BPL T20 Points Table 2017 | BPL 5 Team Standing

BPL T20 Points Table 2017. Bangladesh Premier League Points Table. Live update Points Table BPL 5. BPL T20 today match result and yesterday match result. BPL T20 team standing. Which team is which position in the Points table right now. According to the match schedule BPL 2017 first opening match will start on 3rd November depending champion Dhaka Dynamites vs Sylhet Sixers. Grand final will be played on 12 December 2017.

More then one month duration will play BPL T20 5th edition. After successful last three season of BPL, this year is going to play BPL season 5. Due to security reason, BPL 2017 all matches will play at only two venues. First opening match will be played at Shere Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Mirpur, Dhaka and Few more matches will play of first round. Then BPL 2017 matches will shift at Zohur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong. There will be 10 matches. Again BPL 2017 shift in Dhaka. Playoff and semi final, and Grand final will be played at Mirpur, Dhaka. You have see the BPL T20 Match Schedule.

As you know BPL T20 2017 will play among seven teams which are Dhaka Dynamites, Comilla Victorians, Chittagong Vikings, Khulna Titans, Sylhet Sixers, Rajshahi Kings and Rangpur Riders. You can Buy BPL T20 Ticket as anyone matches as your wish to watch live on the field.

BPL T20 Points Table 2017 will be added here after every match instantly with match result. The tournament will be double Robbin round. Every team will play each other home and away match. Winner teams will get two points in the BPL Points Table. If there is no result and match abandon then each team will get 1 point. But there is no any point for the loser team in this BPL T20 Points Table 2017. After completed the first round, top four teams of BPL T20 Points Table will qualify for the playoff round. In the board at 3rd and 4th position teams will play eliminator match. Then 1st and 2nd team of BPL Points Table will play first Final qualifying match. Winner team will qualify for the final and loser team will play 2nd qualifying match against eliminator match winner team. On that match winner team will play the grand final team against 1st qualifying winner team on 12th December at Shere Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Dhaka.

BPL T20 Points Table 2017 | BPL 5 Team Standing

BPL T20 Points Table 2017 | BPL 5 Team Standing | Bangladesh Premier League 2017

You can see here live update BPL T20 Points Table 2017. Also today match result and yesterday match result of BPL 5. Daily we will update BPL Points Table after finished the match. Result and team score highlights will be add in this table. Net Run rate also update, as if you will understand that team position right now of BPL T20 2017. According to new schedule BPL 5 will start on 8th November 2017. If you do not see the update Please Refresh the page. More Details Here.

Comilla Victorians129300180.578
Dhaka Dynamites127401151.631
Khulna Titans127401150.075
Rangpur Riders12660012-0.267
Sylhet Sixers1247019-0.429
Rajshahi Kings1248008-1.098
Chittagong Vikings1238017-0.473

BPL T20 Today Match Result 2017 | Yesterday Match Result | Match by Match Result so far

1st Match : Dhaka Dynamites vs Sylhet Sixers. Result: Sylhet won by 9 wickets

2nd Match : Rangpur Riders vs Rajshahi Kings. Result– Rangpur won by 6 wickets.

3rd Match : Comilla Victorians vs Sylhet Sixers. Result- Sylhet Sixers won by 4 wickets.

4th Match : Dhaka Dynamites vs Khulna Titans. Result – Dhaka won by 65 runs.

5th Match : Comilla Victorians vs Chittagong Vikings. Result– Comilla won by 8 wickets.

6th Match : Rajshahi Kings vs Sylhet Sixers. Result- Sylhet won by 33 runs.

7th Match : Rangpur Riders vs Chittagong Vikings. Result- Chittagong won by 11 run.

8th Match : Khulna Titans vs Sylhet Sixers. Result– Khulna won by 6 wickets

9th match : Rangpur Riders vs Rajshahi Kings. Result– Rajshai Kings won by 8 wickets.

10th Match : Dhaka Dynamites vs Sylhet Sixers. Result – Dhaka won by 8 wickets

11th Match : Khulna Titans vs Chittagong Vikings. Result – Khulna won by 18 runs.

12th Match : Rajshahi Kings vs Comilla Victorians. Result – Comilla won by 9 wickets.

13th Match, Dhaka Dynamites vs Khulna Titans. Result–  Dhaka won by 4 wickets

14th Match : Comilla vs Chittagong. Result- Comilla Victorians won by 6 wickets.

15th Match : Khulna Sylhet; No Result.

16th Match : Chittagong vs Dhaka; No Result.

17th Match : Rajshahi Kings vs Sylhet Sixers. Result Rajshahi won by 7 wickets.

18th Match: Khulna Titans vs Chittagong Vikings. Result- Khulna won by 5 wickets.

19th Match : Dhaka Dynamites vs Rajshahi Kings. Result Dhaka won by 68 runs.

20th Match : Rangur Riders vs Comilla Victorians. Result– Comilla won by 14 runs

21th match : Dhaka vs Comilla. Result Comilla Victorians won by 4 wickets.

22 Match : Rangpur Riders vs Sylhet Sixers. Result- Rangpur won by 7 runs.

23rd Match : Khulna Titans vs Rajshahi Sixers. Result – Khulna won by 2 wickets.

24th Match : Rangpur Riders vs Dhaka Dynamites. Result – Rangur Riders won by 3 runs.

25th Match : Khulna Titans vs Rangpur Riders. Result– Khulna won by 9 runs.

26th Match : Chittagong vs Sylhet Sixers. Result– Chittagong Vikings won by 40 runs.

27th Match: Rajshahi Kings vs Comilla Victorians. Result Rajsahi won by 30 runs.

28th Match: Rangur Riders vs Chittagong Vikings. Result– Rangpur won by 4 wickets.

29th Match : Dhaka Dynamites vs Chittagong Vikings. Result Dhaka won by 7 wickets.

30th Match : Rajshahi Kings vs Khulna Titans. Result– Khulna Won by 68 runs.

31th Match : Rangpur Riders vs Sylhet Sixers. Result- Rangpur Riders won by 4 wickets.

32th Match : Comilla Victorians vs Khulna Titans. Comilla Victorians won by 9 wickets.

33th Match:

34th Match:

35th match: Rangpur Riders vs Comilla Victorians. Result- Comilla won by 4 wickets.

36th Match:

37th Match : Chittagong Vikings vs Sylhet Sixers. Result- Sylhet won by 10 wickets.

38th Match : Rangpur Riders vs Khulna Titans. Result-  Rangpur Riders won by 19 runs.

39th Match: Comilla Victorians vs Khulna Titans. Result – Khulna won by 14 runs

40th Match: Chittagong Vikings vs Rajshahi Kings. Result- Chittagong won by 45 runs.

41th Match: Dhaka Dynamites vs Rangpur Riders. Result – Dhaka won by 43 runs.

42th Match: Comilla Victorians vs Sylhet Sixers. Result- Comilla won by 25 runs.

Eliminator : Khulna Titans vs Rangpur Riders. Result

1st Qualifier : Comilla Victorians vs Dhaka Dynamites

2nd qualifier :

Grand final :

Bangladesh Premier League 2017 will live telecast various TV Channel. Channel 9 is the Official broadcasting partner of BPL T20 2017. You have to see the Full TV Channel list of BPL 2017. Which TV Channel will live streaming in your area of all matches. Bellow you have to see the BPL T20 match result of daily match.

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Updated: December 8, 2017 — 3:04 AM


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  1. l love sylhet.ami jani 2017 ar tropy sylhet ni ba.wish you all the best.

  2. na sylhet jitba ar final niba.al the best sylhet….. ………………………………..

  3. We Want Noakhali As Team In The BPLT20

    আমরা নোয়াখালী দল দেখতে চাই।
    Amra Noakhali Team Dekhte Chai
    We Want Noakhali As Team In The Upcoming BPL Will Play Noakhali Team Insha Allah

  4. Mominul Islam Akash

    Obossoi Rajsahi kings champion hobe sobai doa korben.

  5. Good luck Rajshahi

  6. Good luck Rajshahi

  7. I am supporter Chittagong Vikings.

  8. Final match jite jirabo

    we loved Khulna

  9. love you Rajshahi

  10. jitbe dhaka dekbe desh

  11. Sobai doya korben rajshahi king jeno champion hote pare

    1. Chittagong er jonno doya korben……………

  12. Bad luck for Rangpur…




  14. Chittagong vikings 100% final match jitba

  15. We are with Khulna.

  16. Fainal jitbe
    Chittagong vikings

    1. love u
      Chittagong vikings
      all da best

  17. Best of luck khulna titans

  18. Love Rajshahi.Ins saAllah Rajshahi win in final and bring the trophie

    1. I love rajshahi kings all the best

  19. Khulnar jonno sobar kache dua cacci.khulna jeno bpl 2016 champion hote pare…i love khulna…

  20. I love you Rajshahi king… my faverat teem RK souper play of rawond…. But coming to BPL tofi colog the RK campaign Insha Allah…. 01765598974…call me….plz batting for RK…

  21. Mohammad Anisur Rahman

    No one can ! Only Dhaka Dynamite will be the CHAMPION. & Chittagong will be another finalist.

  22. Good luck Rajshahi Kings…..i hope rajshahi will be the champion

  23. Engr. Delowar Hossain

    I love Rajshahi. So I wish Rajshahi would take the cup.


    1. Jeetbe dhaka dakbe desh

  25. Only the kings will rule bpl 4 #rajshahikings

    1. I love Rajshahi

    2. Dhaka Dynamites one of best team.

      1. Rinky I think rajshahi kings nice team But Dhaka Dynamites hot and most Popular team in BPL Season 2016

  26. My Favorite team Khulna Titans’;

    MOB: 01917674855


    2. Thanks

  27. i think Dhaka win the final

  28. I love rajshahi & sabbir vai


  30. Chittagong vikings 100% final match jitba it is my challenge………………….

  31. i think chittagong won bpl 2016

  32. Chittagong will be

  33. Good luck Rajshahi Kings…..i hope rajshahi will be the champion….

  34. Dhaka is real

  35. Chittagong go to semi final?

  36. jetbe Chittagong dekbe desh love Chittagong and gayle in my hert sure champion hobe Chittagong

  37. I love RK & Darren Sammy marvellous captains

  38. I Love the Rajshahi king

  39. Dhaka hobe champion 100% sure
    hobe champion
    dekbe desh

    1. dur boka champion hobeto Chittagong biswas hoi na see you in final

    2. Top batsman Tamim Eqbal so …………………………

  40. RR will be the champion

  41. love u dhaka…

  42. I Love you…..rajshahi…sabbir rahonan is best …

  43. also with khlna,loving kh titan!!

  44. I love rajshahi kings and secondly Dhaka

  45. Khulna, a team of titans. Love with Khulna.

  46. I think,Chittagong Viking will be the champion in this BPL…

    1. I think dhaka vs chitagong .they will be play final match .but champiön hobe DHAKA.

    2. My Love Chittagong vikings.

  47. I Love Chittagong Vikings

  48. If Rajshahi is defeated today Then Rangpur Riders will be qualified for Semi-final


  50. Mohammad Ahsan Shajib

    I Think Comilla Last Match Win In Shaa Allah

    1. chittagong will be champion

  51. md.akram hossain milon


  52. I love khulna Titans.

  53. Extremely well played comilla at last moment.
    But still I’m huge fan of Comilla Victorians.


  55. MD Shahadaut Hossen

    My favorite team Dhaka Dynamites.

  56. Rangpur Rider have more chance if they play well next 2 match….Saju From Parbatipur, Dinajpur.

  57. iam dhaka for nasir hossain

  58. Bayzied hossain masu

    Chittagong is gon

  59. Bayzied hossain masu

    ame comilla er support kore but
    comilla ai acore bab tai onak kharaf lagtece.

  60. RR second round Qualifie

  61. I live in Rangpur division.My home district Nilphamary.I also my favourite bpl team Rangpur Riders.Because my division team & my favourite player Afridi .
    so I hope , RR second position Qualifie.Tomorrow RR win must be. insa-allah
    Tomorrow I believe RR win 100%!!!

      1. I am olways rongpur. best of luck afridi.go and win…….

  62. ami comilla support kori..1 st match gula harleo ekn jittese…inshaallah comillai jitbe

  63. I really proud for Tamim Iqbal. He present a wonderful inning’s in today. Its remarkable that , is there no any response others batsman? Gayle what are you doing and what you told?

  64. Boss tamim iqbal Best of luck
    & Love you

  65. if rangpur last two match lost and rajshahi last match win than rajshahi qualify semifinal

  66. I love Vikings and Tamim Iqbal, he is not only the opener but also the finsher of inningses. 🙂 The boss of BPL. ♥

  67. I love masrafee bin mortoza……

  68. “Chittagong Vikings” BPL er atongko.

    Ajke jitbei,insha allah.

  69. eibar sylhet participate korenai keno ?

  70. dhaka my fabarate teame buacos sangakara my like this

  71. molla abdullah al mehdi

    i love all team team due to sakib, musfiqur,tamim,mash, mahmudullah, nasir. i wish all
    bangladeshii players’ score enough runs and wickets



  74. My first choice khulna,because i am living khulna division. Second choice dhaka, sakib is my best player.জিতবে ঢাকা, দেখবে দেশ।

  75. Only Khulna is real

  76. oh really disappointed for rajshahi.But I will believe that they are passed in laate 4.Best of luck rajshahi kings

      1. 2nd Match : Barisal vs Dhaka; Dhaka Dynamites won by 8 wickets


  78. I love Chittagong and second comilla

    1. where are your home Divition.

    2. i love first of all comilla & secondly vikings

  79. dhaka hobe abarer champion karon the world rank no.1 sakib al hasan dhakar icon player ki bolo sobai

    1. hmmmmtnx

    2. thik boleco vai,

  80. ilove dhaka daynamates for
    nasir hossain &mosaddek

  81. md yousuf ali. I.p.i

    Rajshahi mache todey aj

    1. mohmmad yousuf bhuyain

      here gese


  83. I love Dhaka…

  84. Chittagong is my favorite team.

  85. Dhaka is the champion. … (SO bravo)

  86. I love Khulna Titans

  87. mohmmad yousuf bhuyain

    comilla point 6…… kal barisal jitbe rk harbe tarpor barisal jitbe rr harbe… tarpor ctg jitbe rk harbe tarpor comilla jitbe khulna harbe tarpor comilla jitbe rr harbe so…
    dhaka 1st-18
    ctg 2nd-16
    khulna 3rd-14
    comilla 4th-10
    rk 5th-10
    barisal 6th-10
    rr 7th-10

    last ki hobe janen sobai comilla victorians champion……my heart comilla..
    mane boss mashrafe
    life suppoter
    blv that
    plz sobai dowwa korben

    1. Ekmot apnar sathe.

    2. apnr hesab ta vul

      okk khulna new teem
      but fixt jetbe khulna

      1. mohmmad yousuf bhuyain

        sorry ami r8 okk dowwa korben

        1. vai 1 mot kinto net ran rate hisab ta clear koren please bojteci na

    3. amio boss ke love kri.. bt Aita mirakel hoye gelo.. 4 team er 10 points kre thakbe ta hoyna kkno.. Allah vorosha

    4. THANK YOU.

  88. Dhaka Dynamites will won the BPL

  89. I’m the great fan of Chittagong Vikings.

  90. Dhaka Dynamites
    Dj bravo,

  91. i love chittagong

  92. Love you tamim
    Love you Chittagong viking’s

  93. Rajshahi kings win the BPL turnament and taken the Bpl cup….

  94. Karo vat nai
    Ctg abar win hobe
    **********GOOD LUCK**********

  95. Karo vat nai
    Ctg abar win hobe
    **********GOOD LUCK**********

  96. comilla win by 8 wicket.

  97. Tamim the best.

  98. I love ctg for tamim iqbal khan & gail

  99. Comilla will be champion… I hope….

  100. dhaka jitbay insallah

  101. best of luck sabbir rahaman..
    lets roll rajshahi kings…..

  102. Chittagong will win!!!!!!!!!!
    Chittagong Vikings…

  103. I love chittagong for tamim.

    1. taskin mahmud kalam

      same to u

    2. Love you tamim

  104. RAJSHAHI KINGS will be the top two

  105. I Hope, champion to the RAJSHAHI KINGS

    1. 5 namber hobe rajshahi

  106. I think a new team will be champion in 2016 BPL

  107. I think a new team will be chapion in 2016 BPL

  108. Ctg will be the champion

  109. Champion Gayle on every team gone. Tamim, taskin, anamul Fire Chittagong Vikings on champion. Everybody singing Vikings champion tamim champion taskin champion anamul champion Gayle champion Nabi champion Malik champion every player Vikings champion champion champion champion BPL T20 champion

  110. Jitbe Dhaka dekbe desh we love Dhaka

    1. Chittagong vikings 100% jitba dakbe world it is my challenge

    1. Parba na.chittagong neba j..

  111. I love khulna Titans

  112. viking
    lost by woin..
    its my team

    1. Dhaka Dynamites will won the BPL 2016 Chittagong Vikings is loser every time.

  113. I love Chittagong viking’s best of luck………

  114. BPL-4:

  115. MD. Mamun Hassan Rony


  116. Chittagong

  117. Vikings is the best!!! No doubt!

  118. No talk Only Rajshahi.

  119. Come On…..!!!!!

  120. Saimunur Rashid Sun

    Congratulations,,, Chittagong Vikings… point table e 2 number

  121. i love tamim.and i am chittagong.my vellage chittagong

  122. Chittagong vikings…always bosss
    boom boom tamim….
    tamin is real boos

  123. I love chittagong for tamim

  124. Wish you all the best Chittagong Vikings…

  125. Tusar mahamud Rakib

    I love khulana.

  126. Malik,Nabi & Gayle
    Dekhbe Aibar Kheil..

    Vikings Are Always Boss…

    1. MR.COW you r not right always

    2. I love dhaka scound barishal

  127. i love rajshahi, ,,so i soported rajshahi king

  128. I love viking. I hope trophy woin viking. Allah belese you. Viking.

  129. Ami to Rangpur Riders … Kono kotha hobena …khaki joy chai

  130. VI kings is the best…

    Uraiya uraiya marore, ghuraiya ghuraiya marore…

  131. VI kings is best

    chatgayya!! uraiya uraiya marore, guraiya guraiya maro re

  132. Dhaka♣^♣^♣_♣_Dhaka♣^♣^♣_♣_

  133. Dhaka…Bcz shakib is there…

  134. I love Chittagong Vikings
    “my favourit team”

  135. bulla pare bulbe bulcha….. rajshahi

    1. Salyut for Rajshahi kings. My favorite team RK. RK will champion.

    1. Jidbe kings dekhbe puro prithibi…….yeya…..huuuuu

  136. Kulnah is the best team…..for bpl

  137. I am warrior of khulna titans

  138. Rangpur ….. Rangpur… Rangpur…. jetbe RR dekbe desh

    1. Yea…. Right

  139. I’m sapoted to rangpur

  140. Rangpur Riders Will Win The Cup !

    1. no no viking champion

  141. mr.mijan.................


  142. chitagong vikings,,,,,,,
    my favourit team,,, tamim,taskin,gail,nabi,,,,my favourit player

  143. Best of luck Mushfiq

    1. Good luck Dhaka
      Want to see bpl trofee in hand of Dhaka Dinamight

  144. Rajshahi king Rony

  145. Best of luck for vikings… specially tamim boss… afgan hero nabi & 6 machine gayle!! luv them lot! 🙂


  147. I am rajshahi king

  148. Always with Barisal bulls.

  149. DHAKA !!!!DHAKA! !!!!!!DHAKA

    1. champion viking 100%

  150. Always Chittagong Vikings

  151. Best of luck Khulna titan

    1. lost of luck khulna

  152. best of rajshahi kings

    1. Right via ami oo

  153. best of luck RANGPUR RIDERS

  154. Md Jahed Talukder Aopu

    I m Always Chittagong Vikings…Best of Luck for Tamim Boss

  155. Best of khulna titans

  156. DD only…..

  157. Chittagong Viking always King. I hope Chittagong Viking will be champion this year 🙂 🙂

  158. Best of luck Khulna Titans.

  159. alwz Chittagong vikings

  160. mohammmad jakaria hossin

    Rangpur R………….

    1. i love Rangpur Riders, because my favorite foreign player is playing that’s team.His name Shahid Afridi. so much i like him

  161. Always vikings

  162. Razaul karim hridoy

    Ami Rangpur Riders ar suppotter

  163. Best of luck Chittagong vikings…

  164. Dhaka Dynamites


    I Am Saportef Rangpur Riders

  166. Dhaka Dynamites


  168. Chittagong Vikings is my favorite team because of my division is Chittagong.

    Masum Rabbany
    MSc In Statistics

    1. Masum. Chittagong University

      Always Vikings

    2. Thanks masum rabbany

  169. Robel Hossain Rumman

    Dhaka Dynamites

  170. I support ctg vikings I like taskin

  171. Always with “Dhaka Dynamites”

  172. chittagong vikings

    1. 2nd choice khulna titans

  173. RK win the champion cup


  175. I’m supporter of Rangpur Riders

  176. Day by day Chittagong Vikings are doing well.Best of luck.

  177. thinks rongpur riders

  178. comilla Victorians win or win…. abr amra harbo insa’Allah

  179. rongpur won this event

  180. I like Dhaka team …beside Citogong ..due to this team is a better from otherwise team . Everybody pray for my cricket team. I mind this year champion Dhaka .

  181. We are Chittagong Vaikings. Inshaallah we will win this BPL 2016.

    1. Thanks tarek aziz

  182. I like Chittagong vi king

    1. chitagong vikings

  183. I like to khulna cricket

  184. rangpur win the champion cup

  185. I am supported my heart khulna titans & coller boss Mahmudullah…

  186. a gain thanks RGR

  187. I think Khulna will be champ.

  188. Bujhlaam to shobi But amgo dhakar obostaa to khara dekhtasi…..

  189. Rangpur Raiders ✌✌

  190. I hope Rangpur Riders will be champion.

    1. It’s impossible.


  191. chittagong vi kings is the great……

  192. I am suported by khulna

  193. Hai ……………………… Comilla victorians

  194. Being a citizen of khulna and fertile land of Bangladesh Cricket Industry I obviously love “Khulna Titan” very much.

    1. I Like Chittagong vi king, you are champion 0171674823

  195. please correction Khulna titans point table. It will be 10…

    1. Thanks for your kind information. Its updated.

  196. Always with Khulna

  197. Thanks for sharing

  198. i am a fan of Mahamudulla.So i support his teem Khulna Titans.I love him so much.I think he is a very good Crickter and good Chaptain.Ok friends good luck for your own teem BPL 2016 by (Shanto Mollik) from Barisal.

  199. I hope RR will be champion in this year…..

  200. Abdul Rehman zakhmi

    I’m support of Rangpur Riders

    Shahid afridi Boom Boom

    Muhammad shahzad

  201. i support barisal bull


  203. WIN OR WIN



  204. রংপুর রাইডার্স ✌✌

  205. BARISAL BULLS ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌

  206. I am rangpur raider

  207. I am supporter to Rangpur Rider’s .I am so happy RR Win….

  208. Dhaka i love you….. my best….. tm

  209. SM Anamul Haque Rony

    I Love “Dhaka Dinamids “

  210. I am supot to RR

    1. please support my coment

  211. I Love Khulna Titans

  212. Love with “Khulna Titans”

    1. I’m Also Rangpur Riders


    i love rongpur riders….. …………….. …

  214. tariqul islam tamim

    Rongpur riders win the match from bpl.
    i am supporte from rongpur riders.

    1. I am also suporter Rongpur Riders

  215. I LoVe Barisal bulls ….

  216. only dhaka…….♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥………

  217. I am supporter of Chittagong Vikings. I am so happy for win .thanks CV for win.

  218. I am RK,,,,,win or lost,,,no changes

  219. I am support Barisal Bulls.

  220. I am support to Barisal bulls

  221. i am support to barishall bulls . i am happy. aim is bb bpl cup. ( MD RASEL)

  222. I am supporting RR,,,,,I hope my fantastic Tem again BPL champion,,,,,, insha-allah

  223. I LoVe Barisal bulls ….

  224. dhaka dynamites

  225. i am the best fan of dhaka all the best dhaka…dynamites sanga….

  226. I am support CV. I am un happy.

  227. I am Supporting Comilla Victorians only for the legend”Mashrafe bin mortaza” our Hero.

  228. I am supported my heart khulna tinans

    1. I am supported only one khulna tinans





  229. I Am Support To Barisal Bulls,(bb)first In Points Table.so,i Am Very Happy {Md Foysal Hossain}

    1. i am rajshahi

  230. I am supporter from barisal buls…..I am so happy…BR win

  231. Chittagong vikings

    1. I am supported by Dhaka Dynamitest.
      I’m very happy. …

  232. I am Chittagong vikings…. and tamim is my best player…so amrai jitbo….

  233. borishalla bolodd…

  234. I am rangpur riders. .

    1. I m also with u

    2. I am only Rangpur Riders. rangpur hobe champion. chittagong will not even play the playoffs

  235. I love Barisal Bulls….

  236. I am supporting comilla Victorians,,,,,I hope my fantastic Tem again BPL champion,,,,,, insha-allah

  237. I am supported of Rajshahi kings

  238. I m..suported dd….so I m. happy

    1. jitbe abar jitbe dhaka….ami dhakar pokke apnarao taken…..

    1. joer lorai……….RR

      1. I m..suported RR….so I m. happy

  239. I am supporter of Barisal Bulls. I am so happy for win .thanks BB for win.

    1. Thanks same to me

  240. I am supported of Rajshahi kings.i am
    so happy for win.so jitba Rajshahi thakba

    1. Chittagong vikings final kelbe??

  241. I am supported of dhaka dianamotes.i am so happy for win.so jitba dhaka thakba desh.

    1. Ame Kumilla biktorian sapord kore.. Ame gane abarar BPL jetba Daka Dainamaids . oka Frans?

  242. I am supporter of Rangpur Riders. I am so happy for win .thanks RR for win.

  243. plz…ami bpl er ticket kinte sohoz.com e dokchi …but kon link e gele ticket pobo ta poite china…plz link ta den???

    1. u can collect ticket from me.

      1. 27 tarikher paoa jabe r price koto amar 2 ta lagbe

    2. Bhuiyan Mohammad Kanchon

      event option e click korte hobe

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