Buy BPL Ticket Online | Bangladesh Premier League 2017

Buy BPL ticket online www shohoz com. www paypoint com bd, www gadgetbangla com. Bangladesh Premier League 2017 Ticket price. Where to buy BPL 2017 ticket? How to purchase BPL T20 ticket online? It is easy to buy online BPL 5 match ticket for Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong. BPL T20, 2017 season 5 ticket sale partners are As well as UCB Bank (United Commercial Bank) also the outlet of Stadium. This years also may be they will get the rights to sale BPL T20 ticket online. But no any Bank will sale the BPL T20 ticket as well. To prevent black market sale or collusion between supporter BCB has taken this decision that UCB Bank got rights to sale BPL 2017 ticket.
Tickets can be purchased in three websites. They are: www paypoint com bd, www gadgetbangla com and www shohoz com.

Buy BPL Ticket Online | Bangladesh Premier League 2017

Bangladesh Premier League BPL T20 Ticket Sale start 30 October. Click bellow link to know details or Like our Facebook Fan Page for next Update.

Bangladesh Premier League 2017 (BPL T20) match ticket process. If you buy BPL ticket from www shohoz com then you can payment by all BD Bank debit card. Also you may pay by Bkash, DBBL (Rocket). First book your ticket, make your payment. If it is by Bkash then must verify your transaction ID with proper way. After confirmation then bring your ticket from mention outlet. Dear cricket fans, must bring your booking ticket within short time as per Shohoz com. Otherwise you are ticket will be cancelled.

Buy BPL Ticket Online | Bangladesh Premier League 2017

BPL Ticket from www, www and www There is also same way to buy BPL ticket online. As well as Music Superstar. So if you want to buy BPL Ticket for any match then log in to www shohoz com. They will receive rights to sale BPL ticket online.

You have to buy BPL ticket according to match schedule. Like BPL T20 match ticket. Comilla Victorians vs Rajshahi Kings match ticket, Rangpur Riders vs Khulna Titans match tickets. Chittagong Vikings vs Sylhet Sixers match tickets. Comilla Victorians vs Dhaka Dynamites match tickets. Rangpur Riders vs Rajshahi Kings match tickets, Sylhet Sixers vs Khulna Titans match tickets etc.

Fans can buy BPL T20 match ticket, as BPL playoff match ticket, Semifinal match ticket and BPL final match ticket also separately. So which match do you want to watch live in the field just search by the name of match and buy the respective match ticket as well. We will make the button of every match link later. As you know most of the day will play two matches. So you can watch two matches in day by one ticket.

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Updated: October 30, 2017 — 6:39 pm


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  1. I need 3 tickets

  2. amar ajker 3 ta ticket lagbe

  3. I need 4 tickets @200tk on 17.11.2017
    mob. 01781914787

    1. Buy from Bank or shohoz com

      1. Tara boltese j 200 er nd 300 er ticket sold out

        1. That mean’s all ticket sold out.

  4. I need 4 tricket
    4 tarik 01782501937

    1. টিকিট কিনতে কেউ প্রতারিত হবেন না। সঠিক জাংগা থেকে কিনবেন।

  5. amar 3 ta tricket lagbo
    300 tk ta

  6. BPL final ticket lagba 3 ta
    Name:Hridoy saha
    Age :17
    Tickets: 3

  7. vai amar 1 ticket lagbe
    phone number 01679158851

    1. 200 tk er 1 ta ticket vai…..please vai

  8. i need 6 ticket .

  9. vai amar kalkar 5 ta tikat lagba 300 tk ar ta.

    1. vaiya 5 nambar gate ar ticket ar price koto?Bolban plz.
      nambar :01748882327

    2. vai amr klk 9 ta ticket lagbe…….
      300 tk r gola..


      vai dowa koyra dian

  10. 4 ta ticket lagbo
    it’ s my contact number 01956616059

  11. 4 ta ticik lagbe 9 tarik 01621528553 please call me.

  12. amar 2 ta tricet lagbe via,,,,plz plz
    amai phon dan

  13. Vhaia amr 4 ta ticket lgbe 200 tkr plzz 01621854508 2016 ar final macth ar

  14. Amer BPL 2016 final mach er Normal Gallery 7 ti ticket lagbe plz call me Number: 01955682005

  15. i need 3 tickets of gate 5 upper row . 01822751353

  16. vai amar 3 ta 200 takar ticket lagbe
    mobile no: 01677827256

  17. Md.Mukhlesur Rahman

    amar need three mach.01910802905

  18. Amar he bhabe hok 3 ta ticket lagbe
    Number: 01798287552

  19. Hi I need 3 ticket for final match please call me 01994434944

  20. Vai amar 3 ticket lagba bpl final match ar please amaka 3 ticket dila Ami khoub koshi hoitam. Amaka 100/200/250 jakono takar 3 ta ticket dilae hoba . plz plz dita try moron. Allah apnadar valo korba.

    1. Ciket 3 ta 200 taka ta

  21. Amar final match er 3 ta ticket lagbe.

  22. Amar Bpl final er 2 ta ticket lagbe
    je kono vabe

  23. i need 5 tickets of final…my contact no.01627935108

  24. Amar Bpl final er 5 ta ticket lagbe
    je kono vabe

  25. amer 6ta ticket lakba plz call: 01779686628 ame asa nebo…….plz plz plz?

  26. amar final match er 2 ta ticket laghbe Grand stand …ami kibhabe ticket collect korbo

  27. Amr final match ar 3 ta ticket lagbe grand stand ar plz plz plz kibhabe pabo

  28. Nur islam, 207/1 fokirapool, motijheel, dhaka-1000. cell : 01736 271112
    01794 623782

    Pls Pls Pls. amar 3 ti ticket lagbe (final match ar jonno)

  29. Md. Shahjahan Sarker

    amar final ar j0nne 09/12/2016 3 ticket lagbe, please call me 01710947775

  30. Amr final match ear 4 ta ticket lagbe

  31. I need bpl 2016 final tickets 4 or 5 tickets please inform me if anyone has bpl final tickets by now pls email me to contact in this adress or call 01726867624 thank you

  32. Amr final match ear 4 ta ticket lagbe 01712035553

  33. I need tow ticket for final match
    My Contact Number :01681035812

  34. final match r 4 ta ticket no-01712707966

  35. I need two tickets for CHV vs RK at 5.45 pm. Pls contact 01741674106

  36. Today’s tickets 2

    1. Today’s tickets 2 01746660011

  37. today match er ticket lagbe 1 ta

  38. 9th Dec 2016 Final mach vip 4 ta tickat chai ta ki vabe pabo janaben ki vip na holeo mediam holeo cholbe 01943178989

  39. Vai..
    2 november er 3 ta ticket lagbe…
    Comilla er khelar..

  40. BPL 2 December ar 4ta ticket lagbe plz ki vabe pabo bolen

  41. Amar 2 ta first soho 300 taka praiz ar 6 ta tickat lagby plz Contac me my mobail namber 01686242759

  42. vaiya bpl ar finel match ar ticket lagbe plz kobe sarben …aktu ki bola jabe….plz…

  43. Kivabe kinbo bujhteci na . 01739328766 ai number.

  44. amar fainal ar 7ti tiket lagbe

  45. I need 27 november ticket only 3……

  46. Viya BPl 2016 Fainal ER 3 tickit lagbe…….Plz

  47. akta treket lagbe

  48. I want to buy BPL Final match tickets but how ?

  49. 4 ta triket lagba mobile:01995908566 (26-11-2016)

  50. amer 4 ta triket lagba 26-11-2016 mobile:01995908566

    1. 01688483155
      ai num phn dibn kalk 26 ticket dawa jbe

  51. 19 tarikher 02:00 PM tay 2 ta khelar ticket kothay pabo?

  52. I need 10 Ticket of 17,november.
    please contact me urly

  53. Com – cvk er khelar tickey
    21 trikh.ticket hobw?

  54. ami ki chittagong a chilbe vi kings er kno ticket pabo?jekono tarik a hole hbe 6ta lagbe

  55. amr 10 tiket lagbe

  56. Amar 20 ta lagby 18 taracar

  57. dhaka bank a ki pawa jabe

  58. 20 & 21 tariker 4 ti ticket…. pls

  59. Md shahjahan sharif

    Brother amar 18tarik 8ta triket lagbe

  60. Amar 17 tarik er Estern gellary er 7 ta ticket lagbe.

    1. 01829770700 plz for bpl ticket 17 18 tarik

    2. মো: সুজন হোসেন

      ভাইয়া আমার ও তো 2 টি লাগবে কিন্তু কি ভাবে পাই বলেন তো

  61. 17tarik er ticket lagbe
    estern gellary

    1. vi 10 ta lakbe 01812853430 call dein

  62. need one ticket for 12-nov match call me 01992846167

  63. amar 13 tarek 2 ta ticket lagbe kibabe pete pare please call me for contek 01786350373……

  64. amar 14 tarik er 5/6 ta ticket lagbe kibabe pete pari…..

  65. SIR AMAR 2TA TICKET LAGBE 13 TARIK AR………01765881723….200 TAKAR TA

  66. amr 2ta ticket lagbe… 01975884449
    11tarik match plz urgent

  67. I need 2 tickets of 12 November Match. How can I get these? 01985262728

  68. amer 2ta ticket lagba taratsri,,,,,call me plz 01613234023

  69. Vayya amar 11 November 4 Ta tiket Lagbe

    Plz Call Moba: 01747002576

    1. Visit the respective website and buy online.

      1. baiya chittagong er ticket ki charche,,

  70. amar BPL T20 11 November 1 ticket lakba plzzz call me
    number 01959553281

  71. vaia amar bpl 11 november 4 ticket lagbe plz call 01952491200

  72. i have two tickets for first match if anyone want to buy call me………..

  73. amr 3ta ticket lagbe ajker karo kace thakle plzzz call me 01803023192

  74. Vaiya amar 25tarik a ticket lakbe plz my phone number plz call me now 01876241564

  75. bpl khelar tricet kivabe kinbo ektu bolben plz…

  76. Amar 2ta takict lagbo plz call me 01925954329 plz

  77. amar bpl er ticket lagbe plz contact me 01722177205

    1. You should buy ownself from the respective link

  78. namber dle ki ticket pawa jabe ?

  79. I need 5pc ticket

    1. 10 tirik ta paba 200 taka ta 500 taka lajba

  80. fainal march ticket koto tarike pabo..3ta ticket lagbe….

  81. Hari up Call me 01869297680

  82. amar 2 ticket lagbe.pla call 01625117615

    1. Bhai amar 17 Tarikh er ticket lagbe 5ta Chittagong Zuhir Ahmed Choduri Studiem Chittagong mobail 01869297680

  83. vai amar 5ta ticket lagbe. please 01726654088

  84. 8.11
    2016.amar 10.ticket lagbay 300 tk করে.My phoen 01629226049

    1. pawa jaba 300ta 450 lagla 01750730064

  85. amr 18 November ar 12 ta ticket legba takla
    01979538729 call dan

  86. amr 4 ta ticket lagbe

  87. kaler matcher 5 ticket ki deya jaba

  88. 21 tarikh er ticket lagbe at any cost.

    1. Contack koro 01864191142

  89. Amr 21 tarikh er ticket lagbe.

  90. Amr kace 4 ta ticket ache 4 November er..jodi karo lage amk phn diben..

  91. 1st macth er ticket pawa jabe ki 10ta

  92. amar akta ticket lagbo 2 no macth jonno

  93. Bpl 5 tarik math er jonno 2 ta ticket lagbe…..contack 01718485410

  94. chittagong ar khalar ticket kobe phabo

  95. Bpl 1st math er jonno 3 ta ticket lagbe…..contack me 01762597085

    1. Kamruzzaman khan chowdhury

      amar first match ar jonno 3ta ticket lagbe………

  96. amar bpl 3ta ticket lagbe,

  97. Amer 05/11/2016 tarikher ticket lagbe ki vabe pete pari……..

  98. amar 5ta lagbo 5tarikher khela. 01710976668

  99. Amar 6 tarik ticket lagbo

    1. amer 1st day 5 trickert labo pabo ke,,,,01784918068

  100. 4tarikher ticket lagbe plz help me +8801850091278

    1. Sir amar 3 ta ticket lagbe

  101. amr 2nd day er 2 ta ticket lagbe,,, 01934437178

  102. vai amar bpl er tiket lagbe kobe pabo. plz…. ans…. reply…. or phone……. 01860685973

  103. 4 Tarikher ticket kobe pabo 3ta lagbe

  104. Amar lagbo ticket. 01752266435

    1. 27 taqik a amr 4ta ticket lagbe

      1. Contact with me 01912305665

  105. 4 tarikher 2 ta ticket lagbe

  106. riyad hossain ruman

    4 tariker 3 ta ticket lagba

  107. amar 1st match er 6ta vip ticket lagbe bhai. please call me for contac 01681208149 or 01959566444

  108. 5 tarik er ticket Kobe theke pabo

  109. amr 4 ta ticket lagbo bpl 1st match er 01758016743

  110. amar 3ta ticket lagbe

    1. Vai ticket ki England sirijer jevabe katchi sevabei katte hobe amak plz janaben kumillar 1 st matcher ticket kobe dea hobe 01867057768

      1. ticket kmne pabo any d

    2. Vayya amar 11 November ar 4 ta tikit lagbe…plz call 01938-962269

  111. bpl 1st match ticket কবে থেকে পাব।

    1. ameo kibabe ticket pabo?

      1. Amr final match ear 4 ta ticket lagbe

      2. Amer BPL 2016 final mach er 2 ti ticket lagbe plz call me. 01671998779.

        1. Amar he bhabe hok 3 ta ticket lagbe
          Number: 01798287552

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