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BDS admission result 2017-18. BDS admission notice 2017-18. Bangladesh Medical College admission notice for MBBS and BDS. This admission notice for the Govt and Non Govt Medical College of Bangladesh. Bellow you have to see the full circular and online application process. As well as money sending SMS system. Medical College admission information will update at www dgh gov bd.

MBBS Admit Card 2017. BDS admit card download 2017. MBBS admission result 2017. BDS admission result. www dghs teletalk com bd. DGHS Directorate General of Health Service. DGHS Teletalk Official site MBBS BDS Admission Notice 2017-18. BUMS/BAMS/BHMS Admission. IHT/MATS Admission Result 2017. BSc in Health Technology. Following department under Health Ministry. All type Admission notice, Online Apply, Admit Card Download and Seat plan. Admission Test Result Check. Heath Ministry Jobs circular and Online Apply in Health and Family Wale-fare Ministry.

How to apply Medical College for MBBS? And what is the minimum GPA to apply in MBBS and BDS? All answer you will get the admission test notice will publish officially 2017. Every year it is minimum GPA 8.00 including HSC and SSC. But this year HSC result competitively bad. So, may the authority can reduce minimum GPA for apply in Medical college.

BDS Admission Result 2017-18, Waiting List | www dghs teletalk com bd

DGHS www dghs teletalk com bd. Currently has IHTS and MATS admission Result on 23 August 2016. Later MBBS / BDS Admission Notice 2017-18. MBBS online Apply www and BDS online apply 2017. Apply instruction. User ID and Pin recover system. Photo upload instruction. Dghs payment status and Admit Card download of Medical college admission 2017-18.

MBBS / BDS Admission Notice 2017-18 | www dghs teletalk com bd

Online Application start: 24 August 2017
Application Deadline : 16 September 2017
Admit Card Issue :
BDS Admission Test : 30 November 2017
MBBS Admission Test: 06 October 2017

Also you have to get the medical college admission test result here as well as. MBBS admission test online apply and admit download. MBBS admission test result 2017. BDS admission test result and admit card download. www dghs teletalk com bd.

Here we will update medical college admission notice 2017-18. Available seats under Govt medical college and Private medical college. BDS total seats Govt Dental college and Private Dental college.

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Updated: November 8, 2017 — 6:05 PM


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  1. waiting list er serial koto pirjonto???

  2. Private medical a admission neyar jonno ki ki ability thaka lage

  3. migration er result ta kothay dekhte pabo?link ta please.. and 2nd migration er jonno apply korar date kobe theke kobe?

  4. Medical result Recheak ar jnno j taka joma nawa holo….kono msg toh aslo na…change na hole o toh akta msg asbe…….

      1. I am in the waiting list.. but how will I know about vacant seats?? & how will any medical college call me for admission??

  5. Dear Sir,, When will the waiting list for MBBS course 2026-17 will publishe?

  6. Mbbs admission test er Recheck er result kokhon published hobe?

    1. U o recheak ar jnno diso….actually ami o disi… but still kono news nai

  7. mbbs er waiting list er jara tader kobe dakbe???

    1. what’s your waiting serial?

  8. vai ami khata kivabe challange korbo ektu bolben ki

  9. result of medical 2016-17

  10. how can i know that the admission of 2016-17 has been published.any clue would be appreciated

  11. when I find my result?

    1. How can I get Mbbs challange result plz tell me

  12. when published MBBD Admission Test 2016-2017 Result, actually time if possible pls. Provide

  13. ajke result koyty dewa hbe??

  14. I am now in tension. Please publish it quickly.

  15. Result ajke kokhon pawa jabe plzzz aktu bolen

  16. ajk koytay result pabo janaben plz

    1. dental ar abadone koto tarikha

  17. when will the result be publisKindly let us know

  18. nline a roll ase 6 digit. but actual roll 7 digit. 6 digit dile other name a results ase. what i can do now.

  19. Is the result published?

  20. What the F!!!
    We need 7 digit input to submit our roll. Why you’ve placed 6 digit here?
    And who you are replying on those comments are Human or, Bot? Sometimes saying published but not updated, sometimes yet not published, sometimes no reply!!!
    Just give us right information or, shutdown the server before full updation. Don’t put us in hesitation. Thank you.

    1. vai apni aktu kom janen…. mbbs result mane jara mbbs course ee 5th year ee porse tader result arr mbbs admission result mane 1st year derr…u hv to understand it…..

  21. Mohammad Anamul Hoque

    Dear sir ,

    kindly update us when will published .


    1. kohon result dibe?

  22. may we know the time for update?

  23. Why the Result server is not found

  24. result pabo kakhon

  25. Kokhon publish hobe result???

  26. Amader roll to 7 digitar akhana j 6 digit chacca

  27. Result kokhn Published dibe?R kotokhn???plz answer mee

  28. aj k jodi result publish hoy tahole ki sondhar age pawa jabe?

  29. bhai koto mark projonto tance keo janen

  30. When the result will publish?

  31. when result will be published ?

  32. my…..roll no is2401952……why i cant sub it

  33. online a roll ase 6 digit. but actual roll 7 digit. 6 digit dile other name a results ase. what i can do now.

    1. Result Database not yet update

      1. When will be it update?

      2. Why don’t you update? Didn’t you get the Results?

  34. Amr roll 7 digit er ami 7th digit type e krte partesina kn?!!..amr rslt kmne pabo

  35. When Will be published MBBS Admission result and where can we got this result ?

  36. mbbs result publish kokhon hobe??? r hoise??

  37. When will be the result published?

  38. MBBS result 2016-2017 when will be published???

      1. কিছু বলেন ভাই

      2. Really or kidding??
        Where the Results?

      3. But,I haven’t get that yet

  39. Amr roll 7digit.. but Webside e 6digit er upor lekha jay nah..amr result kivabe pabo??
    Plz inform me..

    1. Result not yet update. Ota 2015-16 Result show kortase. Wait some time

  40. BDS admission circuler kothai paua jabe?

    1. Publish Hole Akehane e update kora hobe BDS Circular 2016-17

  41. when the result will publish

  42. do u know the exact time of publishing result?

  43. why will it be so late?

  44. has result published yet?

  45. Aj kakhon result deyar possibility ase!!

  46. When will be the result published?

  47. mbbs er admission test result kobe publish hobe???

  48. Aj server off kno…admit card nibo kivabe….

  49. User and pin recover kivabe korbo???

  50. Dokan gulate to boltese ekhono publish hoy ny admit card?
    Tachara mobile e sms o tow ashe ny?

    1. MBBS Admit Card now published

  51. Dear sir i lost my admit user id and password now how can i get it back

  52. bds collage admission circular koi pabo plz kayo janla amak janaben

  53. Dear Sir, I may want to know which is the date and link of BDS online application ? Please inform me. Best Regards.

    1. Not yet update..

      1. When time result will be published?

    2. BDS er circular kobe hobe ?

      1. 15 october bala 12 ta thaka-24 october porjonto.

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