Best Top Ten Bangla Songs in Bangladesh 2017

By Teletalk Desk - 9 August 2022

Best top ten songs in Bangladesh. Here we made a list for best Bangla romantic songs and sad songs. As well as melodious songs. So you will get a most popular Bangla music video. We made this top ten list according to YouTube viewer. The song is the thing that touches the heart of a person. Some songs are joyful, some are sad.There are numerous numbers of songs released in 2016.Now, we will introduce top ten songs in 2017 of Bangladesh.

Best Top Ten Bangla Songs in Bangladesh 2017

1. Jhoom: Jhoom by Minar Rahman is the most viewed Bangla song of the year 2016.It is from the album “Jhoom” from Gangchill Music. The voice, lyrics, and music of the song are done by Minar Rahman and the music video stars Minar, Mousum and Ashfaq Rana. The video was directed by Tanim Rahman Angshu.

2. Fire Esho Na: The second most viewed of the year 2016 is “Fire Esho Na” by Imran Mahmudul. It’s from the album “Bolte Bolte Cholte Cholte”. The singer and composer of the song Imran Mahmudul and the lyrics came from Snahasish Ghose. The music video directed by Chandan Roy Chowdhury features Imran and Bipasha.

3. Reshmi Churi: Reshmi Churi is just behind “Fire Esho Na” at the third place based on youtube popularity. The music of the song was done by Akash and the lyrics came from Priyo Chattopadhyay. The music video stars Kona herself and was directed by Shibram Sharma.

4. Dil Dil Dil: Dil Dil Dil at the fourth place, we see a song from the cinema industry taking place. The song is “Dil Dil Dil” from the movie ” Boss Giri”, it is sung by Imran and Kona. The music was composed by Shouquat Ali Imon and the lyrics are from Kobir Bokul. The movie stars Shakib Khan, Bubly, Amit Hasan, Mijan and Mijhu Ahmed.

5. Ichchey Manush: Ichchey Manush from Shawan GaanWala is in the fifth place.The music was composed by Amzad Hossain and the lyrics given by the Tushar Hasan. The music video features Sallha Khanam Nadia, Farhan Ahmed Jovan and is directed by Shahriar Polock.

6. Local Bus: Local Bus by Momtaz Begum former MP of Bangladesh Parliament was a massive hit in the year 2016.The offbeat song was sung by Momtaz Begum and Pritom Hasan. The rap portion was sung and written by Shafayat Hossain. Apart from the music was done by Pritom Hasanand Lutfor Hasan and the rest of the lyrics are from Golam Rabbani and Lutfor Hasan.

7. Tui Amar Mon Valo Re: Tui Amar Mon Valo Re from the singer Autumnal Moon. Additionally, the music and the lyrics of the song also done by Autumnal Moon.

8. Tumi Chara: Tumi Chara from Arfin Rumey is another great hit song in the year of 2016.It is from the album “Tomari Name” the song is composed by Arfin Rumey himself and the lyrics came from Faisal Rabbikin.

9. Besamal: Besamal from Asif Akbar and Akhi Alamgir. The song from the album “Project Akhi Alamgir” is written and composed by Shree Pritom and the music video was made by E-music.

10. Mon Najehal: Mon Najehal from the movie “Rana PaglaThe Mental”, the singer of the song are Shaan and Porshi. The lyrics were written by Proshen Jeet. All of those are most famous and popular songs in the year of 2016.

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