Abdullah Paribahan Counter Mobile Number, Booking Office

By Siwam Hossain - 26 February 2022

Abdullah Paribahan all ticket counter contact number, Counter master mobile number, ticket booking office location, and place information. Abdullah Paribahan (Bus service) goes only Dhaka to Barisal, Dhaka to Barguna, Barisal to Dhaka, and Dhaka to Patuakhali. Only this root Abdullah Paribahan Bus is running at this moment. There is a lot of ticket counter and booking offices in Dhaka, Barisal, Barguna, and Patuakhali.

Abdullah Paribahan Ticket Counter 2022

Counter Name: Saydabad Counter
Address/Phone: 01700625809, 01912428790, 01928137142, 01714662732, Saydabad, Dhaka

Counter Name: Mohiskata Counter
Address/Phone: 01929056375, 01734423966, Mohiskata, Barguna

Counter Name: Barguna sadar Counter
Address/Phone: 01915844526, 01914424687, Barguna sadar, Barguna

Counter Name: Durakata Counter
Address/Phone: 01929737980, Durakata, Barguna

Counter Name: Amtoli Counter
Address/Phone: 0192509119, 01734423966, Amtoli, Barguna

Mobile Number

Counter Name: Khepupara Counter
Address/Phone: 01925095118, 01739909274, Khepupara, Patuakhali

Counter Name: Patuakhali sadar Counter
Address/Phone: 01929056376, 01734423966, Patuakhali sadar, Patuakhali

Counter Name: Mohipur Counter
Address/Phone: Phone:01925095116, 01734423966, Mohipur, Patuakhali

Counter Name: Kuakata Counter, Kuakata, Patuakhali
Counter Name: Barisal Sadar Counter, Barisal

Abdullah Paribahan Bus Schedule and Ticket Price

Abdullah Paribahan Ticket Counter Mobile Number and Booking Office

Saydabad Counter, Address: Phone: 01700625809, 01912428790, 01928137142, 01714662732, Saydabad, Dhaka.

Barguna sadar Counter, Address: Phone: 01915844526, 01914424687 – Barguna sadar, Barguna.
Durakata Counter, Address: Phone: 01929737980 – Durakata, Barguna.
Amtoli Counter, Address: Phone: 0192509119, 01734423966 – Amtoli, Barguna.
Mohiskata Counter, Address: Phone: 01929056375, 01734423966 – Mohiskata, Barguna.

However, you can go on these cheap tickets to Abdullah Paribahan for quite some time, but the journey will take you through some really scenic places. There are buses going to and from Bulan and Shahid, both with the direction of Shahid Minster. It can take from two hours to 4 hours. There are no refunds available when you buy these tickets. However, if you are planning to travel during the festive season or during the peak seasons, you may get some discounts.

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Booking Office

Barisal Sadar Counter, Address: Barisal Sadar, Barisal
Patuakhali sadar Counter, Address: Phone: 01929056376, 01734423966 – Patuakhali sadar, Patuakhali.
Mohipur Counter, Address: Phone: 01925095116, 01734423966 – Mohipur, Patuakhali.
Khepupara Counter, Address: Phone: 01925095118, 01739909274 – Khepupara, Patuakhali.
Kuakata Counter, Address: Kuakata, Patuakhal

The journey to Abdullah Paribahan will take you through the scenic route, which is known for its natural beauty. You can stop and enjoy some tea gardens and other natural attractions. After visiting all these places, you will get to reach your hotel by taking a taxi or an Abdullah Paribahan bus ticket from any of the many bus stations.

On the other hand, It is possible to book a room in one of the hotels around Abdullah Paribahan so that you do not have to spend too much time traveling to another place. Once you get to your hotel, there will a mini-guide that will help you understand the places, how to get there, and more.


Finally, Abdullah Paribahan bus station is located in Abids. This is a famous destination and you can get the best deals by traveling on the buses. Passengers from all over Bangladesh travel to Abids by going through this station and get the cheapest tickets available. It is possible to get an amazing journey at low prices as this bus station has many other attractions, like a zoo, water park, a restaurant, and shopping malls.

There are also many other destinations to choose from, like Bulan and Shahid. You will get to see all sorts of natural resources, including water, forests, and more.

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