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By Mridul Islam

5’ 8” bodybuilders have a unique platform to showcase their talents, due to their combination of physique and height. 5’8” bodybuilders don't have to worry about having too much height for their frame, nor too small a frame for their height. This allows them to strive towards the leanest and meanest physiques possible, often resulting in impressive figures that both inspire and impress.

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Is 5' 8" considered an ideal height for bodybuilding?

Yes, it is considered ideal as it allows a bodybuilder to create the desired shape while still maintaining balance in posture during competitions. This also reduces fatigue due to longer training sessions.

How many calories should a 5' 8" bodybuilder consume?

A 5' 8" bodybuilder should consume around 2200-3500 calories per day depending on the activities involved in training, with the proper macronutrient breakdown (50% carbohydrates, 30% proteins, 20% fats) in order to reach ideal weight goals.

What type of exercises are best for a 5'8" bodybuilder?

Compound exercises such as squats and deadlifts are recommended since they involve multiple muscle groups whilst pushing theroutines harder while increasing muscle mass efficiently. Isolation exercises such as bicep curls and tricep extensions can then be used to target specific muscles that may not be fully covered by compound lifts.

Are there any dietary supplements beneficial for 5'8" bodybuilders?

Yes! Supplements such as creatine, whey protein powder and branch chain amino acids can provide additional energy or nutrients when paired with a well-balanced nutrition plan tailored specifically for each individual's needs.

Does cutting fibres help with weight loss for a 5'8" bodybuilder?

Yes - cutting fibres helps with weight loss for a 5'8" bodybuilder because it helps reduce fat intake while still providing ample amounts of carbohydrates and proteins necessary for muscle growth and maintenance. Unlike traditional diets which focus solely on reducing calorie intake without considering nutrient requirements, cutting fibres ensures that all components necessary for optimal performance are met whilst still achieving desired results safely and sustainably.

Being 5’ 8” provides an ideal platform from which bodybuilders can achieve impressive results by focusing on creating well-balanced diets tailored towards both their individual health goals as well as optimal physical performance when coupled with appropriate exercise selection so that one can reach their full potential!

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