2nd Hand Smoke Weed

By Tusher Ahmed

Second-hand smoke weed, also known as marijuana smoke exposure, is the inhalation of cannabis smoke that has been exhaled from an individual who is smoking. This second-hand exposure to marijuana can be just as harmful as directly inhaling the smoke itself.

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10. Indoor cannabis smoke and children's health - PMC
Mar 16, 2019 ... Secondhand smoke (SHS) is the smoke exhaled by a smoker or smoke from combusted products such as cigarettes and cannabis. Current literature ...

Are there health risks associated with second-hand weed smoke?

Yes. Research has shown that second-hand marijuana smoke contains some of the same components as directly inhaled marijuana, and evidence suggests it may contain higher levels of certain toxins than directly inhaled marijuana due to combustion products. People exposed to second-hand weed smoke may then experience adverse respiratory effects similar to those experienced when smoking directly or suffer other health complications.

Does second-hand weed smoke exposure pose any dangers to children?

Yes. Children are especially vulnerable to the negative impact of second-hand marijuana smoke exposure. Research has shown that long term exposure to second-hand weed smoke may lead to cognitive issues and impaired learning among children and adolescents. Additionally, infants and young children living in a home with regular marijuana use may experience increased risk of upper respiratory infections due to the irritants in second hand weed smoke cigarettes.

Can I be convicted for exposing someone else to my weed smoking?

In some jurisdictions, yes. As an increasing number of states legalize recreational use of cannabis, laws around exposing individuals to marijuana have become more stringent; some states now have laws against public consumption or restrict it when minors are present which could include the act of exposing someone else to your pot smoking behavior. So before you choose to light up, be sure you know what your local law enforcement regulations are on public consumption of cannabis.

In conclusion, it’s important for everyone - especially those around children - to be aware of the potential risks associated with second-hand exposure from weed smoking. If you choose to partake in cannabis consumption, understanding local laws on public consumption and ensuring proper air ventilation will help protect those close by from any dangerous side effects from your actions.

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