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Welcome to National University of Bangladesh. Bellow you have to see the all notice of National University. According to first serial is the most recent notice as well. Every day National University Bangladesh publish many notice regarding education and activities. Like exam routine, exam result notice. Form fill notice, Release slip notice etc. It will be helpful for the students who read in National University and also the College authority. Daily you can check the recent notice, recent news of National University Bangladesh www nu edu bd.

Here you will get National University Degree Notice. Degree Pass course admission notice, Degree 1st year, Degree 2nd year, Degree final year exam routine notice, Form fill up notice, Admission release slip notice, Fee payment notice, Registration Card issue notice, Admit card download notice. Moreover everything about Degree Pass course notice for regular and irregular students. Also the Degree Private students will find their respective notice www nu edu bd/notice.

National University Honours notice. NU Honours 1st year admission notice, Nu 2nd year admission notice, 3rd year, 4th year or final year admission notice. Form Fill up notice of NU honours. National University Result notice for 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd and 4th year as well. Also you can see the recent news of NU honors final exam, Admit card download notice. National University latest news, press release via www nu edu bd.

National University Professional exam notice. LLB, BBA, CSE, BPED, MED, Library science all of professional course notice. Their form fill up, release slip notice. Important application form and others form also able to download from National University Recent notice and news link at www nu edu bd.

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Also you have to find out National University Masters admission notice, Form fill up notice. Masters part 1 notice, Masters final year notice. NU masters exam routine. NU masters exam result notice publish. Masters regular candidates notice for honours course. NU masters for Degree students. Masters private notice, routine and result.

National University Recent Notice | www nu edu bd

National University Recent Notice | www nu edu bd


Bangladesh National University is a parent university of Bangladesh. NU was established by an Act of Parliament as an affiliating University of the Bangladesh to impart graduate and post-graduate level education to the students through its affiliated colleges and professional institutions throughout the country. It is the 2nd largest university in the world according to enrollment. National University head office is in Gazipur.

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Updated: April 20, 2017 — 6:15 pm


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  1. Md Rafique hossen

    final year … reg.2117018 vai result… 2015 ta ektu dekhben…. pass na korte parle 1 year loss…. exam valo hoisilo session 2011-12fail 1 subject…. amar result ta ektu dekha jabe…..

    1. Student’s Name : MD.RAFIQ HOSSEN
      Exam. Roll : 8099234
      Registration No : 2117018
      Session : 2011-12
      CGPA :
      Year GPA : 2.70

  2. Md Amdadul Haque

    Sir, Ami degree 2013-2014 session a 1subject fail, kintu 2014-2015 session a fromifillup korte pari ni, 2015-2016 te from fillup korechi, Akon ki ami final year a from fillup korte parbo, please jananen sir.

    1. Contact to your College. Only your college authority can tell about this.

  3. cc course registaion kobe hobe? plz janaben.

  4. Md Rafique hossen

    final year… reg.2117018 vali result ta ektu dekhben…. pass na korte parle 1 year loss…. exam valo hoisilo session 2011-12 fail 1 subject…. amar result ta ektu dekha jabe…..

    1. We did not get your result. Please contact to the respective college.

  5. Bba(honours) 3rd years resut challenge ar result koba hoba please janaben.

    1. Yes, we will inform when the result will publish

  6. Md monirul islam

    hons 2nd year er result kobe dibe jananen pleas season 2015-2016.

  7. Abdullah Al Mamun

    When will Master’s final(pass course) 2013-2014 private, old syllabus?

  8. 1st year ar Rutine koba deba janaben please

  9. When 4th year result will published?

    1. 4th year result may publish on 14th May

  10. Degree 2nd year 2015-16 fromfill up kobe?

  11. khurshedul islam

    b ed professional 2016 result when publish

  12. আমি degree 1 st year form fill up korini. 9/04/17 exam will be start. how can I fill up form for exam???? please help me

  13. Sir
    MA old syllabus routine when will be published?

    1. mbs oniomito exmer routine hoyeche ki, kobe hobe?

  14. Degree 2nd year form fillup date jante chai.

  15. LLB admission kobe suru hobe…….?

    plz date ta janie din………!!!!!

    1. We will update when announce by NU

  16. Sir BBA 3rd year 6th semester (Exam-2016) result kobe dibe? 7th semester exam running.

  17. honors 1st year er result koba diba

    1. 1st year result will publish soon

      1. Honours 1st year results when published?

  18. sir honours 2nd year special exam er result kobe dibe bolte parben plz.

    1. It has been published few hours ago.

  19. Uzzal howlader Bevor

    Honours 1st year (2015-2016) er result kobe pabo?

  20. when will publish the degree pass course certificate final year exam-2015
    routine… please info me

  21. 1st year routing kobe dibe janaben?plz

  22. 2013-14 masters exam ki addo hova

  23. dgree privet a kokhon new addmisson boltey paren???? janale upokritohobo.

  24. English ar special exam ar result and final year result kobe dite pare.janaben?pls

  25. Masters final private admission kobe suru hobe….!!??.. plz janaben

  26. 2015-16 Degree Routing Kobe Dibe Janaben Plz?

  27. 3st year routing kobe dibe plz janaben.

  28. 2015-16 session Degree routing kobe janaben.

    1. Ahkhane update kora hobe

  29. LLB Result 2015 final kobe dibe janaben please….

    1. It will publish soon. Keep visiting on this site

  30. degree 2013..2014 ar exam ar exam routine kokon debe

  31. degree 2nd year results ki janta parbo

  32. vai onek chesta kore o parchi na result ta den na plz

    deg 2nd year
    reg 13104066361

  33. Will you inform us that,when the routine of masters old syllabus will be published?

  34. profesonal bba 3rd year result kobe hobe janaben please

  35. Masters exam ar routine kobe hobe

  36. 3th year exam rotuin kobe debe

  37. Plz 1st year routing kobe?

    1. No idea. It will update soon

  38. Sir,Honours 3rd year (session 2013-2014) er exam routine kobe prokashito hobe?

  39. sir, masters admissions 2014-15 3rd merit list Dene ki???

  40. aiber amra jara 3yr improve deyea pass korlam amra ki Masters er regular student der songe regular hoite parbo……….? becouse amra 4yr complete korc.

    1. Contact to your respective college for more information

  41. Sir,
    Degree 3rd year exam kobe hobe plz janaben.

    1. You can see here when it will update

  42. 2nd semester exam 2015-16 kkbee theke suru hote pare ……..sir

  43. Masters at from fill-up holo.routin holo,but dakha govt 7 college ar center list dai ne nu. Du syllabus dai ne ,poraine. Tara kevabe amader daitto r under a registration kre,from fill-up kre exam nebe du.ata kmn kotha?r Koto pecea porbo amra?last moment a.

  44. abu bakar siddique

    11-12 season 2nd year english exam emprove (2016)saler porekhar result kobr debe jansben PLZ?????

  45. Mridul bhattacharjee

    Degree 3rd year ar exam rutin kove dewa hobe plz jananen,,,,11—12 season

  46. Honours 1St year result kkon dibe janaben please

  47. Sir,
    I want to know masters final year exam routine for irregular students.
    Please help about that.

  48. sir,degree 2nd year ruselt hoyca…

  49. khalid vai ami ki apnea mobile no ti pete pari?

  50. Masters 2013-2014 at routine published hoyece.but 2012-2013 at poraton syllabus at routine pai ne.amder from full up to aksathey hoyece.

  51. Masters 2012-2013 ar poraton syllabus routine Kobe pabo

  52. sir,degree 1st year exam routine 2017 koba suru hoba

  53. 2015 -2016 shekha vorsho degre1st year are exam khokhon hovia ?

  54. Sir.
    Degree 3rd year exam rutin kobe hoba

  55. Sir,masters 1part aplication kori kintu chance hoy nay.pore realease slip a aplication korte bole ami kabi nazrul collage a philosopy subject a chance pai.kintu vorti hoy ni time over.akhon ki vorti hoya jabe. R 2nd merite ki dibe.pls bolben

    1. Please contact to the respective college immediately

  56. Sir,master preli 1part 2nd realease slip ki privete a vorti hote hobe.pls bolben

  57. third year e jara not pormoted hoise tader jonno update notice ki ? tader ki shob gula xm dewa lgbe nki j duita subject e F ashse seigula dite hbe ? r r xm ta kkn hobe ? nxt third year er final xm er shte nki er pore ?

  58. L L b admission Kobe suru hobe

  59. nu masters exam routine kobe hobe janaben..please

  60. 3rd year a irregular der form fill up kobe hobe?

  61. 3rd year a ki regular der sathe irregular der aki sathe exam hobe? plz janaben.

  62. honours 3rd year er result pacchi na kno?

    1. Please Apu janaben

  63. 2013 -14 private masters er from filap koba ?

  64. masters final exam kobe start hobe

    1. We will update when it will publish

      1. masters final exam session 13-14 kokon soro hoba

  65. Ami protom BBS choose dicilam. akon realese slip a ki BSS choose dite parbo.

  66. Sir, release slipe kobe pabo?

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