Abdullah Paribahan Ticket Counter Mobile Number and Booking Office

By Siwam Hossain - 15 February 2020

Abdullah Paribahan all ticket counter contact number, Counter master mobile number, ticket booking office location and place information. Abdullah Paribahan (Bus service) goes only Dhaka to Barisal, Dhaka to Barguna, Barisal to Dhaka and Dhaka to Patuakhali. Only this root Abdullah Paribahan Bus is running at this moment. There are a lot of ticket counter and booking offices in Dhaka, Barisal, Barguna, and Patuakhali.

Abdullah Paribahan Ticket Counter Mobile Number and Booking Office

Counter Name: Saydabad Counter
Address/Phone: 01700625809, 01912428790, 01928137142, 01714662732, Saydabad, Dhaka

Counter Name: Mohiskata Counter
Address/Phone: 01929056375, 01734423966, Mohiskata, Barguna

Counter Name: Barguna sadar Counter
Address/Phone: 01915844526, 01914424687, Barguna sadar, Barguna

Counter Name: Durakata Counter
Address/Phone: 01929737980, Durakata, Barguna

Counter Name: Amtoli Counter
Address/Phone: 0192509119, 01734423966, Amtoli, Barguna

Counter Name: Khepupara Counter
Address/Phone: 01925095118, 01739909274, Khepupara, Patuakhali

Counter Name: Patuakhali sadar Counter
Address/Phone: 01929056376, 01734423966, Patuakhali sadar, Patuakhali

Counter Name: Mohipur Counter
Address/Phone: Phone:01925095116, 01734423966, Mohipur, Patuakhali

Counter Name: Kuakata Counter, Kuakata, Patuakhali
Counter Name: Barisal Sadar Counter, Barisal

Abdullah Paribahan Bus Schedule and Ticket Price

Abdullah Paribahan Ticket Counter Mobile Number and Booking Office

Saydabad Counter, Address: Phone: 01700625809, 01912428790, 01928137142, 01714662732, Saydabad, Dhaka.

Barguna sadar Counter, Address: Phone: 01915844526, 01914424687 – Barguna sadar, Barguna.
Durakata Counter, Address: Phone: 01929737980 – Durakata, Barguna.
Amtoli Counter, Address: Phone: 0192509119, 01734423966 – Amtoli, Barguna.
Mohiskata Counter, Address: Phone: 01929056375, 01734423966 – Mohiskata, Barguna.

Barisal Sadar Counter, Address: Barisal Sadar, Barisal
Patuakhali sadar Counter, Address: Phone: 01929056376, 01734423966 – Patuakhali sadar, Patuakhali.
Mohipur Counter, Address: Phone: 01925095116, 01734423966 – Mohipur, Patuakhali.
Khepupara Counter, Address: Phone: 01925095118, 01739909274 – Khepupara, Patuakhali.
Kuakata Counter, Address: Kuakata, Patuakhal

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