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If you are a fan of the Death Stranding franchise then getting your hands on the best Death Stranding Collectors Edition is something that should not be missed. This edition comes with plenty of goodies for fans of the game, including a copy of the game itself, an artbook, a steelbook case and much more. It is also packed with exclusive in-game content such as outfit changes, weapons and accessories that can be used by Sam Bridges as well as other characters. Plus, it comes with an instructional manual and map so players can get to grips with the geography and objectives more easily. With all this included for one price it’s no wonder why this collectors edition has become sought after by many gamers worldwide.

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Best Death Stranding Collectors Edition Guidance

Death Stranding – PlayStation 4 Collector’s Edition

Death Stranding - PlayStation 4 Collector's Edition

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From genius game creator Hideo Kojima comes a completely novel, genre-defying play experience for the PlayStation 4. The Collector’s Edition for Death Stranding includes the full game, a Steelbook case with special artwork, a full-sized BB Pod Statue which is an in-game character-item, a Ludens Keychain, a BRIDGES Cargo Case, and other collectible items.

In Death Stranding, Players take on the role of Sam Bridges, a man charged with embarking on a journey to reconnect a world that has been transformed by the mysterious Death Stranding phenomenon. You must carry the remnants of future societies as you brave the treacherous terrain in search of a new way to survival.

Death Stranding will take gamers on a voyage of exploration and discovery, but also of emotion and introspection. Through its unique style of storytelling, gameplay mechanics, and stunning visuals, Death Stranding presents a fresh and captivating experience that players won’t soon forget. Get the Collector’s Edition today to get the full Death Stranding experience, including the Steelbook case, statue, keyshain, cargo case, and other collectible items.

Common Questions on Death Stranding – PlayStation 4 Collector’s Edition

Why We Like This

• 1. From legendary game creator Hideo Kojima comes an all new, genre defying experience for the PlayStation 4.
• 2. Includes DEATH STRANDING Full Game, Steelbook Case, Full sized BB Pod Statue, Ludens Keychain, and BRIDGES Cargo Case; Console not included.
• 3. Sam Bridges must brave a world utterly transformed by the Death Stranding and carry the disconnected remnants of our future.
• 4. Experience a journey to reconnect the shattered world one step at a time.
• 5. Collectible items add a unique and immersive component to your gaming experience.

Additional Product Information

Height 56 Centimeters
Length 22 Centimeters
Weight 10.2 Pounds

Max Factory Death Stranding: Sam Porter Bridges Deluxe Figma Action Figure, Multicolor

Max Factory Death Stranding: Sam Porter Bridges Deluxe Figma Action Figure, Multicolor

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Common Questions on Max Factory Death Stranding: Sam Porter Bridges Deluxe Figma Action Figure, Multicolor

Why We Like This

• 1. Imported from Max Factory.
• 2. Supervised entirely by Kojima Productions.
• 3. Comes with a variety of accessories.
• 4. DX edition includes extra accessories.
• 5. Based on the internationally popular game.

Additional Product Information

Color Multicolor
Height 6.3 Inches
Length 3 Inches

Metroid Dread – Nintendo Switch

Metroid Dread - Nintendo Switch

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The first new 2D Metroid story in 19 years has arrived on Nintendo Switch with Metroid Dread! Join Samus Aran as she investigates a mysterious transmission from planet ZDR. Uncover the secrets in this exciting adventure as you traverse various environments, each full of hidden worlds and obstacles.

Power up Samus and experience her new abilities like the Spider Magnet as you face off against an unpredictable enemy: the EMMI robots. Encounter these robotic foes as they attempt to thwart your research and uncover the truth, while you battle using your maneuverability and intelligence. Travel through the planet’s winding terrains to seek out new paths and uncover secrets and treasures throughout.

Experience this riveting sci-fi story with intense action and puzzles that take full advantage of 2D exploration. Find upgrades and abilities to bravely confront stronger enemies and conquer the mysteries of planet ZDR. Explore unique areas to find upgrades and experience the power within. Face adversaries more powerful than anything before and experience the thrill of this thrilling adventure in the timeless classic that is Metroid Dread!

Common Questions on Metroid Dread – Nintendo Switch

• How many missiles can Samus launch at one time?
Samus can launch up to five missiles at a time.

• Does Metroid Dread feature multiplayer capabilities?
No, Metroid Dread is a strictly single-player experience.

• What type of gun is Samus using in the game?
Samus primarily uses her powerful arm cannon in Metroid Dread.

• Is there vehicle-based gameplay in Metroid Dread?
Yes, players can explore some areas of the game by riding Samus’ Gravitz Mechanized Vehicle.

• Does Metroid Dread have any unlockables or secret items?
Yes, Metroid Dread has unlockable skills and upgrades, as well as hidden power-ups and weapons.

Why We Like This

• 1. Join Samus Aran in the first new 2D Metroid story in 19 years.
• 2. Explore planet ZDR’s many environments as you investigate a mysterious transmission.
• 3. Experience intense threats from deadly EMMI robots and research machines.
• 4. Feel Samus’ power grow as you gain new maneuvers and abilities like the Spider Magnet.
• 5. Use newfound abilities to return to previous areas and discover new paths and secrets.

Additional Product Information

Height 5.69 Inches
Length 0.39 Inches
Weight 0.110231131 Pounds

Funko Death Stranding – Sam Porter Bridges in Armor Pop! Vinyl Figure

Funko Death Stranding - Sam Porter Bridges in Armor Pop! Vinyl Figure

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Sam Porter Bridges in Armor from the highly acclaimed video game DEATH STRANDING is now brought to life with this incredible Funko POP!. This impressively detailed figure stands 3 ¾ inches tall and features Sam fully armoured up. Showcasing designer Yoji Shinkawa’s unsettling vision, this highly sought after collectable is a fitting tribute to the protagonist’s mission of connecting the fragmented world.

As a special edition Pop, this Sam Porter Bridges in armor vinyl figure comes with movable joints, closely emulating his animation style in-game. The detail to the suit and accessories have been included to make this figurine stand out on shelves or box lids around the globe. Care should be taken when transporting this small piece of pop culture, as it is a true collectible.

The unique design of the DEATH STRANDING x Funko POP! Sam Porter Bridges in armor figure offers an insight into the visually arresting world of Kojima Productions. This hauntingly beautiful Pop! presents fans with an easy display option for the collector’s cabinets and can spark conversations with friends and family members.

Funko’s special edition toys capture the essence of video games and bring them direct to your

Common Questions on Funko Death Stranding – Sam Porter Bridges in Armor Pop! Vinyl Figure

Why We Like This

The Art of Death Stranding

The Art of Death Stranding

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Death Stranding is a highly lauded game that presents an interesting combination of action and adventure, horror, science fiction and fantasy. In a sense, Death Stranding can be seen as an art in itself, requiring players to master a variety of techniques to progress.

One way to view the game is through the lens of “survival mechanics.” Players are presented with a diverse cast of monsters and “Beached Things” along with an array of tools and weapons. This requires strategic use of items like ladders, ropes, and tanks to navigate through hostile environments and confront enemies head-on. The player must explore and exploit the physical landscape to their advantage while threatening adversaries with salvageable resources.

Another aspect of the game is its narrative design. Each area contains multiple stories that aren’t directly connected but work together to create a larger canvas. Through these implied narratives, players are made to feel more attached to a world populated by figments of their own imagination. Adding to the tension are cutscenes and conversations that emphasize the loss of life and forced exile through the award-winning voice acting from Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen.

Death Stranding also pays tribute to Kojima’s past works

Common Questions on The Art of Death Stranding

• What is Death Stranding all about?
Death Stranding is an action game developed by Kojima Productions and directed by the legendary creator, Hideo Kojima. It follows the journey of Sam Porter Bridges as he tries to reconnect the fragmented America by transporting equipment and cargo to different locations.

• What are the main gameplay mechanics in Death Stranding?
Death Stranding features a combination of shooting, stealth, exploration and mission-based gameplay. Players also use a variety of tools to traverse the environment, gather resources and build structures.

• What type of genres are featured in the game?
Death Stranding is a combination of genres, including open-world exploration, survival, stealth and post-apocalyptic themes.

• How many playable characters are there?
Death Stranding features nine playable characters, including the protagonist Sam Porter Bridges and eight representatives from the Fragile Express company.

• What is the BB System?
The BB (Bridge Baby) System is an AI device that is implanted inside the body of Sam Porter Bridges, granting him a connection to the supernatural. This system allows Sam to sense “BBs” or creatures from the other side,

Why We Like This

Additional Product Information

Color White
Height 11.1 Inches
Length 12.25 Inches
Weight 4.35 Pounds

Buying Guide for Best Death Stranding Collectors Edition

Unboxing the Collector’s Edition

The Collector’s Edition of Death Stranding is a great way to show your love for the game. The box includes a copy of the game, a steelbook case, a BRIDGES cargo case, an official soundtrack and an exclusive piece of artwork. The steelbook case contains the game disc and can be used to store future copies of Death Stranding. Inside the cargo case is an exclusive Ludens keychain and an 8-page “Art of Death Stranding” booklet.

What You Get in the Collector’s Edition

The Collector’s Edition comes with all of the following items:

• A copy of the game
• Steelbook Case
• BRIDGES cargo case
• Official soundtrack
• Exclusive artwork
• Ludens keychain
• 8-page “Art of Death Stranding” booklet

Cost & Availability
The Collector’s Edition is available for purchase on Amazon and other major retailers. It typically retails for around $149 USD.

Should You Buy It?
If you are a fan of Death Stranding and want to show your support for the game, then this is definitely worth purchasing. It has all of the essentials you need to enjoy your gaming experience such as a copy of the game, a steelbook case, official soundtrack, and exclusive artwork. The BRIDGES cargo case and Ludens keychain are also great additions that make it stand out from other collector’s editions.


Thank you for taking your time to consider our product, the Best Death Stranding Collector’s Edition. Our unique collector’s edition includes all of the components you need to build a complete custom experience featuring the game. From the collectable coins and artbook, to our specially designed armchair, each component has been carefully curated to give you an unforgettable immersion into Hideo Kojima’s atmospheric video game masterpiece.

We understand that every customer values their hard earned money and we want everyone who buys our product to have no regrets about his or her purchase. That’s why we guarantee with confidence that customers will love what they get from us with this exclusive collector’s edition of Death Stranding . With its unique elements created with care by amazing artists, it offers nothing but class and quality in every aspect.The bundle also features exclusive bonus content such as original artwork pieces and extra coins created by some of best artist in the market which will make your version completely one-of-a-kind!

Finally, not only do we provide an authentic feature rich experience through this special edition but also protect it is kept safe inside luxurious packaging form factor designed specifically for Dead Strandings collectors edition making storage easy at home or office desk space when needed.

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