaka16:00Sylhet22:45
776Sirajgonj ExpressSaturdayDhaka17:00Ishurdi0:00
777Haore ExpressWednesdayDhaka23:50Mohangonj6:10
781Kishorgonj ExpressFridayDhaka10:20Kishorgonj14:15
788Sonar Bangla ExpressSaturdayDhaka7:00Chittagong12:40
789Mohangonj ExpressMondayDhaka12:20Mohangonj18:50

Dhaka Mail/Express Train Schedule, Departure time and Arrival Time | Bangladesh Railway

Train NoNameOff DayFromDepartureToArrival
2Chittagong MailNoDhaka22:30Chittagong7:50
4Karnafuli ExpressNoDhaka8:30Chittagong18:30
5Rajshahi ExpressNoDhaka11:20Chapainobabgonj21:45
9Surma MailNoDhaka22:50Sylhet12:20
12Noakhali ExpressNoDhaka20:10Noakhali6:40
36Titas ComuterNoDhaka17:40Akhaura21:20
39Ishakhan ExpressNoDhaka11:35Mymensingh21:45
43Mohuya ComuterNoDhaka8:50Mohangonj14:40
47Dewangonj ComuterNoDhaka5:40Dewangonj Bazar11:45
49Balaka ComuterNoDhaka4:40Jharia Jhanjail10:00
51Jamalpur ComuterNoDhaka15:40Dewanganj22:15
55Vawal ExpressNoDhaka21:20Dewangonj5:45
68Chattala ExpressTuesdayDhaka13:00Chittagong21:00
90Comilla ComuterMondayDhaka13:30Comilla19:00
 Turag-1Turag ExpressFridayDhaka5:10Joydevpur6:25
Turag-3Turag ExpressFridayDhaka17:20Joydevpur18:40
Joydevpur Comuter-1FridayDhaka9:15Joydevpur10:30
Joydevpur Comuter-3FridayDhaka12:40Joydevpur14:00
Narayangonj Comuter-2FridayDhaka5:30Narayangonj6:10
Narayangonj Comuter-4FridayDhaka13:40Narayangonj14:20
Narayangonj Comuter-6FridayDhaka22:20Narayangonj23:05
Tongi Comuter-1FridayDhaka5:25Tongi6:10

Dhaka Mail Express Train name which is departure from Dhaka to other cites
: Chittagong Mail, Karnafuli Express. Rajshahi Express. Surma Mail. Noakhali Express. Titas Comuter. Ishakhan Express. Mohuya Comuter. Dewangonj Comuter. Balaka Comuter. Jamalpur Comuter. Vawal Express. Chattala Express. Comilla Comuter. Turag Express. Turag Express. Joydevpur Comuter-1. Joydevpur Comuter-3. Narayangonj Comuter-2. Narayangonj Comuter-4. Narayangonj Comuter-6. Tongi Comuter-1.

Dhaka to other cites Mail Express: Dhaka to Chittagong. Dhaka to Chapainobabgonj. Dhaka to Sylhet. Dhaka to Noakhali. Dhaka to Akhaura. Dhaka to Mymensingh. Dhaka to Mohangonj. Dhaka to Dewangonj Bazar. Dhaka to haria Jhanjail. Dhaka to Dewanganj. Dhaka to Comilla. Dhaka to Joydevpur. Dhaka to Narayangonj. Dhaka to Tongi.

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