BPL 2017 Schedule | Bangladesh Premier League Match Fixture

By Teletalk Desk - 19 September 2017

Bangladesh Premier League 2017 match schedule. BPL T20 match fixtures, time table season 5. BPL 2017 match schedule has been published yesterday night from BCB and BPL governing council. BPL T20 will start on 3rd November 2017 by Dhaka Dynamites vs Sylhet Sixers at Sylhet. Everyday will be two matches. 1st match will start at 02:30 PM and 2nd match will start at 07:15 PM on the day. Bellow you have to see the details about BPL 2017 schedule, match fixtures and full time table.

As you know BPL T20 is the most popular cricket event in Bangladesh as well as over the world. Most of the countries star cricketer play in this tournament. Bangladesh Cricket Board has arranged successful event from few years. This year BPL 5 will start on 3rd November 2017 as sequence. Opening match will play at Sylhet International Cricket Stadium. There will no any opening ceremony due to crucial flood in North Zone in Bangladesh few months ago.

BPL all matches will be held on three venues. Sylhet will be added besides Dhaka and Chittagong. So this is the first time to play BPL opening match out of Dhaka. Sylhet International Stadium will get chance to arrange eight matches in four days. On the other hands, rest of the 38th match will be Dhaka and Chittagong. BPL Match will return on 10 November in Dhaka and continue till 21 November 2017. There will be sixteen matches in Dhaka and 24 November will start Chittagong apart matches. There will be only 10 matches according to the BPL 2017 schedule (BPL T20 match schedule).
BPL 2017 Schedule | Bangladesh Premier League Match Fixture

You can see the last year BPL Match schedule 2016 here. How the BPL T20 fixture was seen? Everyday match will start at 02:00 PM and evening at 7:00 Pm. But only Friday match will start at 02:30 PM and eveing match will back 15 minutes at 07:15 PM according to the BPL 2017 schedule (BPL T20 match schedule). You can download BPL Schedule 2017 PDF file from bellow link.

Download BPL Match schedule 2017 PDF

BPL 2017 Schedule | Bangladesh Premier League Match Fixture

DateTimeMatchVenueLive Score
4/11/20172:30 PMDhaka Dynamites vs Sylhet SixersSylhetLive Score
4/11/20177:15 PMRangpur Riders vs Rajshahi KingsSylhetLive Score
5/11/20172:00 PMComilla Victorians vs Sylhet SixersSylhetLive Score
5/11/20177:00 PMDhaka Dynamites vs Khulna TitansSylhetLive Score
7/11/20172:00 PMComilla Victorians vs Chittagong VikingsSylhetLive Score
7/11/20177:00 PMRajshahi Kings vs Sylhet SixersSylhetLive Score
8/11/20172:00 PMRangpur Riders vs Chittagong VikingsSylhetLive Score
8/11/20177:00 PMKhulna Titans vs Sylhet SixersSylhetLive Score
11/11/20172:15 PMRangpur Riders vs Rajshahi KingsDhakaLive Score
11/11/20177:15 PMDhaka Dynamites vs Sylhet SixersDhakaLive Score
12/11/20172:00 PMKhulna Titans vs Chittagong VikingsDhakaLive Score
12/11/20177:00 PMComilla Victorians vs Rajshahi KingsDhakaLive Score
14-11-20172:00 PMKhulna Titans vs Dhaka DynamitesDhakaLive Score
14-11-20177:00 PMChittagong Vikings vs Comilla VictoriansDhakaLive Score
15-11-20172:00 PMKhulna Titans vs Sylhet SixersDhakaLive Score
15-11-20177:00 PMChittagong Vikings vs Dhaka DynamitesDhakaLive Score
17-11-20172:15 PMSylhet Sixers vs Rajshahi KingsDhakaLive Score
17-11-20177:15 PMKhulna Titans vs Chittagong VikingsDhakaLive Score
18-11-20172:00 PMDhaka Dynamites vs Rajshahi KingsDhakaLive Score
18-11-20177:00 PMComilla Victorians vs Rangpur RidersDhakaLive Score
20-11-20172:00 PMDhaka Dynamites vs Comilla VictoriansDhakaLive Score
20-11-20177:00 PMRangpur Riders vs Sylhet SixersDhakaLive Score
21-11-20172:00 PMKhulna Titans vs Rajshahi KingsDhakaLive Score
21-11-20177:00 PMDhaka Dynamites  vs Rangpur RidersDhakaLive Score
24-11-20172:15 PMRangpur Riders vs Khulna TitansDhakaLive Score
24-11-20177:15 PMSylhet Sixers vs Chittagong VikingsChittagongLive Score
25-11-20172:00 PMComilla Victorians vs Rajshahi KingsChittagongLive Score
25-11-20177:00 PMRangpur Riders vs Chittagong VikingsChittagongLive Score
27-11-20172:00 PMChittagong Vikings vs Dhaka DynamitesChittagongLive Score
27-11-20177:00 PMKhulna Titans vs Rajshahi KingsChittagongLive Score
28-11-20172:00 PMRangpur Riders vs Sylhet SixersChittagongLive Score
28-11-20177:00 PMComilla Victorians vs Khulna TitansChittagongLive Score
29-11-20172:00 PMRajshahi Kings vs Chittagong VikingsChittagongLive Score
29-11-20177:00 PMComilla Victorians vs Dhaka DynamitesChittagongLive Score
2/12/20172:00 PMRangpur Riders vs Comilla VictoriansDhakaLive Score
2/12/20177:00 PMDhaka Dynamites vs Rajshahi KingsDhakaLive Score
3/12/20172:00 PMSylhet Sixers vs Chittagong VikingsDhakaLive Score
3/12/20177:00 PMRangpur Riders vs Khulna TitansDhakaLive Score
5/12/20172:00 PMKhulna Titans vs Comilla VictoriansDhakaLive Score
6/12/20172:00 PMDhaka Dynamites vs Rangpur RidersDhakaLive Score
6/12/20177:00 PMComilla Victorians vs Sylhet SixersDhakaLive Score
8/12/20172:15 PMEliminator – (3rd Position vs 4th Position)DhakaLive Score
8/12/20177:15 PM1st Qualifier – (1st Position vs 2nd Position)DhakaLive Score
10/12/20177:00 PM2nd Qualifier – Looser of 4 vs Winner of 43DhakaLive Score
12/12/20177:00 PMBPL T20 Final Match 2017DhakaLive Score
13/12/20167:00 PMReserve Day for BPL T30 Final 2017DhakaLive Score

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As you know there are total seven times will play in this BPL T20 2017. According to the BPL 2017 schedule every team will play each other two times as par home and away match. Here we will provide you BPL T20 match time tables and match predictions and live score of every match.

BPL history of previous edition: BPL first season won by Dhaka Dynamites. The Dynamites clinched the second BPL title again in next year. After that BPL third edition new Team Comilla Victorians became champion. (Co-incidentally Mashrafee was the champion captain in this row). Finally BPL 4th edition Dhaka Dynamites again recover their title by Shakib Al Hasan.

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